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At MainLine Plumbing in Pompano Beach, FL, many of our drain cleaning service calls are in response to problems that have finally reached urgent or emergency status. It’s hard to know what’s going on in your pipes until that point, and yes, sometimes things fall in and create an immediate drain cleaning service situation. We do have an alternative that many customers choose, where we address the whole house together with preventive drain cleaning service. We clear pipes of accumulated material and corrosion products, and significantly reduce the likelihood of drain problems resulting from long-term plumbing issues. As a more relaxed, maintenance-style service, we can take the time to deep clean rather than get a single drain flowing, and we can answer questions about the condition of the pipes while we’re on site. Whole-house drain cleaning service is an excellent way to reduce the stress of modern life by planning your plumbing care and reducing the need to react and disrupt your schedule when drains back up. What else is involved in this productive plumbing service? Here are some details to consider.

What’s Your Home Like? What Is Its Plumbing History?

We know a lot about the building and plumbing styles in our area, and when we talk with a homeowner about their home style and plumbing history, we get a pretty good picture of how it’s plumbed. We also can learn what we’re likely to encounter based on our experience with similar homes. If there are specific plumbing issues like frequent clogs in certain sinks or toilets, or the pipes are a certain age and we hear about leaks, we’ll have more information to help us provide the best drain cleaning service we can.

Let’s Talk About the Specific Work to Be Done

Before any plumbing service, it’s important to talk about expectations and plans so the results are what everyone was looking for. We’ll talk about which drains to focus on such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and utility sinks, and how we’ll verify success and perhaps perform camera inspection.

Make Sure Your Floors Are Protected and Our Team Can Move Freely Between Drains

Once we have a plan that guides us through the house to each drain that needs attention, we’ll make sure that it’s easy to get around with our equipment and that there’s material laid down to protect your floors and stairs. If there are little ones or pets roaming indoors, it’ll be important to make sure they’re safe from all the activity. If you use gates to keep young ones or puppies from roaming, especially on stairs, we’ll need to relocate them for a while.

Testing and Diagnosis: Note the Condition of Each Drain’s Flow

With our list of drains to check in hand, it’s time to test each one and make notes about how the flow is. More than just clogged or not, we’ll check the rate of flow and see what clues we can get from that about what’s downstream causing blockages. We’ll also possibly use camera inspection to note the obstructions and help us decide which tools to use for total clearing. If we see signs of potential trouble with the plumbing vent on the roof preventing free drain flow, we’ll include that in our plan.

Put Our Tools and Techniques to Work and Get the Drains Clear

Ok, enough prep work, we’ve got a plan that should take care of your plumbing’s drain issues and now we move in with plungers, snakes, augers, and hydro jet equipment, perhaps even others depending on the issues we’re dealing with. Our job is to remove stuck objects that won’t travel well down the pipes, break apart clogs and send them in pieces on their way, and blast or otherwise clear grease and gunk from the walls of each pipe so there won’t be anything to grab onto future material passing down the drain and start more clogs. The end result should look really clean on the camera. If there are signs of serious corrosion, especially with related clogs, we may have a few issues to tend to beyond regular cleaning.

Another Round of Testing to Confirm Drain Cleaning Service Success

So, how do the sinks drain now? We’ll test again to confirm our results, and also run multiple sinks much as a busy family would in the morning, to make sure that the larger pipes carrying wastewater down from the secondary pipes near the sinks have full capacity available now, too. Everything should cascade through the drain system and down to the sewer line, without hangups in the pipes or traps.

Run Video to Check Any Possible Issues

If we have concerns or want to show off our drain cleaning service work, we can run a video inspection camera through to look at the pipes. We’ll expect to see no clogs or material adhering to the pipes, and pipes that are in good shape internally.

Talk About Pipe Condition and Other Results, Along with Unrelated Plumbing Ideas!

Pipes that aren’t in great shape may need replacing so they don’t continue to clog and so we can use hydro jetting and augers without concern about the pressure affecting the pipes. We can also check the sewer line and talk about any issues there. Many homeowners also take the opportunity to explore other plumbing issues or ideas while we’re there, like fixture upgrades.

Skilled Drain Cleaning Service Providers and Full-Service Professional Plumbers in Pompano Beach, FL

When you choose MainLine Plumbing for your plumber in Pompano Beach, FL, we bring our experience, skill, and up-to-date techniques to each job. For our drain cleaning service, it all comes together in an annual refreshing of your pipes that starts you fresh with little risk of major or recurring drain problems. That’s peace of mind we know you’ll appreciate, as many homeowners do. Call and let’s talk about your drains or other plumbing needs!

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