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The first sign of a sewer problem is a backup in a bathtub, sink, or your home’s sewer trap. Pungent odors are another indicator of a faulty sewer line.

You may not have seen a clog or backup yet, but foul smells in your home will usually point to a more severe issue in your sewer system. Ensure you hire a licensed plumber in Lighthouse Point, FL to perform a video inspection of your sewer line to establish the cause of the problem.

Timely repairs will prevent further damage to the sewer line and potential cross-contamination along the buried line underground. However, you must understand that while some sewer line problems can be easily repaired, others may call for a unit replacement.

As a homeowner, your primary concern is how much you’ll spend fixing your sewer line problems. Numerous factors affect your sewer line repair or replacement cost, and this blog post has discussed them in detail. Please read on to understand better.


The sewer line repair or replacement method employed by your plumbers will significantly determine the costs to be incurred. Two methods are available; trenchless and traditional.

Trenchless technologies, aka pipelining, are the newest advancements in the plumbing scene. This method allows the sewer line to be repaired or replaced without digging ditches.

Most homeowners prefer this method since it’s way more cost-effective when compared to the traditional one, which is invasive and takes considerable time to get the system fixed.

However, the trenchless method involves the liner being used as a band-aid, which only resolves the sewer problem in the short term. This inevitably will call for sewer line replacement later.

Another thing that will dictate the method your plumber in Lighthouse Point, FL will choose is the scale of repair.

For instance, if the line is collapsed, decayed, broken, or bellied, the plumber may need to replace it from the point it leaves your house to the municipal sewer main. This means they’ll have to excavate to remove the entire sewer pipe before replacing it, which might be expensive.

Type of Material

Sewer pipes made of cast iron are the most durable. Cast iron is expensive, but proper installation and maintenance can last as far as 100 years.

On the other hand, frequent repairs on clay pipes would imply repeated excavations, resulting in extra costs.

Additionally, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are cheap to install but prone to cracks, which may cost you more on repairs or replacements.


Permits are crucial for any plumbing project you may have in your home, and you must have a licensed plumber pull a permit before working on your property. Therefore, you should factor the work permit cost over the repair and replacement costs.

This will be especially necessary if the sewer line repair or replacement process involves disturbing city streets or sidewalks.

Again, you need to consider the costs of additional permits and inspections that ensure compliance with the health and safety code.


Your sewer line runs from your home to the street, connecting to the city or municipal main. But they also run under the foundational slab of your house. Consider hiring a plumber with a camera To know precisely where the trouble lies.

If the tech repairs or replaces the line from the house to the city, it will be cheaper than a repair that has to run beneath the home.

Even if both kinds of jobs call for some excavation, repairing or replacing a sewer line that runs under the house might require drilling through concrete, creating an additional cost.

Extent of Damage

The sewer line length is another factor influencing its repair or replacement cost. If the plumber is satisfied that the damage on your sewer line isn’t widespread, in that case, repairing a section of the pipe rather than changing it altogether may be worthwhile.

Suppose the inspection reveals that a sewer pipe made of old-fashioned materials is at an increased risk of tree root invasion or more likely to collapse. In that case, a replacement is undoubtedly the best option, even if it’s expensive.


When seeking enough clearance to work on a sewer line, tree roots are often the culprits that plumbers have to deal with.

Also, to get to the real issue, they may need to dig through walls, driveways, or walkways that were added after the sewer line was installed. It will take time to fix the problem. Hence, you may spend a lot, especially if your plumbing contractor charges an hourly rate.

For this reason, homes should have a cleanout in an accessible area, such as the front of the house, to allow for faster and easier pipe inspection and clearing obstacles.

Cleanup and Restoration

Sewer backups can be a health hazard if wastewater enters the home or seeps into the ground. Thus, it may be necessary to have professional cleaning and restoration.

Damaged walks and yards due to sewer replacement will require repair afterward. So will the driveways, garden walls, or fences.

If it’s necessary to remove tree roots to repair or replace your sewer line, you may need to find an arborist to establish the stability and health of the affected trees.

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After going through the above points, you can estimate the savings you can squeeze from your sewer line repair or replacement budget. But that is only possible if you hire experienced plumbers with vast knowledge of the different sewer systems in Lighthouse Point, FL and its environs.

At MainLine Plumbing, we guarantee you that. Our technicians conduct all plumbing work per the local building code. You can get in touch with us today via call or online.

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