Plumber Tips: Reasons Hotel Owners Need To Consider Professional Grease Trap Cleaning | Lighthouse Point, FL

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Most hotel owners in Lighthouse Point, FL, have grease traps installed in the kitchens to collect oils and all other forms of fatty wastes to ensure proper disposal. Grease traps keep the wastewater disposal system clean. The grease waste may pile and solidify inside the trap over time and may have to be cleaned.

The grease traps can either be either outdoors or indoors and have a septic tank design or a utility hole covering. Regular grease trap cleaning is important for the proper running of a commercial kitchen. Your staff can clean the grease traps, or you can assign the task to a professional plumber. However, you are advised to hire a plumbing company with the required equipment to do professional cleaning for grease traps between 500 and 2500 gallons.

For smaller gallons, you can take the DIY approach. In the long run, it’s usually easier and cheaper to have a professional kitchen maintenance service conduct grease trap cleaning instead of purchasing and maintaining your grease-pumping equipment and vehicles. In this blog, we provide an insight into some of the benefits of professional grease trap cleaning.

Helps Stay Compliant with Health Code Laws

Most cities have regulations that guide restaurant owners on how and when to clean their grease traps. Health inspectors perform examinations on the facilities and test for any liquid water or sewerage discharged into other water sources.

The tests are conducted on both the grease trap and the drain flow to ensure no backflow or cross-contamination between the two. If the inspectors detect oil in your plumbing system, you may risk hefty fines for violating the health code, which negatively impacts your business. Seeking a grease trap cleaning service as early as possible from a professional plumber is the way to go.

It Helps Get Rid of Bacteria And Toxins

Grease traps hold extremely large amounts of stagnant food wastes. This provides a conducive environment for harmful bacterial growth that may pose a health hazard to your employees. When water comes into contact with the grease trap, it combines with the bacteria and liquid fat deposits, forming toxic sulphuric acid.

This acid is lethal and can waste away your grease trap’s concrete and steel foundation, leaving behind a foul odor in your building. A trained plumber will perform intensive cleaning on the grease trap to keep your business safe from such bacteria.

Prevents Destruction of the Environment

If you’re a hotel owner in Lighthouse Point, FL, this is a good reason why you need to consult a plumber. The moment your plumbing system gets backed up, it can cause grease runoff that is dangerous to the environment. It may be more severe if the grease clogs the city’s pipe and sewer lines in the event it leaks into the area around your hotel.

This can be a double tragedy, as the grease can clog the city’s storm drains, presenting an increased risk to its waterways. The runoff could damage the wildlife’s natural habitats and bring about an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Also, the grease trap’s fatty wastes could overflow into your parking lot and attract pests in the building. The sight of such a scene is intolerable, let alone being unhygienic. Getting a grease trap cleaning service from an experienced plumber will eliminate such from happening.

Saves Time Compared to DIY

Time is money, at least for most businesses. Cleaning a grease trap is unpleasant and takes time, especially if you don’t have the experience. You are likely to miss out on important steps or warning signs if you’re not a trained plumbing professional.

Certified grease trap cleaners understand the process well and have the right equipment to clear the mess. As a hotel owner, save your workers the hassle and get a plumber to clean that grease for you.

Improves Business Image

It’s no secret that every hotel owner wants their business to be the best, and one critical aspect that any entrepreneur can’t overlook is customer service. Good customer service contributes significantly to a business’s success.

An unkempt grease trap can mean the difference between a booming business or a collapsing enterprise. Clogs in the plumbing not only damage your property and the environment but also violate health codes. Also, the unkempt grease trap can taint your business image.

Having a dirty grease trap in your kitchen is easily noticeable by customers because of the bad smells that may come out of it if there’s the presence of Sulphuric acid. Say the grease runoff builds up in the parking lot. It could produce an unsightly environmental concern that may scare away your clients.

Also, a reduced rating on your health code score may turn away current and prospective customers. Once you lose your customers’ confidence or have a reduced customer base, there’s a high chance your business could end up in ruins. So, why can’t you call that plumber to clean that grease trap and save you the shame?

MainLine Plumbing: Your Local Plumbing Solution 

A grease trap service is among the smartest preventative measures you can take to keep your restaurant alive and booming, especially if you use a professional service.

At MainLine Plumbing, we serve Lighthouse Point, FL, and the larger South Florida area. We take pride in our long-earned experience and delivering impeccable customer service. Our plumbers are licensed and trained to get the work done safely and timely.

Besides grease cleaning, we also install grease trap systems, perform maintenance, and repair your equipment. You can also rely on us for various plumbing services ranging from storm drain cleaning gas line and pipe repairs to leak detection and water heater repairs. If you need a professional grease trap cleaning plumber, give us a buzz.

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