5 Signs You Need A Plumber | Ft Lauderdale

Finding a small leak or a water-damaged ceiling never invokes a good feeling. In fact, water damage can be one of the most frustrating things to do, which is why your goal as an Ft Lauderdale homeowner should be to avoid water damage altogether. The best way to do this is by finding a plumber who can help you the minute you notice you have an issue in your home. The quicker you resolve plumbing issues the better you can protect yourself from water damage.

Water damage is especially harmful to a home because it can ruin your home in many different ways. First of all, it is unappealing. No one likes a ceiling or wall with cracked, peeling paint or bubbling wallpaper. Second, it can cause structural damage, such as when the wood of your ceiling starts to dry, rot, or weaken because of the water. Third, where there is water, there is frequently also mildew and mold. In fact, it only takes a tiny amount of moisture for mildew to start to form, which can lead to a major health issue if left unchecked. Fourth, all these things together add up to a hefty price tag.

That is why the best thing you can do when you notice any type of plumbing issue in your home is simply to call a plumber who can take care of it. One call and one service visit are often all it takes to take care of simple water issues, and if you catch issues while they are still simple, they won’t become larger problems. Of course, to do this, you have to know the signs that you have a plumbing problem arising.

The following is a quick list of the most popular plumbing issues in Ft Lauderdale. If you notice any of these problems in your home, you need to call a plumber to come to take a look. In general, any issue that has to do with water will probably require the help of a plumbing professional, from appliance installation to your water heater to leaks. A great rule of thumb is, when in doubt, make the call. You can always talk to the plumbing company and see their opinion. You can never lose by being too proactive, but you can lose a lot by waiting too long.

Leaking Pipes

If you have any pipes with any signs of leaking around them, even if it is just a small drip you need to call a plumber to come take a look at your home. Even a small leak can quickly add up both in terms of your water bill and in terms of water bill. While a drip may look small, that drip can easily add up to a gallon of water in just one day. That is a lot of water to have sitting anywhere, and it is obviously a lot of water to pay for continually.

No Hot Water

Another reason you may need a plumbing service is if you wake up and realize that you have no hot water. You cannot live without hot water because you won’t be able to wash anything in your home, including yourself. Showers and baths are not enjoyable when they are ice cold, and they will be if your water heater is not working properly. Almost every disturbance in your hot water can be traced back to your water heater which a plumber is qualified to work on.

The only time it is not your water heater is if you have no water at all in your home. This scenario is an even larger issue because you won’t even be able to flush your toilet if you find yourself in this scenario. In this case you will likely need an emergency plumber if you talk to the neighbors and discover that the issue is not due to the municipal water supply. On that note, if you have well-water then you may also need a professional plumbing company to help you troubleshoot this issue.

Signs of Water Damage

Leaking water cannot hide for long because it brings damage with it everywhere it falls. If a leak continues for long enough, you will start to notice signs of water damage in your home, which is your signal that you need to call a local plumbing company. Some signs you need to look out for include peeling paint, cracking walls or ceilings, bubbling wallpaper, discoloration on walls or ceilings, or cold or hot spots on the floor. As an aside, you might notice that your water bill is starting to get higher for no explanation, which is a tip-off that it is time to go around your home and look for signs that you might have a hidden leak somewhere.

New Dishwasher or Garbage Disposal

In order for your dishwasher or your garbage disposal to work, you need to hook it up to your water supply, something that can be disastrous if not done right. A plumber can help you install new appliances that require a water hookup and make the task a lot simpler in the process. You should get to enjoy your new appliance without worrying about whether or not you have the tools and knowledge to get them in on your own. Plus, they can lend you their professional experience to ensure you pick out the right model for your home and needs.

Drain Clogs

Finally, if you notice any clogs in your drains you need to take immediate action. Slow draining drains are an indication that a clog is about to form, so if you notice your drains are acting odd, it is time to call a Ft Lauderdale plumber. If you discover you need a plumber, MainLine Plumbing can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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*90-day clog-free guarantee! If your main line sewer clogs again within 90 days, we will provide one additional visit from a drain expert to attempt to unclog it at no additional cost. Drain must be accessible from an exterior cleanout. Homeowner must be present at time of service and agree to a camera inspection of the line in order to qualify. Does not apply to branch lines (Tub/ shower drains, sink drains, laundry drains etc). This offer is not open to landlords, apartments, condos or commercial spaces (single family residential homes only). This offer only applies to the first 75 feet of the main sewer line or less; clogs beyond the 75-foot mark cannot be cleared by the standard methods at this special price. Reminder: Not all main sewer lines can be cleared using the standard methods offered with this deal. It is possible that unusual factors will make it unlikely to clear your main sewer line in this way. Unusual factors can include tree roots grown into the pipes; drain lines compromised through various defects and damage; drain lines shifted due to terrain changes; pipework comprised of the wrong materials; and more. We reserve the right to decide not to service a main sewer line hindered by recurring or extreme issues such as unsanitary, or unsafe conditions. This special cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons or offers. Cannot be applied on prior service or existing balances. This offer applies to main sewer line drain clearing service conducted during regular business hours; emergency service is not applicable. Additional restrictions may apply. Ask our plumbing technicians about all the details.