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One of the most important parts of plumbing in your home is your sewer line. If there are any issues with the sewer line, you need to fix them right away. If not, you could be faced with a flood of sewage water that could significantly contaminate your entire home and wreak havoc. Contaminated water can be extremely difficult to deal with. For one, the contaminated water will seep into everything and will be difficult to disinfect and clean.

Knowing what to look for when it comes to sewer line issues is important. It’s crucial that you get the help you need as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll look at some of the obvious signs that you need to call us for sewer repair services in the Coral Springs, FL area.

#1. Multiple Clogged Fixtures

If your plumbing fixtures are clogged, it may not necessarily mean that you have an issue with the sewer line; however, if there are multiple fixtures that are clogged and obstructed, then there’s a good chance that the sewer line is the problem. If only one fixture is clogged, there’s a good chance that the problem is due to something immediately downstream of that fixture. However, if there are multiple different fixtures that are clogged at the same time, you can expect the obstruction to be by the sewer line.

The more plumbing fixtures that are clogged, the more likely that the obstruction affects a large part of the sewer line. The sewer repair service should be able to easily inspect the entire sewer using a video inspection. Using this method, they should easily determine where the clog is located, what the clog is and how bad the problem may be. They’ll then be able to propose multiple solutions based on what the clog is made of.

#2. Frequently Clogged Drains

You also might need sewer repair services if your drains are constantly getting clogged. You might find that your plumbing fixtures are clogged and then you’ll find that it becomes clogged again even if you fix the problem and unclog the drain. It’s even more obvious that the problem is due to an obstruction in the sewer line if you notice that the plumbing fixture that’s always clogged is at the lower levels of the home.

Using chemical cleaners to clean the drains isn’t a good idea, as it can damage the drains if you expose it to chemicals for long periods of time. To permanently fix the problem, you need to get professional help. Only when the obstruction is removed from the sewer will the clogging stop. If you continue to wait to call a professional, you may face more severe problems in the future that require repairs that even more costly.

#3. Odd Plumbing Fixture Situations

If you suspect that you need sewer repair service, then you also need to look for strange reactions with the plumbing fixtures. This could be anything from:

  • The presence of gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet or when water flows down the drain. This is usually because there’s something wrong with the sewer system. As a result, it’s important that you make note of which plumbing fixtures are making odd sounds. This could really help the sewer repair service really narrow down where the issue may be located.
  • Water backs up from other plumbing appliances. For example, if you flush the toilet, water might back out into the bathtub instead. This can really be quite gross, especially if the water that backs up is contaminated water. If you notice this happening, you need to call for professional help right away.
  • A bubbling toilet. If you flush the toilet or notice that your toilet is simply bubbling, it’s another sign that there’s something wrong with the sewer line.

If you notice any odd issues emerging, it’s important that you seek help immediately. When it comes to sewer line issues, it’s always better to act quickly. The longer that you wait, the more expensive the repair can become.

#4. Deteriorating Lawn

Last but not least, you may also need to call us for sewer repair services if you notice that there’s something wrong with your lawn. Your sewer line is located underneath your lawn and if there is a burst or a problem, it might not affect your home, but your yard. You might notice puddles forming in the yard even when there hasn’t been any rain in the last while. The lawn might also start to deteriorate in condition if it comes into contact with contaminated water.

In general, if there is something wrong with the sewer, you’ll be able to easily identify where the problem is. The problem is usually directly above the affected sewer line, so you’ll be able to quickly figure out where to start looking. The condition of your lawn might also provide you with some information as to how problematic the sewer is.

Call Us for Sewer Repair in Coral Springs, FL

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