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Every type of water heater has its own “Failure Models,” the ways the heater breaks typically down or malfunctions and needs water heater repair services by plumbers at MainLine Plumbing if Lighthouse Point, FL. Most homeowners are aware of some of the issues with the conventional water heaters, especially the leaking and bursting of the tank. There are similar issues with hybrid water heaters. However, they use a complex heat pump mechanism to capture and store the heat within the tank’s water.

Tankless water heaters use a different method of operation because it doesn’t have a tank. They heat your water as it passes through and doesn’t have a tank capacity limit. However, one of its significant advantages is that it is energy saving. A tankless water heater needs maintenance of air vents to prevent considerable problems. Our repair team at MainLine Plumbing can help you avoid plumbing emergencies with regular maintenance and address any notable repair need at that time.

Heating Elements Conventional Water Heaters

Are you experiencing strange variations in how your conventional water heater operates? This may be caused by a malfunctioning or failing thermostat or water heating element. There are two water heating elements, one at the bottom of the tank and another at the upper side of the tank.

If none is working, even after checking the circuit breaker for the electric-powered models, the water heater repair visit is due. If the heater only produces hot water after some minutes of cold water or lukewarm water at half the normal volume before running out, you may have an issue with the thermostat or a single heater. Our water heater team at MainLine Plumbing can efficiently resolve these issues.

Tank Problems and Lifetime

With water heater repairs on conventional water heater models and hybrid types, keeping the tank from corroding is one of the main aims. Corrosion and rusting are the main determinants of the water heater unit’s lifespan. Water quality is also a factor. Hard water containing dissolved minerals causes sediments that may accumulate at the bottom of the water heater tank. This constricts the available amount of space, and with the tank’s pressure, the unit may explode. The sediments also make the heater make cranking and banging sounds as it hits the tank’s walls. This may make the unit fracture or crack resulting in hot water leaks.

An anode rod is a partial solution to corrosion resulting from hard water. The anode rod sacrifices its material to balance the conditions of the water. This helps minimize the anaerobic bacteria growth within the tank, the source of that rotten egg smell you may sometimes experience from the hot water faucets. The sediments accumulated in the tank have a toll on the lifespan and heating operations of the unit. Whenever you notice any of the above, you need to call a water heater repair service to resolve it.

Enlisting a plumber for routine water heater repair and maintenance visits will help keep your water heater tank in good condition. If the unit has been serving you for over a decade, the plumber will recommend a replacement.

Tank Overpressure Protection

Another reason for regular maintenance for a conventional water heater is the T&P (Temperature and pressure) relief valve. It features a long pipe attached for guiding any overflow to the floor or a near drain. When the water heater repair technician inspects the valve and replaces it if required, they prevent your water tank from exploding or bursting because of over temperature or overpressure situations, significantly when the unit ages and its walls weaken.

At worst, in addition to considerable water damage, the explosion might hurt the people nearby or at your Lighthouse Point, FL home, meaning routing inspection of the T&P release valve is a necessary precaution. If there are occasional leaks from the valve, it may be regular pressure relief or an indicator of a malfunction, and you should invite a plumber from MainLine Plumbing to check it out.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

The tankless water heater is the next type of tank we shall consider. These water heaters use gas or electric heating elements to raise the temperatures of the water passing through. When the hot water valve is sufficiently opened within the house, the water heater senses the flow and turns on the heat. This provides hot water that lasts for as long as needed quickly.

Tankless water heaters feature a control system that monitors heating water flow, among other conditions and control operations. Repairs and maintenance are pretty basic in many cases, with a critical element being vent cleaning indicated by a reminder lighting. It may also be necessary to remove the sediments to protect the heating element. Tankless units may have a longer lifespan than tank-based water heaters. They also offer a higher energy efficiency than units that constantly heat the water to ensure it is hot.

Maintenance and Repair of the Heat Pump in Hybrid Units

Hybrid water heating units also feature electric heating elements. The heating element acts as a backup when there isn’t enough ambient heat to be gathered by the heat pump. Besides the electric heating element, a water heater repair technician should maintain a compressor unit regularly. It is similar to an AC and works under the same principle.

The heat pump works by pulling the heat from the nearby air and increasing the temperatures in the water tank. The tank in a hybrid water heater requires similar care to that of a conventional water heater. One other part that may require attention in a hybrid water heating unit may even communicate its needs to the plumber or owner of an electric control unit. This vital component manages the operations of all the other parts of a water heater. It manages the fan on different units. Therefore, keeping it in a top operational state is necessary.

Your Water Heater Repair, Maintenance, & Installation Experts 

Regardless of the water heater system or issue you have, regular water heater maintenance can reduce your home’s water heater repair needs. Routine maintenance is vital for proper functioning with some units like tankless water heaters. At MainLine Plumbing, we help our clients in Lighthouse Point, FL keep the water heater repair frequency at a minimum to avoid any stress. Call us at any time, and we will be there to help with your water heater issue.

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