Mainline Preferred Membership Terms and Conditions

Mainline Preferred Membership is a maintenance plan, not an insurance policy or service contract. This Agreement is between Mainline Plumbing Service Inc and the Purchaser, hereby known as the Member, and provides for certain inspections, maintenance, discounts, and priority service for the Member at the residence listed on the front page of this document.

This monthly plan starts on the effective date identified on the front of the Agreement and extends for one year from that date. After the initial year is completed, the Agreement goes month to month until canceled by either party with 30 days written notice. If termination is requested prior to the completion of the first 12 months, the balance due for that period will be charged to the credit card on file. Billing will occur at the amount shown on the front of this Agreement on or near the 5th of each month.
During credit card loss or transfer, warranties will remain in effect provided the transfer is made within 30 days of missed billing and charges are brought current. Cancellation of credit source or failure to bring the charges current after 30 days will result in the termination of all warranties.

I. We will provide the following benefits to the Member at the address listed during the term of this Agreement:
A. We will perform an annual visual plumbing inspection and operations test of all plumbing fixtures in the home. We will also provide annual tank-type water heater maintenance which includes inspection, flushing the heater of sediment, and inspection of the anode rod which protects the glass-lined steel tank. Recommendations for necessary repairs will be presented to the Member during this inspection.

B. We will attempt to schedule this annual inspection with the Member; however, it is the Member’s ultimate responsibility to contact us to schedule this inspection to maintain any extended warranties that could be in place. The annual inspection will only be scheduled during normal business hours. We will make three at- tempts to contact you to remind you to schedule this inspection.

C. We will provide the Member a 10 percent (10%) discount on all repairs made to the plumbing system at the residence listed on the front of this plan. All new installations and new fixtures installations will receive a warranty twice the manufacturer’s standard warranty, plus increased labor warranty. This warranty must be maintained through the annual plumbing inspection to inspect and adjust these fixtures and through maintaining this Membership. Fixture installations must comply with local plumbing codes. Other conditions may be required for eligibility as determined by your Mainline Plumbing Technician. The conditions may include but are not limited to, installation of emergency shut-off valves, a pressure-reducing valve, and waste or potable water-line repairs. Maintenance or alteration of any fixture by anyone other than your Mainline Plumbing Technician may void the warranty.

D. We will use reasonable efforts to provide the Member with Priority Service through preferential treatment in the scheduling of the Member’s call for service for the residence listed. You may contact us for emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergencies are situations that create substantial risk of injury to persons or substantial property damage.

E. We will also provide the Member with a reduced evaluation fee if any repair or replacement work is performed at their residence during a scheduled visit. This is in addition to the abovementioned discounts and warranties.

This Membership can be transferred to any new owner of this property with the proper completion of a new Membership Agreement and method of payment to assume the monthly payment as agreed in this document. This transfer must occur during the first 30 days after change in ownership of the residence.

This Membership Agreement does not cover any systems or fixtures installed by others or repairs made by other(s) prior to the date of this Agreement. The terms of the Membership Agreement apply only to repairs and installations by your Mainline Plumbing Technician.

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