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How often do you have a plumber over to check the condition of your plumbing pipes? Most people have no idea. Investing in pipeline tune-ups that include inspections and cleaning is essential in prolonging the life of the water lines for up to 40 years if plastic, 80 years if copper, and or 100 years if galvanized steel. The inspections also ensure the water lines in your residential property are in good condition.

Inspecting the pipelines helps plumbers to pinpoint issues on time, protecting your home in Coral Springs, FL from water leaking problems that lead to massive water wastage, approximately 180 gallons a week. Failure to call a plumbing company to check and test the pipes can lead to numerous plumbing issues that will compel you to call for costly emergency repairs.

So, it is wise to invest in pipe inspections to determine if your piping system is in perfect condition and efficient or needs repairs or replacements. Below are some of the pipe inspection methods used by plumbers.

Pushcam Inspection Technique

One of the most used pipe inspection methods in the plumbing industry for underground pipes is the pushcam. Many plumbing experts prefer the technique because it is easy to use when checking the status of the piping system. They attach a video camera to a long cord and push it through the pipe as they watch a monitor the condition of the water lines.

The plumbers from a renowned plumbing company can use the technique to inspect all the pipes in your home during maintenance. They can also utilize the pushcam method in water pipes that seem to have an issue when called for repairs to identify the exact damaged part and determine an excavation technique.

However, plumbers might reconsider using this technique in water lines with bends and corners because the long rod can only work in pipes in a straight line. For that reason, technicians from a nearby plumbing company in Coral Springs, FL may have different options for checking the bent parts of the pipe.

Visual Inspection

Most plumbers start with visual inspections for visible pipes before pushcam and other techniques. They can check for surface errors and flaws in the piping system and document all their findings for evaluation.

The plumbing professionals from a plumbing company in the neighborhood inspect exposed and accessible water lines for corrosion, surface cracks, disconnecting joints, discolored pipes, and loose seals and connections. If they find any issues that require urgent repairs, they fix them immediately and might suggest several changes in the piping system, such as an upgrade to more heat, rust, or pressure-resistant pipes.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

In addition to visual and pushcam inspection techniques, plumbing experts can use the magnetic method in stainless steel pipes. They magnetize parts of the water lines to check for linear flaws. If the pipeline has multiple damages, the iron liquid on the surface deforms immediately, identifying pinholes.

Technicians from a reputable plumbing company can choose strippable paint, magnetic ink, or yoke magnet as their catalyst during the pipe inspection process. They also prefer this technique for determining the strength of the pipe. The method also helps contractors to check for potential errors, such as cracks or corrosion on water lines, that are yet to occur on the pipes.

Robotic Crawler Inspection Method

A plumbing company that understands the importance of modern technologies to meet plumbing inspection needs can use robotic crawlers to inspect water pipes. The remote visual inspection technique is perfect for homeowners with large houses who require pipe inspection.

Instead of walking the long distance of the pipeline, a plumber operates the robotic crawler with an attached camera using a remote control after placing it on top of the pipes. The plumbing experts using the remote visual pipe inspection technique ensure the video feed is in perfect condition and the battery is enough to finish inspecting the pipeline for issues.

Using the solo robot cameras makes work easy for professionals from a locally-owned and operated company in Coral Springs, FL, as they program the machine and allow it to work and report vital information. Interestingly, the robot crawlers wheel back to the plumber’s location while following the program.

Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection

Ultrasonic testing is among the best pipeline inspection techniques plumbers use for non-destructive pipe tests. It uses sound reflections to help determine the strength of the pipe and its thickness.

The ultrasonic tools detect leaks, corrosion, and degraded pipelines using active and passive sounds that recognize pipe abnormalities. Plumbers from a reputable plumbing company opt for this method to check any piping system regardless of the shape, size, and welding styles.

Hydrostatic Pipe Testing

Another pipe inspection technique that plumbers use during water or sewer line repairs and tune-ups is hydrostatic pressure testing. It is the best option for checking and testing the strength of underground pipes. Experts using this method apply excessive water pressure on the pipelines with a vacuum.

The pressure they use is way higher than the optimal water pressure for the water lines. Contractors from a reputable plumbing company use a visual tracer to check the pipelines for signs of leaks or damage to determine if they can last longer or require urgent replacement.

High water pressure in the piping system can expose cracks in the water lines, making the plumber recommend repiping the plumbing system.

Do You Want Pipe Inspection?

It is without a doubt that pipes are the heart of the plumbing system and should be in optimal working condition. Homeowners should schedule routine inspections of the piping system to know if it can serve them longer or is on the verge of failing.

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