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When you use water at your home, in plumbing areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, the plumbing fixtures become a part of the moisture-enriched environment. Sinks, showerheads, bathtubs, toilets, and faucets are among the plumbing fixtures most affected by water stains and other build-ups such as limescale. If hard water runs through, you can find limescale deposits inside your heated water pipes. At first sight, the limescale might not seem more of an issue. However, they might stain the faucets, showerheads, and sinks, making them a sight for sore eyes. Fortunately, you can search for a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, for limescale removal. 

What Is Limescale?

This sticky material is made from calcium carbonate, a residue of alkaline hard water. Water is said to be hard if it has a high concentration of magnesium and calcium as the dissolved minerals. After the water evaporates from the sinks, showerheads, and faucet stem, it leaves behind a lumpy white deposit called limescale (calcium carbonate). If the limescale isn’t addressed immediately, it might quickly build up. Whenever this happens, it hardens and thickens, becoming a challenge to remove.

Limescale has a white or grayish color. It also has a chalky texture. A limescale build-up might impede the movement of machinery, pipes, and household appliances. Unfortunately, removing limescale after it has thickened, hardened, and formed a serious build-up might prove expensive and cause unnecessary downtime in your commercial or residential setting. 

How can a plumber near me in your locality remove limescale? Below are the main ways or methods that can be used to remove limescale or prevent its formation.

Preventing Limescale Formation

The accumulation of limescale in your plumbing system and appliances has obvious risks, including the corrosion of pipes, decaying of pipes that release toxic contaminants, and expensive descaling. The bacteria and algae growth in the dead leg or stagnating water might cause diseases such as E. Coli and Legionnaires. Keeping limescale at bay or preventing its formation in the first place is probably the best and the smartest solution. A reliable plumber near me in Pompano Beach can offer various services as explained below and advise you to wipe the glass surfaces in your bathroom and sinks regularly.

Draining the Water Heater

Limescale might also form in your water heater. When this happens, it might negatively impact the valves such as the drain valves or T&P or even facilitate corrosion. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent the formation of limescale in your water heater tank. The plumber near me in your state or district will drain your water heater tank several times yearly. Limescale is more likely to form in hot water than cold. Hence, ensure that you regulate or lower the water temperatures to prevent the lime sediments from producing a lot of magnesium or calcium residue.

The excess levels of naturally forming magnesium and calcium minerals combine to produce a build-up of limescale that normally sticks to the sides of the hoses, appliances, and hot water faucets. The process of limescale formation in the water heater tank produces low water pressure, damaged appliances, clogging, leaks, and dings in your plumbing system. While here, the plumber near me in your vicinity might also recommend that you install a tankless water heater for energy efficiency.

Using Scale Inhibitors

The other solution that a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, can use to avert the formation of limescale is to install scale inhibitors. Most plumbing companies have brands or versions of scale inhibitors suitable for whole buildings or single appliances. However, the limescale inhibitors usually affect the precipitation reaction’s chemistry. They also reduce the scaling rate, suppressing the formation of limescale, and altering the scale form. They also might alter the chemistry of the precipitation process. There are several types of scale inhibitors that a plumber might install at your home, including;

Magnetic Scale Inhibitors

These are the limescale inhibitors that avert its build-up by influencing the crystal structure of the precipitated limescale. Research has shown that applying a magnetic field impacts the growth of limescale crystals. This results in the formation of needle-like aragonite crystals. These crystals don’t easily stick to the surfaces. This is certainly a proper appliance to have a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, install within your home.

Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitors

These scale inhibitors prevent the formation of limescale by adding a trace of zinc to your water. The zinc suppresses the limescale formation through bonding to the calcium ions dissolved in water, requiring more energy for the precipitation. The microcrystals that form act as nucleation sites in which most precipitation forms. The generated limescale is washed away as the water flows instead of sticking to the surfaces. Hence, have a plumber near me in Florida install an electrolytic limescale inhibitor to ensure that the shiny fixtures remain clean and clear.

Installing a Water Softener

The primary reason for limescale formation is hard water. Hence, you can address the issue completely by installing a water softening solution at your home. A water softening system removes the calcium and magnesium ions from water, meaning that the primary ingredients of limescale are eliminated. Although there are many types of water softening systems that a plumber near me in your state can install at your home, there are other inexpensive systems. For instance, the ion-treated water softening units aren’t costly and are pretty effective in the two main minerals responsible for forming limescale.

They remove the stain-causing minerals before the water flows to other parts of your plumbing system. The plumber might also add salt to the water softening unit’s tank to ensure it runs smoothly. You can also purchase a catalytic water conditioner that will automatically change the molecules to avert the formation of limescale in your water before it starts flowing through your plumbing system to the water heater or faucets.

Your Reliable Plumbing Professionals

Limescale makes your sinks, faucets, heaters, shower heads, and other shiny appliances a sight for the sore eye. Hence, you have to take measures to remove the formation of limescale. However, the best solution is its prevention. A plumber can offer various services such as draining the water heater tank, installing a water softener, or even installing limescale inhibitors. Do you want a reliable limescale prevention service? Call our plumbers at MainLine Plumbing.

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