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When summer beckons, you need your sprinkler systems ready and optimal to work overtime under hot and dry conditions. During the summer, your yard plants need constant irrigation to ensure they don’t dry. Otherwise, they would dry up, leaving your yard with an unsightly appearance. Unfortunately, a seemingly trivial problem can, in most cases, significantly damage your sprinkler system and your yard, landscape, and kitchen garden. This has a likelihood of leaving a huge dent in your pocket. Therefore, it is recommended that you have your sprinkler system and other outdoor plumbing inspected and serviced by a plumber near me in Florida to avert such problems.

When they come to your home for a summer readiness maintenance service, the plumber will inspect all the outdoor plumbing to ensure that you won’t be inconvenienced by the onset of summer. Should the plumber find any underlying problem, they will perform the needed repairs to ensure that by the time summer sets in, you are all ready. But what signs does a sprinkler have a problem that requires fixing? Below are the main signs that your problematic sprinkler is likely to manifest:

Main Signs That Your Sprinkler Needs A Fix

Although you can easily ignore seemingly trivial issues relating to your sprinkler systems, the underlying problem might be more complex than it seems on the surface. Therefore, it is recommended that you enlist a plumber near me in Florida for further inspection and repair should you notice either of the signs below:

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure in your home’s sprinkler system is not as easy to regulate as you could with the plumbing fixtures in your bathtub. Therefore, if the sprinkler system water does not flow with proper pressure, intensity, or even speed, you are better off calling a plumber near me in Florida for a further inspection. You will easily tell whether the sprinkler system installed at your home has proper pressure by how it is watering. If the unit is unevenly watering your yard, there is a high chance of low pressure.

This means leaving some areas of your yard or lawn overwatered or underwatered. This will result in some areas having soggy or swampy conditions while others will have discolored vegetation or appearance. Additionally, if the sprinkler system doesn’t operate with accurate pressure, then it means the valves and sprinkler heads might be damaged. The best solution, in this case, is to have the sprinkler inspected by a plumber for pressure levels and damage to the sprinkler valves. The technician will use their experience to determine the cause of the low pressure and take the necessary measures to fix it.


Have you noticed a pool or water near the sprinkler that hadn’t turned on the water supply? That is a clear sign that the sprinkler is leaking. Leaky irrigation systems are inconvenient and come with an increase in your energy utility bills. That water lost because of drips and leaks indicates that the plumbing pipe underground might have burst or is cracked. It could also indicate the sprinkler valve is damaged. This problem should be addressed in earnest by contacting a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, for further inspection. The experienced professional will be able to determine the cause of the leak by using leakage detectors first to determine where it is happening and use trenchless repair methods to fix it. If you don’t address this issue right once, your pipers can sustain additional damage, raising the expense of repairs.

Outrageously High Water Bills

Your green yard indeed needs to be watered a lot during summer. However, this doesn’t mean that the water utility bills should skyrocket. If you compare the irrigation bills now and in the last few years, they shouldn’t be significantly different. Any deviation from that with a great margin means that your sprinkler system has an underlying problem and should be immediately inspected by a plumber near me in Florida.

Imagine that you are still not getting the desired green despite running your sprinkler system longer than normal. In that instance, it’s probable that an irrigation system component is malfunctioning or has structural damage. Therefore, to save money and maintain the value of the outside property, it is essential to have your sprinklers inspected and diagnosed for repairs.

Spurting Sprinkler Heads

Do your sprinklers seem to spurt water instead of sending out a stream of continuous water droplets? Then you should have a plumber near me in Florida come for an inspection of the sprinkler heads immediately. A sprinkler head sputtering is often because of some material blocking the entire sprinkler system or even maybe a shattered sprinkler head or a broken valve.

Discolored Patches on The Yard

Are some specific sections of your compound or yard discolored? If you notice that certain areas of your yard are beginning to yellow or brown, it’s likely because your sprinkler system isn’t watering them enough. Sprinkler heads that are clogged or have leaks may be to blame, or there is a problem with the underground irrigation system. You might want a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, to look into it more closely.

Particular Sprinkler Zones Aren’t Starting Up

Electrical glitches can also result in zone-specific issues that require calibration, while worn-out, damaged, and clogged components are the main source of sprinkler irrigation problems. Let’s say, for instance, that some of your sprinkler system’s zones don’t turn on or work properly. In such a situation, your electrical wiring and control unit may need to be inspected by a plumber near me in Florida.

A sprinkler system malfunction during summer could have a toll on your green yard. Hence, you are recommended to give it some tune-ups before the hot season beckons. For sprinkler maintenance, contact us at MainLine Plumbing, your reputable plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL.

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