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Regular maintenance of your plumbing system is a vital responsibility for any Deerfield Beach, FL homeowner. The plumbing system at your home should deliver clean water to the appliances, faucets, and other fixtures. However, sometimes the plumbing system at your home is plagued by problems mainly stemming from aging or corrosion. Hence, this makes it necessary to have a Whole House Repipe.

However, not many people look forward to this expensive but important task. Repiping your home can give you great peace of mind. If the pipes in your plumbing system have deteriorated because of aging, why not just remove them and replace them with new, modern ones? Wouldn’t frequent continued repairs not be expensive in the long run.

A repiping prevents future water damage and ensures your home is hygienic. However, this is undoubtedly not a DIY project. Replacing your entire water line is a complicated process that is best left to a plumber to deal with. They have the experience, tools, and training to complete such tasks in a manner that makes them look easy. Below are some of the signs that your home needs a repipe.

Poor Water Quality

Broken, worn out, or corroded pipes may lower water quality. Fresh, clean water is vital, and low water quality may affect several aspects of daily life. Clear drinking water may have an unpleasant taste, and beverages and foods made using tap water might not have a good taste. The clothing might come out of your washing machine looking dull and dingy. The dishes might develop murky areas and water spots after leaving the dishwasher. You might feel the effects of poor water quality through skin irritation and having dry, rough hair. The high mineral content and various impurities dissolving into the water from the old pipes stain your plumbing fixtures and appliances like bathtubs, sinks, faucets, and toilets.

Immediately addressing the poor water quality underlying the case is ideal for improving the situation. You might call your trusted plumber to inspect the water line and repair or replace the broken pipes, clean the drains, remove clogs or address any other issues resulting from worn-out pipes. However, hiring a plumber for a Whole House Repipe is the best way to resolve the issue with your old water line. Instead of constant repairs, all your aged pipes are removed from your home and replaced with new, modern, and intact pipes. Replacing your old plumbing with piping made from high-quality materials like CPVC, PEX, and copper may increase the value of your home.

Abnormal Water Characteristics

Clean water doesn’t have any smell, and you shouldn’t notice any odor in the water. Any smell comes from rust, debris, bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants. The abnormalities in the plumbing system or water chemistry might also affect the taste. Clean water is normally transparent. A reddish-brown color or murky appearance might result from the corroded pipes. The rust flakes away from the rusty pipe surfaces are usually carried away by the flowing water, producing a brown or red tint. You might even see some tiny pieces of rust dissolved in water. This is common in steel or copper pipes.

The discoloration is sometimes very faint, and you might not notice this until those discolored spots appear on plumbing fixtures, clothing, dishes, counters, or appliances. Contact our plumber immediately if you notice that the water is discolored or the fixtures and items coming into contact with the water are discolored.

Sometimes, the abnormalities like the strange taste, murky appearance, or odors are highly subtle, making pinning them down a hard task. You might even dismiss the subtle changes or convince yourself that you did not notice anything. Never doubt your thoughts or perceptions. Contact a plumber whenever you first notice the problem. They will inspect the water line, and depending on their findings, the professional might recommend a Whole House Repipe.

Lead Toxicity

Do you live in an old house built before the 1950s? Enlist the help of a plumber to have the plumbing system inspected for the material making the pipes. Homes built during those days used lead or steel pipes in their plumbing systems. Today, lead is a well-known toxin. The lead from the pipes may dissolve in the water and push the lead levels above the safe limit for your drinking water.

The EPA places the highest contaminant lead contaminant levels at 0.015mg/L. If the lead concentration in the water at your Deerfield Beach home is under this maximum value, you probably are in the clear and don’t need a Whole House Repipe. However, there aren’t many options if the lead concentration at your home is above the maximum value. There is only one option; a Whole House Repipe. Repiping might be necessary even if the lead levels are below the maximum, especially if you plan to resell your home. If your home has lead pipes, most potential buyers will not even consider purchasing a home using lead pipes in its plumbing system.

Low Water Pressure

If your Deerfield Beach, FL home’s faucets start trickling water instead of the normal steady flow, you might be staring at a low water pressure problem that might need a Whole House Repipe. It might take you longer to fill the bowls or glasses with water. Bathing may be a problem if the water dribbles off the showerhead. Many things might result in a low water pressure problem. Sometimes, the problem might be caused by using many appliances at once. For instance, there might also not be enough water at your home when both the dishwasher and washing machines run as you shower.

The pressure loss may also be attributed to old pipes. The corroded pipes are prone to pinhole leaks, clogs, or cracks. The damaged underground piping is challenging since it is hard to access or see them to remove a clog or locate a leak. Enlist the help of a plumber to identify and repair the issue. However, if the issue isn’t resolved after the repairs, you might need to consider a Whole House Repipe.

Contact Mainline Plumbing

Sometimes, your Deerfield Beach, FL home’s water line becomes so worn out that it can’t stand supplying water into your home. The water line may use low-quality steel or lead pipes prone to oxidation at other times. This makes a Whole House Repipe the only logical solution to ensuring that water flows at the normal pressure and you aren’t exposed to lead’s toxicity. If you need a Whole House Repipe service, call us at MainLine Plumbing today.

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