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If you want to maintain and extend the lifespan of your plumbing, then please read our tips below. Our team of experts has put together helpful plumbing advice to ensure that your plumbing is in excellent shape and to help you avoid costly repairs. Should you have questions, please reach out to one of our plumbers in Lighthouse Point, FL.


Watch Out for Hidden Leaks

Standing water near plumbing pipes and appliances could indicate a plumbing leak. However, you need to also watch out for signs of hidden leaks in your plumbing. For example, water spots found on walls and ceilings are a sign that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing. Check for mold growth or if your wallpapers are still in good condition. If they look bulged, it could mean there is a leak somewhere. Contact a plumber immediately for professional leak detection. Our professionals can thoroughly inspect your plumbing and find the exact location of the leak using state-of-the-art plumbing tools and equipment.

Insulate the Pipes and Water Heaters

If you still haven’t protected your pipes, now’s the time to do it as it’s almost winter. The temperature will keep dropping, and if exposed pipes are not insulated, the water inside them could freeze. When the water freezes, the pipes can expand and burst. Contact a licensed plumbing company immediately, or you could end up with a costly plumbing leak that may also jeopardize your home’s foundation.

You can find some insulating tape at your local hardware store. Buy an insulating blanket for your water heater, too, especially if you have an old tank. The insulating blanket prevents energy loss.

Check the Water Pressure

Low water pressure could be a sign of a leak in your plumbing, while high water pressure isn’t good either as it can severely strain the pipes. If not addressed, the high water pressure can damage the pipes and lead to a costly leak. You can purchase a water pressure gauge to help you regulate the water pressure at home or contact a plumber for assistance.

Book Professional Drain Cleaning

Dirty drains can lead to numerous problems, including unpleasant smells, pests, and a major drain clog. Install drain covers in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry sink to catch debris, food particles, and hair that may get stuck in the pipes. In addition, ensure that you regularly clean your drains with hot water, vinegar and baking soda solution. Most importantly, please don’t forget to hire a plumber for a professional drain cleaning service to ensure the drain is in excellent shape. Also, don’t use chemical-based drain cleaners when cleaning the drains as they can harm the pipes and pose some health risks.

Get a Regular Plumbing Inspection

To ensure that your plumbing system is in excellent shape and to extend its lifespan, we recommend that you hire a licensed plumber for a regular plumbing inspection. It’s the best time to catch potential plumbing problems that could become a major plumbing emergency.

Don’t Neglect Your Plumbing

Please don’t postpone inspections and repairs when you suspect there might be something wrong with your water heater or toilet. Instead, please get in touch with a licensed plumber at the soonest possible time to avoid further damage to your plumbing system. You can also prevent costly plumbing emergencies by not neglecting issues that need to be addressed.

Hire Licensed Plumbers Only

To avoid issues with poor installation and repairs, please ensure that you only hire licensed and reliable plumbers for your home in Lighthouse Point, FL. Choose an established plumbing company that employs experienced professionals that will go the extra mile to ensure you’re completely delighted with the service. You need to also make sure they have insurance in case there are accidents or injuries. You have peace of mind knowing that the insurance company would care for the medical expenses, not you.

Maintain the Water Heater

To ensure the unit stays efficient, you need to remove the sediment buildup in the water heater tank. Consider flushing the mineral buildup twice a year if there is a high concentration of hard water in your plumbing. You can also install a water softener to soften the water but hire a licensed professional to help you install the unit.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances and Water-Saving Fixtures

If you want to conserve energy and water to save money in the long run, we suggest that you consider investing in energy-efficient washing machines and dishwashers, tankless water heaters, low-flush showerheads, and dual flush toilets. They may be a little more expensive compared to the conventional units, but you get to save money in the long run. These units also last longer than their counterparts. However, please make sure you get a professional installation to avoid issues down the road.

Avoid DIY Plumbing

Don’t attempt DIY plumbing repairs and installations because you don’t have the right experience to carry out the task properly. Also, some manufacturers require professional installation of plumbing appliances — you may lose the warranty if you install it by yourself or hire an unqualified person to do it. Contact a licensed professional instead to ensure that the unit is working efficiently. In addition, please don’t hire a handyperson for repairs as he may cut corners and won’t permanently fix the problem.

Contact Mainline Plumbing

We are a family-owned plumbing company serving homeowners and businesses. Our team of licensed and highly experienced plumbers is committed to providing top-notch and exceptional plumbing services. We never cut corners with repairs and installations because our team works hard and goes the extra mile to exceed expectations on every appointment. MainLine Plumbing can provide any plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance. You can always rely and trust on us, for we know plumbing like the back of our hands.

If you need plumbing service for your home in Lighthouse Point, FL, please reach out or call us today at 954-466-1716 for an appointment.

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