Benefits Of A Water Heater Replacement And The Signs You Need One | Deerfield Beach, FL

The water heater is among the critical home appliances in your Deerfield Beach, FL home. It ensures there is a constant supply of heated water. Hot water is essential for cooking, cleaning, and showering in your home. This implies that a water heater also requires to be cared for like other appliances to serve you well and for a longer time. However, the appliance might eventually break or wear out, eventually resulting in a need for a replacement.

But what are the telltale signs that you need to replace the water heater? How do you benefit from replacing the water heating unit? In this article, you will get some insights into water heater replacement and get the answers to these questions.

Telltale Signs That Water Heater Replacement Is Needed

There are several signs that the water heating unit at your home will fail. Whenever you notice either, you should call a plumber promptly to avoid issues with the water heater breaking down completely. The signs include:


This is probably the most popular sign that you should replace the water heater. If the water heater tank springs a leakage or develops a crack, there is an underlying issue, or the tank has seen significant corrosion. This compromises the integrity of the water heater while also making it pretty dangerous for use. Whenever you spot a leakage on the water heater, regardless of its age, ensure that you contact a plumber immediately for repairs and replacement.

Discoloration of Water

Have you noticed a change of color in the water coming from your hot water faucets or even showers? If you have seen a brownish or yellowish tint, it is a sign that the water heater is eaten up by rust. The rust particles within the water heater tank contaminate the water, making it undrinkable. Hence, ensure you enlist a water heater replacement technician to inspect the extent of corrosion and probably replace the tank.


The other telltale sign that your water heating unit is quickly wearing out is the rust or corrosion at the button of the tank where it comes into contact with the floor. Whenever you notice this sign, the coils within are getting weak due to corrosion. This might make them break apart in one day.

Fewer Hot Showers

Taking a hot shower after a long day at work is quite refreshing and calming. However, your shower might run into an issue, making them not as intense or long regarding pressure and heat as they used to be. If you experience this at your home, it might be the right time to call a plumber for a water heater replacement. This problem might arise from damaged heating elements or a lack of enough gas if you use a gas-powered water heater.

High Energy Bills

Whenever you notice that the electricity or gas utility bills are increasing at an unexplainable rate, it might be time to call a plumber for an inspection service. Unfortunately, this means that some problems impact your water heater efficiency. The newer water heater units are designed for more energy efficiency. Hence, they use lower power per cycle compared to the older models. Thus, they are supposed to save you money on energy utility bills, not increase the power consumption.

Frequent Breakdowns

Nobody wants their water heater to keep on breaking down every time. This is because of a simple reason; you have to wait for minutes or even hours before the unit begins producing hot water through your showers or faucets. Unfortunately, this wastes a lot of electricity and gas, leading to considerably higher energy utility bills. Having a water heater replacement service to replace your old model with a newer one might prove more economical.

Benefits of Replacing the Water Heater

Water heater replacement has a lot of benefits. However, you should enlist the services of a plumber in installing the unit at your Deerfield Beach, FL home. The benefits include:

Increased Efficiency

The older water heater models are a lot less efficient than the newer ones. Hence, they use more energy per cycle to heat your water. Hence, these water heaters cost you more on energy utilities down the line. However, replacing the unit with a modern energy-efficient one without a tank can save you money in energy utility bills.

Improve Safety

Water heaters almost reaching the end of their service life might likely be fire hazards. The older water heaters are made from materials prone to periodic breakdowns. Eventually, this leads to an accumulation of combustible gasses within the water heater combustion chamber. If the unit isn’t properly maintained, it may result in fire outbreaks. On the other hand, the newer models normally have enhanced insulation. They also include some systems that alert a homeowner of a potential leakage or an issue with leaking gasses. Hence, ensure that you invite a professional water heater replacement expert to replace your aging unit with a modern and technologically advanced one.

Aesthetic Upgrade

Some folks don’t like the way their water heaters appear since they look ugly and old, with some using up a lot of space. Hence, the unit isn’t aligned with your home’s interior décor. However, the newer models, especially tankless water heaters, have modern, sleek designs for any home. Hire a plumber for a water heater replacement service to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your Deerfield Beach, FL home.

Longer Life Expectancy

Modern water heaters have higher durability compared to traditional ones. This means that you won’t have the burden of having to replace them now and then. This saves you a lot of money down the line since replacing a unit once in two decades costs less than having to replace it every 8-10 years.

More Cost-Efficient

Replacing the old water heater tank with a new unit will considerably reduce the money used on energy bills. This is particularly because new water heater models are more energy-efficient and are longer lasting. Hence, they require less maintenance.

Although a water heater is an essential and durable appliance, a time comes when you have to replace it. There are many signs to watch out for to know when your unit has surrendered to time. Fortunately, there are several benefits to water heater replacement too. Are you planning to replace your water heater? Call us today at MainLine Plumbing for a replacement service.

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