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Plumbing issues will always happen; some are prevalent in almost every home. They may be major or minor, but for some reason, they are experienced by many homeowners. This leaves the affected people with many questions that need to be answered. Some even ask the plumber near me in Boca Raton, FL when they come to their homes for maintenance or repair services. A professional should come over for a deeper inspection and repair whenever you run into a plumbing issue. Unfortunately, some homeowners resort to doing the repairs themselves. This will only result in further problems and losses in the future. Hence, leave the plumbing works to experienced, trained professionals skilled in handling different plumbing issues. Below are the main questions that the plumbers get from homeowners:

What Causes the Water Utility Bill to be Suddenly so High?

An unexplainable increase in water utility bills isn’t the best news. You might have planned a budget for water expenses at the beginning of the year. This means that an increase will destabilize the budget. What could be the reason for this increase in water utility bills? The ridiculously high water utility bill could be because of the following reasons:

Leaky Faucets or Taps

A leaky tap wastes water and raises the utility cost, making it the most frequent reason for water bill increases. There is a reported annual water waste of over 3,000 gallons. If you’ve noticed the faucets dripping, have a plumber near me inspect and fix them.

Leaky Line

The other reason your water utility bills may increase is that the water lines buried underground need to be fixed or cleaned. Animal activity, earthquakes, and root intrusion may cause these issues.

Leaking Toilets

We use 24% of our daily water on the toilets, so you can imagine the harm a leak may do. A leaking toilet is thought to waste approximately 200 gallons of water daily. This would cost you a lot, so whenever you notice that the toilet is leaking, you should have it checked and repaired by a plumber near me in Boca Raton, FL.

Leaky Irrigation System

Leakages in your sprinkler system could also be why your water utility bills are high. Because the sprinkler systems are installed outdoors, some homeowners forget that they also need maintenance from a plumber near me. If the sprinkler system is leaking, have them repaired or replaced.

Why Must I Disconnect the Hose in Winter Even If the Spigot States “Frost Free”?

Even though your spigot indicates it is frost-free, you must still remove your hose during the winter. Water is present when the hose is in use and continues to be so even after the hose is switched off. In the winter, the water might freeze and shatter the pipes, meaning you will have to call a plumber near me to install another hose. A frost-free spigot will hide the crack, allowing water to enter your house while you are away. If you unplug the hoses from the spigot, you can stop all of this from happening.

Why Do I Smell Sewer Odors in My House?

Dry Trap

You may not know, but the u-trap on your toilet bowl is a protective barrier preventing the sewer smells from flowing into your home. Should you notice the sewer smell, it may be because the water in the U-trap has dried.

City Sewer

If the pungent smell is coming from outside your home and not indoors, the municipal/city sewer might have plumbing problems or drainage issues at your home. Contact a plumber near me in Boca Raton, FL whenever you notice the filthy smell.

Sewer Trap Plugs

A missing or loosened sewer stopper is the most common cause of a sewer odor in your home. A house trap in the sewer pit is a wall between your house and the city sewage. The smell from the city sewer can enter your property if the plug on the trap is missing or loose. If this happens, replace the plug to clear the air.

Why Does My Piping Produce a Banging Sound Whenever I’m Running My Appliances?

This only occurs when the pipes jerk due to variations in water pressure brought on by the usage of the appliances. Only when the piping is improperly secured may it happen. Ignoring the pipe’s humming can eventually result in more damage to the pipe. However, you can manage it by:

  • Using pipe straps to secure the pipes
  • Setting up water hammer arrestors, especially if the pipe cannot be found.
  • Enlisting the help of a professional plumber near me.

Why Can’t I Have Quest Piping in My Home?

Polybutylene, also called poly pipes, is the material that was utilized in home construction throughout the late 1970s and early 1990s under the brand name Quest. Although it’s still available in the market, one of the major issues with these Quest pipes is that they need to be more durable. Because of the oxidants in the water, it corrodes from the inside, making it difficult to detect unless a leak develops. Most pipes have already started to fail, resulting in a large leak. Hence, if you have Quest plumbing pipes in some structures at your home, you should have a plumber near me replace them.

What’s the Use of Well Pump UV Lights?

Homeowners use the pump ultraviolet lights for treating bacterial microorganisms. It effectively kills over 99% of biological contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses. The UV lights eliminate the pollutants from the water as it passes via the UV rays. Hence, if you want to clean your water, you can have a plumber near me install the UV lights in your well pump.

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