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As one of the leading plumbing contractors in South Florida, at MainLine Plumbing we keep up with new technologies and provide experienced service to customers in Lighthouse Point, FL with newer water heaters including standard models, hybrid tank-based types, and tankless models both gas and electric. These units often have newer ignition systems, control electronics and sensors to operate more efficiently, and designs that reduce scale accumulation, provide digital displays for monitoring the unit, and even integrate with your smart home systems or a smartphone app. Even with basic traditional tank-based water heaters, our water heater repair team considers your water quality and other factors, including whether you’ve recently added a water softener system when they replace the anode rod protection device that keeps corrosion down, so they can select one composed of the right combination of metals.

Tank-Based Water Heater Repair to Prevent Leaks and Bursting

If your water heater heats a tank full of water and stores it for your use at some time in the future, there is a risk of the tank leaking or bursting, in rare cases even exploding due to pressure buildup inside the tank. Since the water is being heated, it’s possible for the process to result in excessive expansion inside. That’s where another potential leak comes in, as there’s a temperature and pressure relief valve attached to the tank that may vent some pressure in the form of water if there’s a problem, leaving a puddle on your floor. If the valve, which is typically checked and replaced if necessary during annual water heater maintenance, is malfunctioning, it may vent water needlessly and make a mess on your floor as well. Hopefully, you’re aware of these risks and haven’t stored valuable items subject to water damage nearby, as it’s a risk all tank-based water heaters, traditional or hybrid ones using a heat pump for a primary energy supply, face.

Tankless Water Heaters Remove the Tank Leak Risk from Water Heater Use

Tankless water heater repairs don’t include the typical issues that tank-based units face since there is no tank to store water. These units heat water on demand as it flows through, and save a lot of energy over tank-based units because of this. Leak risks for tankless water heaters are also much lower since they don’t use tanks so they don’t have a large supply of water building up pressure. They are, like most appliances, subject to typical plumbing leaks over time due to corrosion of the pipes or other plumbing failures, and their typically much longer service life than tank-based units allows more time for corrosion to occur. Your water heater repair provider can discuss ways of improving your home’s water quality if it’s a factor in corrosion, and so reduce the effect on pipes and other appliances as well.

Maintenance Is Key for Reducing Urgent Water Heater Repair Calls

For all types of water heaters, regular maintenance visits are essential for a long service life with a reduced risk of urgent water heater repair calls. For tank-based water heaters, maintenance includes a check of the anode rod, which plays an important role in limiting corrosion of the tank. The water heater repair expert performing maintenance will also check the tank’s condition, providing you with an indication of how much longer you can expect the unit to operate before the risk of leaks and bursting rises significantly. You’ll also get checks of the heating system, electric or gas, the temperature and pressure relief valve that’s essential to avoid pressure-related disasters with tank failure, and possibly flushing of accumulated sediment in the tank. For hybrid units, the heat pump system, similar to an air conditioner compressor, gets checked, lubricated, and tested, and other maintenance items are similar to those on a traditional unit.

The hybrid unit also has a control system that can tell the water heater repair expert whether there are other issues to address. Tankless water heaters also have a control unit that governs their operations, monitoring the operational and safety sensors and responding to indications of water flow initiated through the unit from a faucet or valve somewhere in your home, and firing up the burner or turning on the heating element to quickly heat the water passing through. These heat generation components and their fuel or electricity supply need regular checking, along with the control unit and sensors. Important physical maintenance items include vent cleaning and sediment removal, which are critical to reliable tankless water heater operation and may even cause a unit shutdown if they aren’t taken care of for an extended period of time.

Our Water Heater Experts Can Help You Compare Your Options

When you face the repair or replace decision, you can, like most homeowners, have a newer version of the same type of unit installed, or you can ask us about your choices. You might want to change from an electric tank-based unit to gas and save on energy costs or reduce your energy usage with a hybrid or tankless unit. We can tell you about the costs of the different types of units, what options are available, and how installation costs differ from a simple replacement to possibly upgrading your energy services when you’re having us install a high-performance tankless unit that has a longer life, unlimited hot water, and lower energy use. We’re glad to provide the plumbing information you need.

Your Local Water Heater Repair Experts in Lighthouse Point, FL

At MainLine Plumbing, our water heater experts can provide the services you need in Lighthouse Point, FL for your type of water heater, including maintenance and even replacement with the same or a different type of unit. Call on us for repairs, including urgent visits when needed, and feel free to ask questions about your water heating system. Give us a call for all your plumbing needs as well, our expert plumbers are here to help you.

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