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Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your Deerfield Beach, FL home. While most appliances are meant to make life more convenient in modern homes, a water heater is an essential appliance you cannot afford to live without. It ensures that your home has a constant supply of hot water for important activities, such as washing, cleaning, taking a shower, and cooking. Without it, you and your family will be forced to take cold showers and do other cleaning chores with ice-cold water. But like with any other appliance in your house, there will come a time when you will have to replace your water heater. But how can you know the right time for water heater replacement? Here are the signs that should prompt you to start considering a new water heater.

Your Water Heater Is Too Old

As mentioned above, your water heater was not designed to last forever. This means that it has an expiry date. On average, water heaters last between 8 to 12 years. Of course, without proper maintenance, their lifespan can be reduced severely. But if you have been taking good care of your water heater, you can expect it to serve you for a decade or so. As such, if you have used your water heater for more than ten years, it is imperative for you to start thinking about water heater replacement. If you are not sure about your water heater’s age, you can ask your plumbing services provider to help you determine when it was manufactured.

Your Water Heater Needs More Frequent Repairs

Like with any other appliances in your Deerfield Beach, FL home, you can expect your water heater to break down at some point and make it necessary for you to call your professional plumber for repairs. However, as your water heater ages, you can expect it to require more frequent repairs. Unfortunately, water heater repairs are quite expensive, and therefore, you do not want to call your water heater repair service every few weeks. Therefore, to save money and reduce the risk of inconvenient water heater breakdowns, it is imperative for you to start discussing with your plumber about the need for your water heater replacement as soon as you notice that your water heater is breaking down more frequently than expected.

Your Water Heater Is Giving You Rusty Water

When you turn on the hot water in your house, you expect the water coming out to be not only hot but also clean and colorless. Therefore, if your water heater is giving you hot water that looks brown in color, then there is something seriously wrong with it. Your water heater is most likely made of steel, and although steel is one of the toughest materials in the world, it is susceptible to rust. Although rust is not necessarily a serious health hazard, nobody wants to drink discolored water with a metallic taste. Besides, rusty water can damage appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Furthermore, rusty water can also stain your clothes and other surfaces in your house. Therefore, as soon as you have noticed that you are getting discolored water from your water heater, you need to call your plumber immediately and prepare for the fact you may need a water heater replacement. Your plumber will examine the issue to determine if the rust is confined to the water heater, and if this is the case, you may be advised to invest in a new water heater.

You Are Running Out of Hot Water Frequently

Of course, you expect a constant flow of hot water from your water heater. Therefore, if you notice that you keep running out of hot water, then there is a serious underlying issue. In most cases, this issue occurs due to an increase in demand for hot water in a home. For instance, you might start running out of hot water frequently if you recently installed a dishwasher or a washing machine. The issue can also occur if the number of people living in your home has increased. To solve this issue, you need to seek water heater replacement services. You can replace your current water heater with a larger one or even go for a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater will not only save you space but also ensure that your family always has access to hot water no matter what the demand level might be.

Your Energy Bills Are Going Up Sharply

Your water heater is obviously one of the most significant consumers of energy in your house. Therefore, when it is working inefficiently, the difference will soon be reflected in your energy bills. Unfortunately, this is bound to happen as your water heater ages. This happens as wear and tear takes a toll on parts of your water heater forcing the appliance to work harder than necessary to heat your water to the desired temperature. For instance, the efficiency of the heating elements can reduce with time and consequently start demanding more energy to work properly. Therefore, if you have noticed that your energy bills have gone up but your utility company has not significantly increased the cost per unit, you may have to start thinking about a water heater replacement. Your plumber will assess your appliance’s energy efficiency and advice you on whether water heater replacement is the right thing to do.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that although your water heater is extremely durable, there will come a time when you will have to consider a water heater replacement. If you are looking for a reliable plumber providing water heart replacement services in or around Deerfield Beach, FL, MainLine Plumbing is an excellent plumbing contractor to consider. We have been providing water heater replacement services for many years, and if you have any doubts as to whether your water heater needs replacing, you can count on us to guide your accordingly. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and services.

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