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Imagine the following scenario. One day you return to your Coral Springs, FL home from work, and catch a whiff of a foul smell wafting through your house. Could it be that you forgot to put that raw meat back in the fridge? Or is your sewer doing things it shouldn’t? You look all over for the source of the stench and find nothing, but the smell prevails, and it only gets worse in areas that have drains, such as the bathroom, and your kitchen. You start to suspect your Coral Springs, FL home’s sewer might be in trouble. But, is it something that will go away on its own, or should you call for sewer repair? In this article, we cover all the reasons for calling for sewer repair help, as well as a few tips on how to keep your sewer line healthy. Let’s get started.

Know the Signs of Trouble

A sewer is one of those things that will give you very pointed signs of trouble brewing somewhere along the line. But, sometimes those signs can be missed or ignored in the hope they resolve themselves. But, in the majority of cases, leaving them unattended will only make matters much worse, to the point in which sewer repair could become a complete replacement of your sewer system. So, in order to avoid a more costly sewer repair, here are the signs you should keep in mind.

Your Drains Clog Often or Drain Slowly

One of the first signs of trouble in your home’s sewer line is the constant clogging of your drains, especially when the problem happens in more than one drain at the same time. The sign could present itself as a full blockage, or just with drains that vacate the water more slowly than normal. This last sign will continue to worsen until eventually no water goes down your drains. In this case, you should call for sewer repair as soon as possible, to avoid a more costly fix down the road.

There’s a Foul Smell in or Around Your Home

If you suddenly notice the smell of sewage in or in the areas surrounding your home, it is a surefire sign of trouble brewing somewhere along your sewer line. The most important thing to keep in mind is that once the smell of sewage is released into the open environment, it could mean that your sewer line is broken, and waste water could be seeping into your home’s foundation, creating structural damage that could be very expensive to repair. So, whether the smell is coming from an unknown source, the ground outside, or your drains, call for sewer repair as soon as you can.

Your Toilets Are Making a Gurgling Noise

The only noise coming from your toilets should be the sound of flushing, or water running into the tank. Anything else could point to bad news. This is especially true when you hear gurgling coming from your toilet or see tiny bubbles coming into the bowl from the drain below. These two signs point to a large clog somewhere in your sewer line, and the gurgling sound is made by air escaping the clog when water rushes through it. This is another reason to call for sewer repair, because if left to fester, could result in a severely blocked or damaged sewer line. In most cases, these clogs are the result of foreign objects being flushed, including toys, hair, toilet paper, baby wipes, and even sanitary napkins. So, always be very careful of what you flush.

Your Yard has Become a Favorite Meeting Ground for Pests

An increase in the number of rodents and insects in your yard could be pointing to more than delicious treats in your trash can. It is usually a sign of trouble with your sewer. Insects and rodents are highly attracted to the scent of raw sewage. In turn, the increase in the population of rodents and insects will attract larger predators, until your yard becomes a meeting ground for a large number of unwanted visitors. It is best to call for help as soon as you notice this problem, because having a large number of pests in your yard can create other problems, and even become a health hazard for your family.

There Are Pools of Foul-Smelling Water in Your Yard or Driveway

This is another sign of a leak in your sewer line, and you should call for professional repair as soon as possible.

Your Garden Looks More Beautiful Than Ever

Don’t forget that wastewater, which contains a lot of organic material, can be a great, but unhealthy, fertilizer. If your grass or plants are looking more alive than usual, or are growing much better than before, you can easily deduce you have a problem with your sewer that will require expert repair.

Keeping Your Sewer Healthy

Once your sewage system has been repaired, it is in your best interest to keep it healthy in order to avoid further problems down the road. The best way to do this is to dispose of oils and greases, especially bacon grease, by pouring them into glass jars and taking them out with the trash. Whenever a foreign object gets flushed into your sewer line, it becomes a potential clog, so make sure to dispose of food, hair, and other items, in the appropriate way. Lastly, your best bet is to prevent future problems by scheduling a professional sewer inspection, and maintenance program once a year, in order to keep your sewer line working the way it should. The damage caused by unattended sewer problems could cost thousands of dollars to repair, so make sure you call the pros for help as soon as you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

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