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Your drains are an important yet often neglected part of your plumbing system. If your showers won’t drain or your sink and tub are clogged, you need to contact an expert. Mainline Plumbing should be your first choice for drain cleaning in Deerfield Beach, FL. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, you can’t do better than choosing us for all your plumbing needs. 

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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

If you notice any of the following signs, call a professional plumbing company to schedule a drain cleaning. 

Slow Drains

The number one sign you need drain cleaning is slow drains. Sinks, showers, and tubs take in all kinds of waste and debris, like skin cells, hair, food particles, dirt, and more. This debris can stick together and coat the inside of drain lines, staunching the flow of water. Drain cleaning breaks up clogs, allowing water to flow freely again. 

Bad Smells

Bad smells from your drains are another sign you need cleaning and result from all the hair, dirt, and grime that gets stuck in your drains and becomes home to bacteria. Dirty drains might give off a pungent musty or rotten smell. Drain cleaning breaks up the residue, getting rid of any bad smells. 

Standing Water

Clogged drains might not even drain water at all, leading to a layer of standing water every time you turn on the sink or shower. Standing water is annoying and can lead to mold growth and algae in the top parts of the drain grate. 

Plumbing Back Ups

Plumbing systems need the right amount of air pressure to force water and waste through the correct pipes. Clogged drains can mess up plumbing pressure, causing wastewater to back up through your showers, sinks, tubs, and toilets. If you notice water coming out of a backed-up plumbing system, the culprit is likely a clog somewhere. 


Lastly, the presence of insects and other pests can be a sign you need drain cleaning. Pests, like flies and ants, are drawn to clogged drains because they may have food particles and other waste they like to eat. If you notice insects and pests around your drains, you should consider scheduling a thorough cleaning. 

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

We recommend scheduling full-scale professional drain cleaning in Deerfield Beach, FL, at least once a year. Regular cleaning protects your drains and prevents other plumbing issues, like leaks and cracked pipes. 

In the meantime, homeowners can do several things to reduce the risk of drain clogs. 

  • Buy drain guards for larger drains. These guards go over drain grates and catch larger debris, like hair and dirt, so it doesn’t go down the drain and form a clog. 
  • Make sure you don’t put large food waste down your drain. Leftover food should go in the trash can. Even if you have a garbage disposal, putting too much good down the drain can cause clogs. 
  • Don’t pour cooking grease and fats down kitchen sink drains. Instead, drain the oils into a paper towel and throw it away in the trash can.
  • Avoid harsh drain cleaner and chemical cleaner solutions. Use natural drain openers instead.   
  • Don’t use too much soap when showering. Soap scum can collect near the drains and catch other debris, creating clogs. 
  • Don’t flush paper products down the toilet, like paper towels. Paper products don’t dissolve and can easily form destructive clogs. 
Drain Cleaning in Deerfield Beach, FL

About Deerfield Beach, FL

Located just south of Palm Beach County, Deerfield Beach is one of the largest Miami suburbs, with a total population of 86,859. Deerfield Beach was settled in 1890 and began as an agricultural community. Nowadays, Deerfield is a hot tourist attraction thanks to its amazing beaches.

Deerfield is home to several locally known spots, like the Deerfield Beach Arboretum and Quiet Waters Park. Visitors can also go down to the boardwalk to grab some food or drinks around the beach. 

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*90-day clog-free guarantee! If your main line sewer clogs again within 90 days, we will provide one additional visit from a drain expert to attempt to unclog it at no additional cost. Drain must be accessible from an exterior cleanout. Homeowner must be present at time of service and agree to a camera inspection of the line in order to qualify. Does not apply to branch lines (Tub/ shower drains, sink drains, laundry drains etc). This offer is not open to landlords, apartments, condos or commercial spaces (single family residential homes only). This offer only applies to the first 75 feet of the main sewer line or less; clogs beyond the 75-foot mark cannot be cleared by the standard methods at this special price. Reminder: Not all main sewer lines can be cleared using the standard methods offered with this deal. It is possible that unusual factors will make it unlikely to clear your main sewer line in this way. Unusual factors can include tree roots grown into the pipes; drain lines compromised through various defects and damage; drain lines shifted due to terrain changes; pipework comprised of the wrong materials; and more. We reserve the right to decide not to service a main sewer line hindered by recurring or extreme issues such as unsanitary, or unsafe conditions. This special cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons or offers. Cannot be applied on prior service or existing balances. This offer applies to main sewer line drain clearing service conducted during regular business hours; emergency service is not applicable. Additional restrictions may apply. Ask our plumbing technicians about all the details.