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Restaurants are busy businesses that combine all aspects of plumbing and air conditioning. Because of the nature of activities and the people involved, it isn’t surprising to see the sheer number of plumbing issues that befall these establishments. A restaurant is somewhat a combination of residential and commercial plumbing systems. Hence, many plumbing issues arise. Many things could go wrong in restaurants, from overflowing toilets to malfunctioning dishwashers. The consequences are usually devastating when plumbing issues arise in your Boca Raton, FL hotel or restaurant. From disease outbreaks to costly repairs, you should leave nothing to chance when maintaining your restaurant plumbing and taking preventative measures. However, there are some actions that a plumber could take to ensure that plumbing issues are not as prevalent as they have been in the past.

What Are the Main Areas to Watch Out for Plumbing Issues?

Plumbing issues can happen at any time, giving restaurant owners a nightmare. You wouldn’t want your clients to use an unclean restroom or notice or smell water flowing through your restaurant. Knowing where plumbing problems are most likely to occur in restaurants is important so you can take precautions like calling a plumber. The kitchen sink should be the first place you check. Water might spill backward into the sink if the drain is clogged, making a mess. The restrooms are the second area. Clogged drains and toilets can lead to unhygienic conditions and a pungent odor. The bar area is yet another common place where plumbing problems will arise. This is due because there are many wine pumps and beer taps that must be maintained. Finally, you should consider the outdoor area of your restaurant.

Preventing Restaurant Plumbing Problems

Maintaining the Dishwashing Station

Many or most of the restaurant plumbing issues arise at the dishwashing station. Before you bring the dishes and toss them into the dishwasher, the hotel attendants often don’t take adequate measures to dispose of the residual food, napkins, and straws. The dishwashing machine will spray the dishes into your kitchen sink, where all the food and remaining debris enter your drain and clog it. Unless a plumber comes to remove the clog, that could be the beginning of a nasty clog.

Training the hotel attendants the suitable garbage disposal techniques is the first step towards preventing plumbing issues like clogs. Wire mesh can be used as a backup to stop the foods and other debris from finding their way into the drains. Most items won’t be flushed down the kitchen drain if a small piece of wire mesh, akin to that used in door or window screens, is placed over the drain. It is easy to take out and clean the mesh.

Never Pour Grease Down the Sink

One of the leading causes of restaurant plumbing clogs is grease accumulation in the drains. Whenever the grease cools, it congeals and clings to the pipes, gradually accumulating as time passes. This could eventually result in blockages and clogs that prove hard to remove. When this happens, you should have a plumber in Boca Raton, FL come for a drain cleaning service. However, you can also prevent the grease from entering the drains in the first place. First, teach the chefs the importance of alternative grease disposal besides pouring it into the drains. Next, you can install grease traps to catch the grease before it enters the drains.

Regularly Clean Fryers

Take out the fryers each day, clean them, and drain them. Fried meals taste better as a result of this! However, you should note that the connected gas lines may get loose if staff members often pull fryers from the wall. Of course, doing this in the kitchen where the fire is used for cooking food can be dangerous. Ensure the employees responsible for cleaning the fryers know how to use the equipment safely and the dangers of gas lines coming loose, prompting you to call an emergency plumber.

Immediately Fix Leaks

No matter how minor, leaks in your plumbing system can immediately escalate into more extrapolated issues. Have you noticed that a faucet, pipe, plumbing appliance, or fixture leaks? Immediately have a plumber patch it and inspect the other plumbing systems for damage.

Ensure the Bar Drains are Clean

The piping behind the bar often gets clogged. Bartenders flush leftover orange peels, cherry stems, lime wedges, and other cocktail-making ingredients down the sink rather than throw them away. Materials that accidentally fall through the holes while cleaning the bar drain can start backing up the restaurant’s plumbing system. Managers must train barbacks and bartenders on proper waste disposal to prevent backups in the bar system’s plumbing. Another simple method in this situation is to have a plumber install a wire mesh in those sinks and drains.

Maintain the Restrooms

Although some Boca Raton, FL restaurants have clean toilets, others, especially those with bars, are just filthy that thinking about them is, at best, unpleasant. However, this is a common problem affecting many property owners. Bathrooms having overflowing toilets and faulty fixtures could negatively impact your business image. Hence, rather than place paper towels, install hand dryers. Flushing the paper towels down the toilet could result in clogs.

Additionally, provide easily accessible disposal containers where ladies can dispose of their sanitary items. Doing this will ensure that your restrooms don’t clog now and then. Otherwise, you may have to call a plumber daily to remove the clog.

Qualified Plumbing Service Provider on Hand

No matter how well you maintain your restaurant’s plumbing, you will still run into a plumbing issue sooner or later. Hence, you should have an experienced plumber on hand so that they can resolve your plumbing issues whenever they arise.

Are you a restaurant or bar owner in Florida? You know how it is to keep dealing with these plumbing issues. At MainLine Plumbing, we can help. Contact us today for plumbing service, drain cleaning, or repair fixtures.

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