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Few situations are as stressful as those that involve a plumbing issue in your home. If your hot water heater is broken then it’s going to be a hassle to give the kids a bath or washing clothes. Got a leak somewhere, it’s likely the flowing water will damage the interior and foundation of your space. Are your sewer lines clogged? Chances are a nasty smell is keeping you up at night. One thing is for certain, needing an emergency plumber is an actual emergency. MainLine Plumbing is proud to be the company called when folks have a plumbing crisis.

The Commitment of MainLine Plumbing to Our Community

If you reside in Ft Lauderdale, FL, and require the help of an emergency plumber right away, get in touch with us as we provide 24-hour service. That’s right, you may call us whenever you need our plumbing services.

Like doctors, we typically begin our plumbing services with a diagnosis. The human body is like your home; it is full of pipes. A plumber must inspect your pipes and diagnose the majority of serious plumbing issues before the best course of action can be chosen.

Our company, MainLine Plumbing, only employs experts. Unfortunately, you may have encountered a dishonest plumber operating in Ft Lauderdale, FL who will take advantage of you by suggesting pointless or exorbitantly priced repairs. Some of these dishonest people may even exacerbate your issues in order to charge you more. Others could just lack relevant experience. In any case, you might have to call someone again shortly to address the issue.

Our services include:

  • Leak detection & repair
  • Water heater inspection
  • Video sewer inspection
  • Sewer pipe cleaning
  • Sewer pipe repairs & replacement
  • Pipe rerouting

Dangers of DIY plumbing

Even if you have a lot of expertise with DIY home repairs, some systems are trickier to fix than others. An emergency plumber completes years of education, an apprenticeship, and life-long training to excel in their trade. An amateur without this training and experience can severely damage their plumbing network making a call to an emergency plumber a dire need. A plumber from MainLine Plumbing is fluent with every part of the plumbing system in your Ft Lauderdale, FL home or business. It’s much cheaper to rely on a plumbing company that guarantees their work and prides themselves on affordability and quality care.

Holistic Sewer Care

Like everything else on our planet, sewer pipes have an expected lifespan. If your home is older than 50 years, it could be time for a new sewage line since metal sewer lines have a propensity to corrode and rust with time. Even if plastic sewer pipes don’t corrode, they may still crack. Any kind of pipe might back up due to a blockage.

We use the best hydro-jetting equipment on the market to completely clear obstacles from your pipes. If your pipes really do need to be serviced or replaced, you will still need periodic cleanings to keep them clear. A word to the wise about sewer blockages, if you start noticing water slowly draining from sinks, tubs, and toilets don’t put off hiring an emergency plumber because it won’t improve on its own.

How Can You Detect a Leak or Blockage in Your Sewer System?

If there is a bad smell filling the entire house, you may have a sewer leak. Before you decide what kind of support you need, give us a call for a video inspection. Using sophisticated cameras that we insert into the length of your pipes, an emergency plumber detects the issue, diagnoses it, and decides whether pipe cleaning, repairs, or replacements are required, all without tearing up your floor or lawn.

Thankfully, sewage replacement and repair are far simpler and less expensive than they formerly were. Since these services are trenchless, we no longer need to build big ditches along pipeways to replace or repair sewage lines.

This specialized trenchless technology is ideal for lining and recoating pipes, particularly if your sewer lines simply need to be repaired. With the aid of a tiny camera, we put additional layers of protective coating along the pipe using minimally intrusive machinery.

We may even replace all of your sewage pipes if that is what is necessary. With the help of our modern machinery, we can insert new pipes through your existing ones without either breaking up your lawn or damaging your landscape.

Rerouting Pipes

It may be a nightmare if a pipe leaks or collapses under your ceramic kitchen or bathroom floor. This type of flooring may be quite tough to repair and is exceedingly messy to break through. Additionally, if a pipe leaks once, it could produce another. And you have absolutely no desire to repeat the procedure!

We advise pipe rerouting as a result. An emergency plumber will disconnect the old pipe as the first step in this procedure, then the water is diverted through a new pipe that may occasionally be placed through the ceiling or outdoors. This solution saves time, money, and stress. A decade or so ago, digging up floors and wrecking lengths of streets and pavement were the only options to reroute pipes, but today we don’t have to destroy areas to reroute the plumbing. Be wary of any emergency plumber who claims that the messy way is the only way!

Call MainLine Plumbing to See How Easy It is to Fix Your Plumbing

Whatever plumbing problems you may be having, we can assist you. An experienced emergency plumber will recognize the problem, offer the best and most affordable solution, and do the necessary repairs correctly. Any plumbing issue you may be having may be fixed by the certified plumbers on our crew. We go above and above to guarantee that your plumbing is functional and doesn’t need to be repaired frequently. We are aware that performing plumbing work well requires getting it right the first time. MainLine Plumbing is happily ready to take your call anytime!

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