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Every homeowner wants to protect their plumbing. Yet, besides scheduling regular inspections and maintenance, some homeowners feel as if there’s not much they can do to prevent some occurrences from happening. You can avoid most plumbing emergencies by hiring a professional to install a water alarm system. Hence, you will be able to save a fortune on the costly repairs since you will catch these problems before they worsen or spiral out of control. These small and surprisingly simple systems are cheap. They protect your plumbing by detecting any abnormalities that could have gone unnoticed. Thus, installing them means you don’t have to call an emergency plumber or call them before the problem exacerbates.

What’s a Water Alarm?

Also referred to as a water leak sensor, a water alarm is a small device installed at points where leaks are likely to arise. Water alarm systems are normally connected to a control panel, enabling them to send you an alarm to your phone or loudly at home. This way, you can know that a plumbing issue is about to arise and have an emergency plumber come over for a further inspection. Since water alarms aren’t expensive, they are a low-risk investment for homeowners worried about leaks.

How Do Water Alarms Work?

Water alarms are usually installed near dishwashers, washing machines, under sinks, along the water lines, near the water heater, in the basement water pipes, or along the sewer line. Whenever water comes into contact with the device, the alarm goes off. These devices work more or less like smoke detectors emitting a loud signal whenever there’s smoke. Others use WIFI to send alerts to your phone whenever it detects an issue in your plumbing. With these alarm systems, you can call an emergency plumber before the issue spirals out to result in extensive water damage.

What Are the Types of Water Alarms?

Passive Alarms

These are like conventional smoke detectors, meaning they go off whenever the sensor gets off. Passive alarms can be simple units with a single sensor or even wireless systems with a network of sensors placed all over different points at your home. Whenever either of these becomes wet, it will signal to the control panel, sounding the alarm, that a problem has happened and you should call an emergency plumber.

Active Alarms

Alarms, unlike passive ones, can arrest a leakage. Active alarm systems are like the main water shutoff valve at your home. When a leak activates them, they turn off the water flow at your home. This makes active alarms ideal for vacation homes or other vacant spaces for extensive periods. However, simpler active water alarms are designed for water heater use. For a whole-house installation, you need the expert services of an emergency plumber.

Benefits of a Water Alarm System

Averts Risks of a Water Damage

Burst pipes are a plumbing emergency that can quickly flood your home, and this mostly arises whenever the pipes are frozen or damaged. A bust pipe will send water flowing when the break arises. However, a water security system can detect the burst and immediately cut the water, preventing any ensuing damage from arising. Hence, you will call an emergency plumber but won’t insure the costly restorations caused by flooding.

Even the less urgent leaks can still harm your health and home. For instance, water accumulation might promote mildew and mold growth, which are health hazards that often go undetected. The water accumulation also can result in bacterial growth. Additionally, slow leaks can cause larger, serious issues. For instance, excessive water may stain the walls, floors, and ceilings. If they happen under the slab, they could damage the structural integrity of your home. Today, water damage is preventable through a routine plumbing service and the installation of active water security systems. They eliminate guesswork and can be used to pinpoint the location of the issues with precision.

Peace of Mind

Water damage could be slow and hard to detect. Rather than have a plumbing service provider check the system now and then, you can install water security systems that send signals whenever a leak is detected. This is also good for your finances. Installing a water alarm system means you don’t have to pay the technician for a repeated leak inspection. Installing them means you can rest assured that when a problem arises, you will call an emergency plumber but won’t incur other costs such as restoration and landscaping. If you aren’t at your Boca Raton, FL home, you also will have peace of mind knowing that in case of a leak, the system will shut off the water supply at the main meter valve, preventing any damage.

Instant Leak Detection

Leakage detection hasn’t always been easy. They won’t always happen under the sink, from the faucet, or showerhead. They sometimes happen deep below the ground, and it takes time for the signs to manifest. The pipes buried under the slab may also leak. This means that they will have to be detected or noticed by the plumber when inspecting your plumbing. However, you can notice any leaks instantly with the help of a water security system.

Additionally, you can pinpoint with precision where the leak is. Thus, the emergency plumber will address it without guessing when they will come for a repair. Since they charge by the hour, it will cost you less.

Insurance Protection

Homeowners insurance is there for a reason, but ask anybody they wish never to use it. Hiring an emergency plumber to install a water alarm system can help homeowners avert the frustrating process of making insurance claims. Since the damage caused, if any, will be too small, it reduces the need for insurance compensation, or the insurer will be willing to pay

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