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Combined water systems are responsible for collecting domestic, industrial, and rainwater in the same discharge pipe to the sewer treatment plant. The treatment facility treats the wastewater that contains human and industrial waste, grease, chemicals, minerals, oils, toxic materials, and water and redirects it to nearby water bodies such as streams, rivers and lakes.

You might fail to notice the existence of the unit close to your home until you start experiencing issues, such as persistent pungent smells, sink and drain backflows, and overflowing toilets, especially during storms and heavy rainfalls.

One of the worst issues to experience is combined system overflows because it can lead to numerous health effects, structural and wastewater damages, and mold growth that will need urgent and costly sewer repair services. The following are some causes of combined sewer overflows and ways to prevent them.

Inadequate Carrying Capacity of Stormwater

Combined sewer units consist of pipes and tunnels that transport wastewater to sewer treatment plants before allowing it to move to disposal sites. The rainwater the system collects dilutes the human sewage and sludge, making it flow seamlessly to the disposal point.

Heavy rains carry heavy metals, animal waste, leaves, branches, oil, and wastewater from homes toward the treatment plant, which can be excessive for the sewer pipes to handle at a time, thus causing an overflow.

The overflowing wastewater from the drains moves in different directions, including streets, farms, homes on slopes, and yards. It is an issue that requires immediate sewer repair services to prevent smelly and gross wastewater damage in homes.

Preventing Overflows Due to Heavy Rains

A plumbing company that understands the rain patterns in Ft Lauderdale, Florida can prevent combined sewer overflows by installing pipes with larger diameters to handle a lot of wastewater.

The professionals use sewer pipes of 12 inches for combined sewer mainlines to ensure the efficient flow of human waste and rainwater to the wastewater treatment facility.

They also install utility holes that allow them to frequently maintain and clean the sewer lines every 350 feet.

Sewer repair and maintenance experts use the maintenance holes to determine the carrying capacity of the pipes and recommend replacement with larger pipelines to avoid obstructions that can hinder water from flowing freely.

Tree Roots

The combined sewer system is also prone to have issues, leading to an overflow due to tree intrusion. Roots can penetrate the central pipe if the sewer line has pinholes, leaking joints, deteriorated seals, or disconnected joints.

The wastewater with human waste that acts as a fertilizer attracts roots that grow toward it, creating a severe pipe burst that only sewer repair specialists can fix by replacing the affected pipe.

It is one of the most destructive plumbing issues that homeowners with houses close by cannot ignore because of the nasty sewer gasses that can lead to health problems and toilet and sink overflow.

The structural damage in the sewer line can also cause septic pools and soggy grass that can make the mold grow and thrive, leading to destructive damage to your home, especially in wooden parts and structures.

Failure to call sewer repair contractors to fix the issue as fast as possible, the overflowing wastewater will also contaminate clean water around the combined sewer system.

How to Prevent Sewer Line Damage

Sewer contractors can stop combined sewer systems from failing and overflowing through regular tune-ups. The maintenance process, including camera inspections, unclogging, and cleaning equipment, helps plumbers identify issues on time and make the necessary adjustments and repairs.

Plumbers in Ft Lauderdale can advise homeowners to refrain from regularly planting trees near sewer lines or replacing their fast-growing trees to prevent intrusion into combined sewer pipes.

If you must have trees in your home, it is wise to plant the species that produces less destructive roots, which cannot pose any plumbing issues.

Another measure sewer repair plumbers can take to prevent combined sewer overflows is to use PVC pipes for the wastewater systems because they are hard to break due to external root pressure.

Clogs in the Sewer Line

Obstruction of plumbing pipes is among the most reported plumbing issues in households. The problem can extend to sewer lines if people repeatedly flush or allow all types of dirt and objects into the sewage.

A buildup of diapers, pads, garbage, toys, paper towels, and cooking oil or grease can create a nasty blockage in the sewer system, leading to the overflowing of human and industrial waste passing through the sewer system.

Failing to call sewer repair and maintenance experts to clean and check the sewer pipes for clogs and other issues like cracks and leaks will eventually lead to obstruction in the sewer lines, exposing your home to the gross effects of sewer backups, overflows, and water damage.

Preventing Clogs in Combined Sewer Lines

Since the combined sewer systems carry a lot of wastewater from gutters and home drainage units, they are prone to block if the waste has lots of trash and flushable items.

The pipes require cleaning and inspection regularly to ensure they remain efficient in transferring wastewater to the nearby municipal sewage treatment plants.

A sewer repair and tune-up technician can make routine check-ups and sewer pipe tests to pinpoint potential issues and clear emerging clogs.

Poor Installation

Most plumbing issues in commercial and residential properties are due to poor installation. Installing combined sewer systems incorrectly leads to leakages and overflows that can cause havoc in nearby households.

The pipes can cause an obstruction, compromising the free flow of wastewater to the intended treatment plant and leading to numerous plumbing issues. Failing to call for prompt sewer repair services, you will soon complain of backups, permeating sewage smells, or standing water.

Prevention Measure

Plumbers can prevent sewer overflows due to poor installation by removing the poorly installed sewer pipes and reinstalling them correctly. The plumbing experts should be skilled and certified to provide unmatched re-installation services.

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