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If you’ve shopped for a hot water heater lately, you might have considered different levels of efficiency in a standard tank-based model, then looked at tankless hot water as an option for your growing family, and finally checked out hybrid water heaters as an energy-saving alternative to your existing tank-based system. Each one of these requires different types of water heater repair and maintenance, so that’s an important part of your purchase decision as well. For many people, the hybrid water heater repair costs are the wild card, as the technology isn’t as well-known as other popular hot water system types. It does take some amount of technology to provide the reduced energy consumption that hybrid units typically have since they can use a compressor-based heat pump technology to extract available heat from nearby or other sources. Usually with a backup electric heater option to ensure proper performance. They also have many of the same water heater repair needs as standard tank-based units. At MainLine Plumbing in Lighthouse Point, FL, we have the expertise and parts to repair your water heater and get you the hot water you need, using traditional or modern technologies.

Hard Water

First, let’s talk about hard water, an important factor in many plumbing issues, including water heater repair. Many places have hard water, increasing the corrosion of metal plumbing components such as copper pipes and hot water heater tanks, and leading to premature failure. The minerals in hard water are also responsible for scale deposits in your coffee maker, water heater, and elsewhere. A water softener system can help reduce the effect of hard water on your plumbing and also improve your shampoo and laundry detergent effectiveness, a bonus. An important water heater repair for tank-based units is anode rod replacement, usually, every couple of years, where a new metal rod is installed inside that sacrifices its material to balance the water chemistry in the unit and reduce corrosion. It also helps reduce the growth of bacteria in the unit that can lead to odors when you run the hot water anywhere in the house. If you have concerns about your plumbing and want to know more about how hard water is affecting it, we’re here to provide information and solutions.

Standard Tank-Based Hot Water Heater Maintenance and Repairs

A basic water heater holds about 40 gallons of hot water, heating it often with an upper and lower heater and thermostat. In case of temperature and pressure problems, it has a special valve designed to release some water in emergencies rather than allowing the unit to possibly explode or have major leaks. These components, along with the anode rod, are typical maintenance and repair items, and with maintenance, we’ll inspect the tank and see how it’s doing. Eventually, tank corrosion and weakening is usually the reason that homeowners have us install a replacement unit. Symptoms that lead to repair are usually complete heater failure, which could simply require a circuit breaker reset although frequent resets should lead to a water heater repair call. Partial heater failure can lead to an insufficient supply of hot water as only part of the tank is being heated.

Hybrid Water Heater Repair

The typical hybrid hot water heater has a tank and anode rod also, which need inspection and servicing as part of maintenance. It does use electricity to operate, and usually has a heating element, but also a heat-pump style compressor that extracts heat from the nearby air or other sources to heat the water, saving a substantial amount of energy. Water heaters consume a fairly large percentage of your household energy use, so this increased efficiency can be a big plus. Added complexity means, though, that the hybrid unit needs maintenance and repairs that include the heat pump system as well as a control board that manages the unit’s more complex operations. It also requires technician training and experience with hybrid units in order to diagnose and repair the unit most effectively. There are other fans, support components, and sensors to consider in a repair as well. At some point, the supplemental heating element will also probably need service, though it doesn’t see as much use as the heating elements in an electric hot water heater.

Switching to a Hybrid Water Heater

It may be tempting to switch from a tank-based standard water heater to a hybrid model, but there’s one important factor to consider: hybrid units require more space. The heat pump functionality needs more room and also needs sufficient airflow to pull air in and extract heat from it to heat the water. If your water heater is in a tight space, it’s a good idea to take some measurements and consider the fit before proceeding. If you’re currently using a natural gas-based hot water heater, you might also run the numbers to see what your expected costs would be. While natural gas is typically less expensive for water heater operation, the hybrid unit does require some electricity for compressor and control operation as well as the resistive heating unit that’s part of hybrid operation to ensure you’re getting the hot water you need. Our team can help you look at all the angles and make a decision that you can stick with for the decade or more that most tank-based units last.

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