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If you ever have slipped on your bathroom floor, you understand that shower safety is a concern, whether you are 2 or even 92. According to the most recent study by the CDC, approximately 370 people who are injured suffer bathroom injuries in the US daily. Hence, a bathroom is the second most dangerous room of your Deerfield Beach, FL home, only bested by the kitchen. This study also revealed that 66% of bathroom injuries arise when people are either in the shower or in the tub. The statistics showed that injuries around or in the shower or tub were highest among people aged between 15-24 years and lowest among those above 85 years. The report also shows that injuries, especially those arising in the shower or tub, are among the worst bathroom accidents, as about two-thirds of the affected end up in emergency rooms. Fortunately, there are some actions that you can take with your plumber to prevent these from happening. Some of the bathroom safety upgrades include:

Hand Grips

One of the simple and obvious things a plumber can do to enhance safety in your bathroom is to install grip bars. These bars are mounted on the bathroom walls, where you can grab them as they maneuver in and out of your shower and around the toilet. Several attractive options look like towel racks. Hand grips are helpful for people of all ages. Remember, according to the statistics above, younger people are more prone to suffer shower area accidents.

The hand grips or grab bars come in various sizes and shapes, ensuring your bathroom is ADA-compliant. There also are many finishes and materials. Therefore, you should consult your plumber before purchasing a bar and have them install it. The technician will help you choose one that matches your Deerfield Beach, FL home’s color theme, albeit durable.

A hand grip is a great addition for anyone with limited mobility, especially aging seniors. When was the last time you gave your shower area a great cleaning? You should not let the soap pieces fall on the shower area when bathing, as they can make the shower room tiles slippery. Thus, mobility can be inhibited. Thus, installing a shower grab helps senior citizens and ensures your bathroom is ADA-compliant and keeps you safe.

Non-Slip Flooring

As mentioned above, soap pieces fall on the flooring of your bathroom, inhibiting mobility. This results in dangerous slips that could injure you. Hence, if you haven’t installed a non-slip bath floor or shower, you should consider calling a plumber to install one. However, there is another option if you don’t prefer investing in a flooring upgrade. You can always buy a non-slip mat and place it in your shower area. However, you should note that the same issue can be experienced outside the tub. Thus, you should select slip-resistant floor times and ensure they are placed properly.

Taller Toilet

Do you still use a standard toilet? You should have a plumber replace it with a taller one. Because of their relatively low height, standard toilets make it more difficult to stand up and sit down when using them. If your family members are all adults, consider obtaining a toilet that is a little bit taller so that it is simpler to maneuver about when using it. However, this upgrade isn’t suggested for families with young kids. The children might feel disenfranchised as they cannot reach the taller toilet.

Walk-In or Curbless Showers and Tubs

Did you know that stepping over the ledge of a bathtub can also increase your likelihood of falling and even suffering an injury? This is why you should consider having a plumber install a curbless tub if your heart has been set on installing one at your Deerfield Beach, FL home. These tubs have watertight doors that allow you to step into the tub easily. Additionally, other models have a seating area within the tub, ensuring that you don’t have to sit down too deep in. Walk-in showers are designed to use a low ledge or a glass enclosure and a practical drainage design such that a ledge isn’t used. These plumber modifications allow you to easily enter and leave the tub and shower area.


The old folks get tired easily, and this doesn’t choose a time or place. It can happen when they are in the shower or outside. To protect them from any harm or injuries caused by bathroom falls, you can also consider having a plumber add a seat in your shower. Your senior citizens will find it easy to have a bath or shower. The professional can add a foldable clip-on option or a tile seat. Fortunately, many options are available in the market today. You only have to speak with your plumbing expert to have them take the measurements and help you choose one.

Anti-Scald Protection

Falls aren’t the only injuries that can happen in the tub or shower room. If the water heater heats too hot, you or your family members can suffer burns or scalds. Have you ever been surprised by a blast of extremely hot water when showering? That could be a sign that the unit has an underlying issue or the temperature rise is too low, making the water heater heat your water within no time. You should contact a plumber to install an anti-scald protection device to protect yourself and your family from this problem. Are you installing a new shower system? Ensure that you choose one that has anti-scald features or a system. Alternatively, a plumbing expert can install an anti-scald valve to your existing shower.

As you can see, there are several measures that you can take to ensure that your home is safe from the many bathroom accidents, especially those that occur in the tub and shower area. Do you need any of the above upgrades? Contact us at MainLine Plumbing today to book an appointment.

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