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It can be stressful to decide if you need a new water heater, especially if an older unit is no longer working and you’re under pressure to repair it or find a water heater replacement. Be aware that the water heater you buy now could fail very soon, or increase your monthly bills significantly if it isn’t the right system for you. The company you choose for your water heater replacement also plays a critical role in whether the new water heater is installed safely and efficiently.

Here are some things you need to know before you jump straight into buying a replacement water heater:

A system that is too large or small can cause problems. It is important to inform a technician about your hot water usage habits to get accurate advice on whether your chosen water heater is right for you. A water heater that is too small might not work effectively for long, while a larger unit will consume a lot of unnecessary energy.

Cheap systems can end up costing you more over time. Many homeowners believe it is important to save money when buying a water heater. Cheap units may not be as efficient as more expensive models, so you might end up spending more on your utility or energy bills annually long-term. For optimal efficiency, choose an ENERGY STAR-rated water heating unit.

Energy efficiency can be compared using the EnergyGuide label and Energy Factor. The Energy Factor (EF) is the best indicator of a heater’s efficiency. EF measures the heater’s recovery efficiency, standby losses, and cycling losses. It is based upon an average household usage of 64 gallons per day. The more efficient the water heater, the higher its energy factor. Your potential water heater replacement will include an EnergyGuide label that indicates the annual energy consumption and operating costs. This label is available on instantaneous, storage, and heat pump water heaters. The label shows the estimated annual energy consumption for the model, along with a scale that compares it to other similar options.

An efficient water heater replacement will ensure that you have hot water at your Deerfield Beach, FL residence as often as you need it. Consider the size, fuel source and initial costs of different types of water heaters before you make a decision. When looking for water heater replacement in Florida, you will see a variety on the market, including tankless, condensing, heat pump and storage heaters.

Option #1: Storage Heaters

To heat water, storage water heaters make use of insulated storage tanks. These heaters can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or propane. Propane and natural gas heaters are generally less expensive than electric water heater replacement models of similar size. 

You don’t need to wait long for hot water because the water is always kept heated. To keep the water warm, however, you will need to heat it with electricity or other fuel. The thermostat in the tank controls the heating element to turn on when the water falls below the desired temperature.

Option #2: On-Demand Models

Tankless water heaters, also called on-demand units, only work when you are using hot water. This allows them to help you save money. Tankless water heaters heat hot water by passing it over hot coils within the tank. These heaters are usually smaller than storage heaters because they don’t have storage tanks. This means that you have a little more free space around the unit and can fit them easily in smaller homes.

Tankless models can be purchased in electric, natural gas, and propane versions, just like storage water heaters. Because tankless units only supply a small amount of hot water per hour, they are best suited for small houses. You may need to install more than one in larger family homes.

Option #3: Heat Pump or Hybrid Heaters

The hybrid heat pump water heater, also known as heat pump, uses a storage tank just like other storage heaters but has a heat pump at the top. It uses refrigerant instead of producing heat to transfer heat from your Deerfield Beach, FL home to the tank. A water heater that has a heat pump will be a more efficient water heater replacement due to Florida’s warm climate. 

A heat pump requires more space than a traditional storage water heater. It may be necessary to store the heat pump in a space with high ceilings. To absorb heat from the air, you will also need to have an area unconditioned near your heat pump. 

Option #4: Condensing Water Heaters

You can get a condensing natural-gas water heater replacement with or without a storage tank. Gas heaters that emit hot exhaust gasses from your home’s flue will waste energy. Instead, a condensing heater heats the water by blowing those gasses through a coil at the bottom. The coil then heats the cold water flowing around it.

Although they are more costly than other options, these water heaters are much more efficient. These water heaters are ideal for large families that need hot water quickly. 

Option #5: Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters heat water using the sun’s thermal energy. These units can be used as pre-heaters to heat water for tankless or conventional storage heaters. Solar collectors absorb solar energy and convert it to heat in a storage tank. 

All solar energy systems sold or manufactured in Florida must comply with the Florida Solar Energy Center’s standards and show acceptable results from performance tests. For more information, please refer to Florida law (section 377.505 Florida Statutes and the Florida Solar Energy Center). You can also visit the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation’s (SRCC) website. SRCC, a non-profit organization, has the primary purpose of developing and implementing certification programs and national ratings standards for solar energy equipment.

The MainLine Plumbing team will invest time discussing your needs, and help you find the type of water heater replacement that is best for your Deerfield Beach, FL home. Schedule an appointment with one of our FL plumbers if you want friendly service from a company that has more than a decade of experience serving South Florida, providing a wide range of residential and commercial water heater services.

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