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A clogged sink, shower, bath tub or other drain is never a good thing, even if it’s only happening in that rarely used guest suite. Clogged drains can be a sign of larger issues, such as tree root damage, animal infestations and broken pipes. In other cases, however, they may be the result of a minor and easily fixable problem. The following are some of the issues that a drain cleaning service in Boca Raton, FL can help to identify and resolve:

Pipe Corrosion from Chemical Drain Cleaners

Store-bought liquid drain cleaners are often made of harmful chemicals, such as lye, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, which can cause damage to your pipes from the inside. While their aggressive foaming action can appear to solve drainage issues short-term, they can also cause corrosion and damage your pipes, causing leaks. If any of your drainage pipes are of plastic construction, the heat generated from their chemical reactions can even cause the plastic to thin out and melt!

Damages Caused by Tree Roots

If you notice minor blockages in the drains, and cannot find an obvious source within your home, it may be that you need a drain cleaning service to inspect your external drain lines.

Tree root blockages can cause many familiar symptoms. You may notice that your shower takes forever to drain completely. Root blockage could be the cause of the problem if the shower continues to back up or drains slowly, and you’ve already determined that there’s no hair, soap scum, or other potential sources causing an internal blockage.

You may also notice sinkholes start to form in your yard, particularly near sewer lines. This could be an indication of a root problem. Aggressive symptoms, such as sinkhole formation is usually a sign that roots have burst pipes and the soil foundation is beginning to weaken. Manual removal of tree roots during a drain cleaning service is the recommended method of solving tree root issues. A high-powered, professional hydro jetting service can clear out blockages, including tree roots. Then, a professional plumber will safely isolate the affected pipe, repair or replace it as necessary.

Note: Traditional weed killers, rock salts, copper sulfate, and sodium chloride are not effective root-killing methods. If you suspect a tree root blockage on your property, it’s best to arrange for a professional service.

Pest Invasion

There are many animals that can get into the plumbing drains while seeking food or shelter. A drain cleaning service will be able to highlight if any pests have made your drain lines their new home. From bugs and insects to larger rodents, such as rats and rabbits, you may be surprised at just what has made its way in. One of the most common unwanted guests in drain lines in Boca Raton, FL is actually snakes. Most will enter through cracks or crevices, so it’s important that pipe condition is regularly inspected.

Diaper, Wet Wipe, and Sanitary Item Blockages

A drain cleaning service can locate and highlight if used sanitary products are the cause of your drainage problems. Used sanitary items can emit a foul odor, even if you dispose of them in a covered trash container and use scented bags. Some might be tempted to flush these products to prevent odor issues. However, this can cause significant drain clogs. The adhesive backing on sanitary pads, especially, is problematic as it can cause these items to stick to the inside of drain pipes and can also trap other items.

Incorrect Garbage Disposal Use

A drain cleaning service is often used to clear up issues with kitchen garbage disposals. Food, and foreign objects, can easily jam between the impeller and the shredder rings. This can cause the inner flywheel of the garbage disposal to get stuck, which can lead to the unit not working at all. Professional intervention can highlight if you’re disposing of the wrong items.

Most professionals don’t recommend grinding up potato peelings. When mashed up, the peelings will form a starchy paste that is similar to mashed potatoes. This can clog your drain. Disposing of coffee grounds is also a no-no. Granular coffee pieces can stick to the pipes and can quickly cause clogs that require you to call for a drain cleaning service. The thin membrane in eggshells and onion skins can also get stuck in the drain or on the impeller.

Pipe Leaks

A cleaning service will not only clear your drains, but may also highlight any problem areas in your home’s plumbing that need attention. Symptoms of a blocked drain that can indicate a broken pipe include insect and rodent infestation, sinkholes forming, foundation cracks, and spreading mold.

How to Prevent Future Drainage Issues

A blocked drain can be frustrating. It can stop you from using many important fixtures in your home, such as a toilet, sink or shower. Depending on the cause of the blockage, you may find it impossible to use any part of your home’s water supply. This can be quite annoying. It is even more frustrating when you realize that the blockage could be easily avoided.

One way to help prevent future draining issues is to get in touch with a professional and schedule a drain cleaning service at least twice per year. This will help you to maintain clear drainage year-round, and you can rely on the experts to identify, isolate and repair any potential problem areas.

To avoid kitchen sink blockages, make sure you empty any leftovers before washing dishes in the sink. Add a strainer to the sink plughole to help empty any stray food components out of the sink, and prevent them from entering your kitchen drains. The bathroom is another area where drain catchers are useful. This simple device can stop hair from clogging the shower or bath drain pipes.

If you need help maintaining your drains in Boca Raton, FL, call the experts at MainLine Plumbing to arrange for a drain cleaning service.

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