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The bathroom and kitchen are the most used of all the rooms in your house. From doing the dishes to washing hands, there are many reasons your home needs quality faucets. A broken faucet can cause a lot of inconveniences in your home, so it is crucial to replace a failing faucet as soon as possible. While most faucets are designed to last a decade or more, various signs tell you when to replace a faucet in your bathroom or kitchen. If you notice the following signs, contact a plumber to repair or replace your faucet.

Noisy Faucet

The noises from your failing faucet will vary depending on what issue the faucet is having. Any time you notice your faucet has an unusual sound, that indicates there is something wrong. For example, a screeching sound indicated that the faucet’s rubber washer is hardened and needs a replacement. Also, you may hear clunking or clicking noises, meaning there are certain faucet pieces with cracks. At this point, your faucet will need to be repaired or replaced. Contact a plumbing expert to take the faucet apart and inspect for potential issues causing the noise. To prevent the same issue in the future, most plumbers advise you to purchase a new faucet.

Dripping Faucet

When your faucet keeps dripping, even when the handle is off, consider getting help from a professional plumber. The dripping could mean the valves or pipes are malfunctioning and need to be replaced. Also, if the water pressure in the pipes is higher than normal, your faucet may start dripping. A dripping faucet may not look like a big issue, but it leads to serious water damage underneath the sink or at the bottom of the faucet. A dripping faucet can be adjusted, but the whole unit will need to be replaced if it continues to drip even after being repaired.

Presence of Rust and Mineral Deposits

Your faucet will need to be replaced if there is a build-up of grime, rust, and other mineral deposits. When your faucets are not maintained regularly, these substances build up slowly and damage your faucets. That is why it is crucial to hire a plumber in Coral Springs, FL, to inspect all your plumbing fixtures and enjoy the fact that they are in good shape. Without routine checkups, your plumbing fixtures won’t last as long as expected.

When there is a build-up of mineral deposits inside the faucet, your faucet will reduce its efficiency, and it will need to be replaced. The faucet handles may also be corroded with rust that will damage your faucet and create an issue that can’t be repaired.

Hire a plumbing professional to install a new faucet for your bathroom or kitchen. Besides installing a new faucet, the expert can install a water softener to reduce the damage caused by rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits.

Leaking Faucet

There are many areas where a faucet can leak, including the base, handle, or from the pipes underneath. While a plumber may do their best to repair your faucet, most experts advise you to purchase a new one. Replacing the entire unit will save you a lot of money in the long run.

A leaking faucet is annoying and can lead to water damage and mold growth, which can be dangerous for your family. Water leaks tend to pool in the cabinets or onto counters, causing damage to the existing elements in your bathroom or kitchen. Call a plumber to replace your leaky faucet to prevent costly damage and mold growth in your home.

Giving Out That Tastes Bad and Smells

Water with a bad taste or a foul odor is not healthy, and if it comes from your faucets, there is an issue. Sometimes, the issue may be with one faucet, signaling too much wear and tear. However, if the taste or smell is consistent with all the faucets in your home, you need to contact a plumbing professional to check if something is affecting the water quality.

As the faucet ages, the water becomes rusty, making it smell and taste bad. The bad taste and smell can be eliminated with the help of a certified plumber in Coral Springs, FL. Your expert can know what is causing the smell or taste and offer a long-lasting solution.

Poor Water Pressure

We all know the frustrations and inconveniences poor water pressure can cause in your home. Sometimes, your home may experience poor water pressure because of a plumbing issue or problem with the local water supply. The other underrated cause of poor water pressure is a failing faucet. When a faucet has been affected by excessive rust, corrosion, and mineral build-up, the water pressure will reduce. These issues are complicated to reverse. Instead of using water with poor pressure in your home, call a plumber to replace the entire faucet.

An Aging Faucet

The market has many faucets that last for a certain period depending on the model and make. Generally, most faucets are designed to last for about 15 years if maintained well. If you don’t do maintenance, it is hard for a faucet to even last for 10 years. If your home has old faucets, and they are giving you issues, you should have new ones installed. Talk to a professional so that they can take you through the selection process. Plumbers know which faucets are water-saving, efficient, reliable, and durable.

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