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The drains in your kitchen see a lot of action. From cooking oil and grease to food scraps and Coffee grounds, it’s no wonder they can become clogged. Some of these items can cause the whole drainage system to clog, corrosion, and in extreme cases, sewage backup in your home. You will end up with a costly bill from the plumber and a mess to clean. Avoid washing these 7 items down the drain to keep your drains flowing freely.


Most dessert recipes require eggshells; therefore, it is one of the common ingredients you will find in homes. While most people throw their eggshells in the dustbin, others tend to crumble them up and wash them down the drain. Eggshells may seem innocent to wash down the drains, but they are not. If you make washing the eggshells down the drain a habit, you will spend a lot on drain cleaning services

The eggshells themselves may not cause many issues, but the problem comes when the eggshells come into contact with other things like soap scum. This combination will cause a blockage that must be handled by a plumbing service in Boca Raton, FL

If you want to get rid of eggshells safely, the best thing you can do is toss them in your garden or garbage. Eggshells contain essential minerals and nutrients that can enrich your yard. Also, you might do the environment something good because birds and bugs love eggshells. 

Sugar and Syrup

If you love desserts, you know they are never complete without sugar and syrup. Sometimes, you may find you have poured too much sugar and syrup. Because you don’t want sugar sitting around on any surface, we tend to wash away the sugar immediately. Leaving these ingredients on your surfaces can attract bugs, and you might put your hand on the sticky mess, which will be uncomfortable. 

Because you think sugar might not cause much harm to your drain, you might toss the leftovers in the kitchen drain. However, that may not be the best thing to do because sugar syrups harden easily and become hard to deal with. Remember that sugar is a good source of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The hardened sugar will not only damage your drains, but it will also attract pests and fungi.

So, if you have been putting sugar and syrup down your drains, hire a drain cleaning service professional to clean your drains before something worse happens. 


When making any dessert that requires hold, you will need gelatin in the recipe. Gelatin is one of the common ingredients you should avoid flushing down the drain at all costs. If you bloom gelatin and let it sit for too long, by the time you get back, it hardens and becomes a complicated ingredient to work with. It even becomes worse when the water has dried or once the water has dried. 

Gelatin may seem like an innocent ingredient, but it will become a serious issue later. When flushed down the drain, it will slowly dry up and harden. It becomes hard to deal with when it hardens unless you get a professional drain cleaning service in Boca Raton, FL


If you are a fan of making baked goods, you know how important it is to have butter. After you are done with the job, the last thing you want to do is wash some of the remaining butter down the drain. Grease and fats are difficult to remove. They coat the inside of your drains and cause a lot of damage. 

It is pretty simple for butter to be liquified when flushed with warm water. This way, it can smoothly wash down without keeping an eye. However, as temperatures drop, it will harden, causing hard lumps in the drains. The lumps will block other things from going down the drains. If your drains are slow, contact a drain cleaning service for professional cleaning. 

Produce Stickers

Also, you have to be careful when flushing your vegetables and fruits. It is simple for produce stickers to fall off and into the sink when washing your fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, the stickers and adhesive backing are not water-soluble. The stickers can find their way into the treatment plants and block screens and filters. 

Therefore, before washing your vegetables and fruits, remove the stickers first. Besides, you can call a drain cleaning service to remove previous stickers and materials that may be stuck in the drains. A regular drain cleaning will ensure your drains run smoothly, and you will be advised what is right and wrong to flush. 

Coffee Grounds

We all love coffee. It’s a morning ritual for many of us. Unfortunately, coffee grounds can cause build-up in your drains and eventually lead to a clog. Coffee grounds are sticky and will adhere to the sides of your pipes. Over time, this build-up will narrow the pipe and restrict water flow. This will require a drain cleaning service to restore the functionality of the drains.

Instead of washing the coffee grounds down your drain, you can mix them with your soil. There are many nutrients and vitamins inside coffee grounds, making your plants look healthier. 


Lastly, try not to flush flour in the kitchen drain as much as possible. After making cookies, cakes, or any pastry, a lot of flour is left on the kitchen countertop when you are done. While some people may collect the flour for future use, others tend to wash it off the countertop and let the flour go down the drain. It may seem easy to clean the mess, but it is a bad idea. 

If you regularly wash flour off the kitchen surfaces and flush it down the drain, you are opening yourself to many severe problems in the future. You will be forced to pay a drain cleaning service in the future to clean your drain or, in the worst-case scenario, incur expensive repairs. The flour can easily harden, and it is hard to solve the issue yourself. So, avoid washing flour down the drain if you want to avoid time-consuming and costly drain cleaning services in the future.

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