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Homeowners depend on garbage disposals to grind food waste or scraps, such as cooked meat, coffee grounds, and fruit peels, into tiny particles that can easily flow into the wastewater pipe.

The garbage disposals are grinders that feature numerous components such as the hopper chamber, dishwasher connector, shredding ring, flywheel, impellers, and waste line connectors that work towards ensuring the system smoothly eliminates organic substances from the septic systems.

Choosing garbage disposal can be a complex or easy process depending on what you want, your budget, and the help you get from a hired plumber. Below are garbage disposal options that homeowners can choose for installation in their kitchens.

Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

One of the best garbage disposals is batch feed, though not as popular in most kitchens because of its high costs.

The systems allow people to place small amounts of food scraps at a time for grinding into fine small particles and disposing of them into the waste pipe to move to the drainage pipes.

Pros of the Batch-Feed Appliance

  • Enhances safety in homes: The batch-feed garbage disposals have a stopper that a plumber correctly installs to ensure no one can open it when it’s grinding organic food waste. This feature is vital in protecting children from losing their hands or fingers when they insert their hands when the unit is running.
    Kids cannot insert inorganic items, such as toys, into the system, keeping the appliance safe from preventable damages. In addition, the stopper also stops food waste from flying out during the grinding process.
  • Easy To Install: Batch-feed disposals are also easy to install because the employed plumber in Lighthouse Point, FL does not need to put wires in a wall for the system to operate. The professionals can plug the unit into an outlet installed under the sink or get an electrician to hard-wire the garbage disposal into a junction box.
  • Operates Quietly: The appliance is one of the best in noise reduction because they have additional sound insulation that keeps the grinding sounds inside the unit. Apart from the noise insulators, the system has a cover that prevents noise from moving out during the grinding process.
  • Performs Perfectly: A plumber can recommend batch-feed garbage disposals for homeowners because of their high-performance scores than most garbage disposals in homes.

The Cons of Batch-Feed Garbage Disposals

  • Too Costly: The reason most people shy away from having batch-feed disposals, despite their high performance, is the cost. It has increased horsepower and other features, such as sound insulation, that make them expensive.
  • High Energy Use: Additionally, the horsepower makes them use more energy, increasing utility bills.
  • Time-consuming: Since a plumber or the manual requires you to place small amounts of food waste at a time, you might use the disposal unit for many hours if you have a large family, making the entire process tedious. People who are always busy can draw from the system.
  • Has Higher Risks For Clogs: If you put large amounts of food waste particles in the system, it might clog if you overload the hopper. The obstructions in the system can also occur if the drain pipes are old and constricted, preventing the free flow of the ground food scraps in the wastewater pipe.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Unlike the batch feed disposals that are scarce in the market, most Lighthouse Point, FL homeowners hire a plumber to install the continuous-feed systems in their kitchens.

People using the system can pour in as many food waste particles as long as it is still running. As you wash your dishes, the garbage disposal system can run continuously until the end of the dishwashing process.

Advantages of Continuous-Feed Disposals

  • Saves Time: households with many people can use continuous-feed systems because they macerate food waste particles from small to large magnitudes into liquid affluent as you wash dishes.
  • Reduced Risks of Blockages: Unlike the batch-feed system that can clog easily with large amounts of food waste, continuous-feed units can handle many food scraps. They might have no-or-little clogs because of the continuous use of water that allows the liquid effluent to flow down the drains.
  • Cost-Effective: A plumber recommends this garbage disposal to people looking for affordable and efficient options. The fair-priced system fits most people’s budgets and can rarely cause financial strain in purchasing it.

Drawbacks of the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

  • Higher Injury Risks: Unlike the batch-feed unit that features a stopper and a cover that prevents injuries, the continuous feed allows people to continue placing waste food particles as it runs, which can be extremely dangerous. You might end up without a finger or be badly injured when putting food waste in the unit for disposal. Children can also palace their hands in the appliance, which can lead to loss of fingers or, worse, hands.
  • Increases Water Bills: The hired plumber can advise you to use cold running water every time you use the garbage disposal. You can use more water when using the unit, increasing your monthly water bills.
  • Higher Risk of Damages: The system has no cover, a feature that increases the risk of cutlery damaging your unit. Since you cannot place your hand in to remove the steelware item as it operates, the grinder in the appliance can incur damages that affect its peak performance.

Here for Your Garbage Disposal Needs!

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