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Running and managing the daily operations of a hotel is not a walk in the park. Its numerous departments or sections, including the kitchen, and sanitary units, such as toilets and bathrooms in the accommodation department, require lots of water to keep the operations running smoothly without disruptions.

Plumbers install pipes, fixtures, faucets, and fittings in hotels to ensure water flows freely to the toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and septic or sewer systems. The plumbing system in hotels requires frequent maintenance and servicing to prevent issues that can halt its operations and close for a while.

Problems can range from minor to severe, forcing you to call a plumbing company near you for emergency repairs. The following are some plumbing issues hotels face and their prevention measures.

Water Leaks

The most common plumbing issue in the hotel and accommodation industry is water leaks. Water leakage is a problem you cannot afford to postpone because it can skyrocket your water bills. In cases where buried pipes are leaking, it will be difficult to notice the issue, especially if you do not monitor water usage.

The skyrocketing water bills are the best sign of leaks in hotels, which should force you to reach out to a plumbing company to check the water lines, pinpoint the leaking part, and fix it as soon as possible.

Some of the causes of water leaks in hotels include:

  • Old pipes due to massive wear and tears.
  • Frozen pipes.
  • Cracked or broken pipes.
  • Loose connections.
  • Root intrusions in underground pipes.
  • Burst water lines.
  • Shifting of foundations due to expansive soils.

How to Prevent Water Leaks in Hotels

Most of the reasons behind leaking pipes and plumbing systems in homes are cracks, breaks, wear out, or freeze due to a lack of proper and routine maintenance of the units.

It is advisable to ensure a plumber from a renowned plumbing company in Lighthouse Point, FL visits at least bi-annually to inspect your entire plumbing system, detect potential issues, and fix them before they worsen.

Clogs in the Piping System

Hotel owners can face numerous issues due to obstructions in the pipes. The pipelines are responsible for distributing clean water into the required spaces, such as food production areas, toilets, housekeeping sectors, and bathrooms. They also direct the used wastewater outside to the septic tank or sewer line systems.

Obstructions in water lines can lead to low water pressure in your hotel rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets. Sometimes the clog can restrict water from passing through, leading to a lack of water that can disrupt cooking and washing dishes in kitchens and make it impossible to flush toilets, leading to awful odors.

The most notorious cause of clogs in water lines include:

  • Mineral build-up.
  • Old and bent pipes due to corrosion
  • Hard water

When the drain pipes clog, they can easily lead to water damage and wastewater backups in sinks, drains, and toilets if staff continue using water.

In worst-case scenarios, the blockages in the drainage lines can also cause overflowing toilets, sinks, and drains, which can be costly for a plumbing company to clean out and restore.

A commercial plumber can use a hydro jetting technique to clean the drainage and water pipes to clear out the clogs, allowing sewage and wastewater to flow freely.

Some of the reasons behind drain clogs in hotels are:

  • Food waste
  • Unflushables
  • Soap scum and hair
  • Grease, fats, and oil
  • Root intrusion in septic pipes in systems
  • Pads

How to Prevent Clogs in Drains and Water Lines

Employees can prevent clogs in your hotel premises by ensuring only nonhazardous waste, liquids, corrosive-free, and non-greasy or oily wastewater goes down the drains. Hiring a plumber to check the build-up of minerals and grease in pipes can also help keep the piping system unclogged for the smooth running of wastewater to the sewer line system.

The professionals from a nearby plumbing company in Lighthouse Point, FL can use the power washing method once in a while to clean the pipes, removing all the dirt accumulating in the pipelines before an obstruction occurs.

Another effective way to prevent clogs in water distribution systems is to have a plumber install water softeners if you deal with hard water. Reverse osmosis filters can also be a solution that removes a high percentage of contaminants and mineral sediments at the point of entry, reducing mineral build-ups.

Low Water Pressure

Nothing is as irritating as having low water pressure issues in a hotel. It is a mishap that affects the performance of the food production department and might compromise the hygiene in sanitary units on the hotel premises. Some of the root causes of low water pressure include:

  • A clog in the water lines due to sediment build-up.
  • Adjusted valves, especially the water pressure valves.
  • Burst pipes change the direction of the water.

Finding the root cause of the low water pressure is easy if you involve the skills and expertise of a plumber from a trustworthy plumbing company in the neighborhood.

The expert can check the water pressure valves to ensure they are in the correct psi value. If the valve is not the issue, a qualified technician works towards finding the root cause of the low water pressure and fixing it immediately.

How to Prevent Low Water Pressure Problems in Hotel

Knowing the cause of the issue is a sure way of preventing them from happening. A plumbing company can recommend installing water filtration systems that remove most pollutants, sediments, and dirt in the water flowing to your hotel. The filters will prevent the issue of accumulating mineral deposits in pipes.

In addition, the contractors from a reliable plumbing company can propose a regular maintenance plan that requires cleaning the pipelines annually for the seamless performance of the hotel for the longest time.

To protect the pipes from bursting due to high water pressure, a plumbing expert should adjust or set the optimal water pressure to be no more than 60 pounds per square inch (psi).

Prevent Plumbing Issues for Better Hotel Performance!

Keeping the plumbing system in perfect working condition is the one way to prevent disruptions in your hotel business. A plumbing company can perform regular maintenance of the piping and other units to prevent multiple issues, such as low water pressure, clogs, and water leaks.

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