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Water leakages are one of the dire plumbing emergencies that lead to water wastage in households. The average water leaks in homes account for over 1 trillion gallons of wasted water annually throughout the country. Common leaks stem from toilet flappers, dysfunctional piping systems, dripping faucets, showerheads, loose valves, and other plumbing fixtures and fittings that are easy to fix with the help of a professional.

Sometimes noticing a leak in buried plumbing pipes can be difficult, hence the need for leak detection services from an emergency plumber after observing higher water bills, damp floors, foul moldy odors, wall cracks, and other signs of water leakages.

The sooner a plumber detects and repairs the leak, the better to prevent extensive water damages that can cost an arm and leg to fix. Fixing a leak involves finding the root cause of the problem, which includes:

Clogged Water Lines

One of the most common culprits of water leakages in households is clogs. Pipes are susceptible to obstruction due to an accumulation of mineral deposits, especially from hard water. Without routine cleaning of the pipelines, the mineral buildup and traces of chemicals in the water can damage the pipes, leading to leaks that require an emergency plumber to fix promptly to prevent massive water wastage.

In addition to water supply pipes, appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and valves can also have plumbing issues due to calcium buildup that can eventually develop pinholes that drip out water. Fortunately, leaks from clogged water supply lines are preventable in numerous ways, including installing water-softening systems, such as ion exchange and salt-free units.

The water treatment units remove water-hardening minerals, including calcium and magnesium, preventing clogs and leaks, saving you a considerable amount for urgent repairs by an emergency plumber in Boca Raton, FL.

Tree Root Intrusion

When a plumber installs your plumbing pipes close to a planted tree, or you plant a tree near your water pipelines. Tree roots can grow towards your pipes, applying pressure to the surface and leading to minor or extensive cracks, depending on the piping materials. Cracked pipes can wreak havoc in your home due to severe leaks that lead to water damage.

Since most outdoor plumbing pipes are underground, the common signs of a water leak include soaked and muddy yards and dirty water coming from your faucets. It is an issue that requires you to call an emergency plumber as soon as you notice muddy water streaming from your taps.

The only way to avoid water leaks from trees intruding into your pipes is not to plant them close to your plumbing pipes. It is also essential to get a plumber that understands the repercussions of installing water lines in proximity to trees for longevity.

Frozen Pipes

Homeowners can also have water leakages during winter due to frozen water lines. Exposing your plumbing fixtures and pipes to low temperatures, especially if you skipped the winterization process, can lead to severe issues, including leaks. The water inside uninsulated pipes exposed to frosty weather, installed in crawl spaces and attics, kitchen cabinets, and exterior walls can freeze and expand.

The expanded ice water exerts tremendous pressure on the copper, PVC, iron cast, metal, or galvanized pipelines. The enormous pressure makes the water lines break. This leads to water leakage that needs immediate repairs from an emergency plumber in a local plumbing company. The expert will thaw the frozen pipes and replace the broken parts to fix the leak.

You can protect your pipelines from freezing by investing in the winterization process before the winter season. A qualified plumber drains the pools and water sprinklers, removes water from hoses for storage, and opens the outside valves.

The pro can also insulate all unheated areas in the house, including crawl spaces, attics, and basements, which have plumbing fixtures and water supply lines. In addition, the emergency plumber in Boca Raton, FL, can open the kitchen and bathroom cabinets for the heat from the heaters to reach the pipes to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Pipe Corrosion

You can encounter water leakages in your home due to rusty pipes. Metal, galvanized steel, and copper water supply lines are prone to rust with exposure to different water properties, such as chemicals and calcium properties aging, and surrounding environmental conditions. Aspects such as pH values, alkalinity, acidity, complex water salts, in water, and stray electric currents can also contribute to water system pipe corrosion.

Corroded pipes can create numerous pin holes that allow water to leak, leading to higher water bills without timely repairs.

Bluish-green stains in plumbing fixtures, discolored water, and metallic-tasting water are some signs of corroded pipelines that can drive you to call an emergency plumber for quick repairs.

A plumbing expert can stop water leaks from corroded water lines by installing corrosive-resistant pipes, such as PVC. The pro can also install water treatment systems that soften water and eliminate harsh chemicals from the water to protect water supply lines from rusting.

Damaged Pipe Joints and Broken Seals

Water leakages in your plumbing fixtures, faucets, toilets, and pipes can result from weakening joints and seals. As the connections, seals, and joints of plumbing fixtures and fittings become weak due to numerous wear and tear and old age, they give room for water to leak out, increasing water consumption bills.

You will notice your plumbing joints and connections are weak if you hear a ticking or banging noise, a nuisance that can compel you to call for urgent help. An emergency plumber from a renowned plumbing company in the city can evaluate your entire plumbing system for loose connections and seals and tighten them.

The experts can seamlessly prevent leaks due to old and weakened joints and seals by carrying out regular maintenance and servicing. They tighten loose joints and seal all the parts with worn-out seals.

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