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Many homeowners have a good idea of the functioning of the basic elements of their home’s plumbing system. However, some aspects of your home’s plumbing remain pretty unexplained and exotic, even for those intrepid DIYers. One of the plumbing fixtures that isn’t talked about much is the plumbing vent. If you have been keen, you might see some vents protruding from your neighbors’ homes, or you even have one installed at your home. Are your drains flowing slowly? Have you noticed a sewer smell near the sinks? The plumbing vent could be the reason. Enlist a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL to inspect the drains and vent for issues like clogs. Professionals get many questions from curious homeowners, including:

What Is a Plumbing Vent?

It is a component of your plumbing system that regulates pressure in your plumbing system, especially the drains. The vents carry the sewer gases from your drains and exhaust them to the outside. It allows fresh air into the plumbing, preventing the creation of negative pressure that may create a vacuum. If vacuums arise in your plumbing system, the water in the P-traps is sucked into the vacuum? Unfortunately, this means that the barrier preventing the sewer gases from flowing into your home is removed, allowing them to flow back. Are you smelling sewer gas when passing near a sink or any drain? Have a plumber near me inspect and fix them.

What Do Plumbing Vents Do?

Plumbing vents play two essential roles in your plumbing, introducing air into your drainage system and venting the sewer gases from your home. Thus, you should always ensure they are clear of any clogs to ensure that the functionalities happen effectively. The last thing you want is for the pressure in the drains to be lower than atmospheric pressure due to poor venting and clogging. Hence, have a plumber near me inspect the vents during the maintenance visit and fix any issues like clogs.

What Are the Signs That the Plumbing Vents Have an Issue?

Those homeowners with this plumbing fixture installed in their homes want the indicators of clogged or otherwise compromised vents for their safety. Below are the main signs it is time to have a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL inspect the plumbing vents:

  • Slowly flowing drains: Have you noticed water stagnating in your sinks and tubs after hand washing or taking a bath? Are the kitchen sinks overflowing? That could mean a problem, and most likely a clog, in the vent pipe.
  • Empty toilet tanks: If the vents do not fill with water, that could indicate a clog in the plumbing vent stack. Rather than the water in the toilet tank, it will escape from your toilet and flow down the pipe.
  • You hear gurgling sounds: Any glugging or gurgling noises from your drains are a good sign that the plumbing vent could have a blockage or have been improperly installed.
  • Fouls smell when passing near the drains: Do you notice a foul smell near your sinks? That could happen when the vent is closed, and there is negative pressure in your drains. As explained above, that will include the water from the p-trap, eliminating the barrier preventing the sewer gases from flowing into your home. These sulfurous odors are dangerous and could cause nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Hence, call a plumber near me for an inspection immediately after you notice this.

What Are the Main Issues with Plumbing Vents?

The main issue with plumbing vents is clogging. Since these vents protrude over your home, they are exposed to external elements like freezing during the cold season. When the air in these pipes freezes up, it will clog them. Additionally, birds and rodents can nest in these vents, preventing effective air exhaustion. However, there are other problems. Improper installation of the vents can result in damages that could result in negative pressure in the vents. Hence, ensure that you hire a professional plumber near me to install the vents.

Which Plumbing Vent Configurations Are There?

There are many types of plumbing vents that a plumber near me can install at your home. They include wet vents, true vents, common vents, air admittance valves, circuit vents, vent stacks, and auxiliary vents. However, the type of venting that you can install for your drainage depends on the plumbing codes of your area of residence. Hence, reach out to a plumbing service to know which configurations are allowed.

What Is the Best Vent Configuration to Install at Your Home?

This depends on factors such as the size of your home, the configuration of your drainage system, and even the plumbing codes in your area. Therefore, consult your plumber near me to inspect your drains to determine the best configuration. Additionally, retain them for installation and regular maintenance.

How Does Negative Pressure Arise in the Drains?

Negative pressure occurs in the plumbing vents when the water flows rapidly downwards, drawing the air into itself. This is called entertainment. If the water flows past an unvented branch that connects to a stack vent, it will result in a negative pressure that affects all the trap seals in that branch. Other issues that may cause negative pressure in your plumbing include clogged vents and poorly installed vents. Hence, ensure that the plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL you hire to install the vents is qualified and experienced for quality installation. Additionally, retain them to maintain your plumbing system regularly. If some of your fixtures aren’t vented, install a ventilation system.

Vent Your Plumbing

Do you have a plumbing vent installed at your home? If you don’t, then it might be time you install one. Since there’s not enough information about this plumbing fixture, we can understand if you have any questions. Contact us at MainLine Plumbing for a plumbing vent installation, maintenance, and repair. Our experienced technicians will also clear any doubts you could be having about plumbing vents.

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