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Purchasing real estate is a major investment, and if you’re planning to make the investment your home, you’ll definitely want to carefully consider the condition of the home’s major systems like its plumbing system. Although newer constructions can certainly suffer from plumbing problems, especially if plumbing installations weren’t made properly, older homes are especially prone to plumbing issues. Before buying an older home, it’s well worth taking to a plumber from MainLine Plumbing. We can provide inspection services and also work with customers to develop a renovation plan to update older plumbing features. Before signing a purchase contract for a Boca Raton, FL home, call us for a thorough plumbing inspection.

Common Plumbing Problems of Older Homes

Before buying an older home, it’s crucial to inspect the plumbing system and associated features like the hot water heater so that you’re aware of its true condition. A licensed plumber from MainLine Plumbing can help you assess the condition of the plumbing system. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues to look for in old houses:

Lead Pipes

Lead is one of the oldest known materials used for constructing pipes. Of course, lead has toxic properties, which led to its ban in the U.S. for plumbing installations beginning in the 1920s. But even through the 1970s, many plumbers continued to solder pipes with lead. If you’re purchasing an older house in Boca Raton, FL, it’s important to ask your plumber to check the pipes for lead.

Rusty Pipes

Older pipes, especially those constructed from galvanized steel, are susceptible to corrosion as they age. When water and metal meet, especially certain types of metal, rust is the inevitable result. An old house with galvanized steel pipes may require a whole-house repiping, which is a major and costly renovation. For real estate buyers, the prospect of repiping a house can break a deal. It will certainly impact a buyer’s negotiations. If the pipes show signs of corrosion, other plumbing problems may exist or will exist soon because of the pipe deterioration.

Outdated Fixtures

Outdated fixtures may boast vintage charm, but their age could hide problems. Old plumbing features might be prone to leaks or malfunctioning. Your plumber can inspect fixtures during their overall plumbing inspection. While a leaky faucet might not appear to be a major issue, a leaking toilet can certainly be a major issue that needs immediate attention. A leaky toilet can cause floor damage–even structural damage if the toilet is on an upper story.


A plumbing expert will look for evidence of leaks during their plumbing inspection. Corroded pipes are vulnerable to the development of leaks, but older plumbing systems, in general, can suffer from leaks now and then. The trouble with leaks is that they aren’t always visible. A hidden leak can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Hidden leaks can destroy drywall and flooring. They can cause hazardous mold outbreaks too. An experienced plumber from MainLine Plumbing can often spot evidence of hidden leaks that buyers may not be able to.

Water Heater

Older hot water heaters may show signs of wear like corrosion. An older water heater is more vulnerable to developing a leak, too. As part of a comprehensive plumbing system inspection, the water heater will certainly require a thorough assessment. Hot water is essential, so it’s important to ascertain this appliance’s condition before agreeing to a seller’s asking price.

Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line problems can plague older homes. The sewer line is the home’s main drain; all the house’s drains flow into it. The sewer line connects the house to the municipal sewer system. If the sewer line develops a clog or becomes damaged, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to fix it. A sewer line that’s damaged or prone to clogs can cause frequent wastewater backups into the home, which can lead to property damage.

Sewer line issues are notoriously expensive to fix and replace. While a plumber can root out clogs using an auger, many clogs are recurring in sewer lines as they age, especially if the clogs are caused by tree roots. A damaged sewer line or one that’s deteriorating will require repair or replacement at some point. A buyer should have this information when deciding whether or not to buy a property.

Renovating Old Plumbing Systems

Many people buy old homes and choose to update them as needed, depending on their condition. If the old home’s plumbing system has been well maintained or updated, a plumber can tell you. A plumbing expert can also work with you to develop a plan for plumbing renovations. It’s not uncommon for people to buy old houses with an eye to improving them.

Our plumbing pros often assist during kitchen and bathroom renovation projects. We also tackle major plumbing system updates like replacing sewer lines and repiping entire homes. Our plumbing pros will provide a detailed report of the plumbing system’s condition. Then, depending on the severity of issues, property owners can determine what upgrades to tackle first.

Simple updates of old plumbing systems often involve a change of fixtures like installing new faucets and shower heads. On the other hand, more extensive updates that involve a new toilet or water heater may be required. Major renovations like a sewer line replacement or whole-house repiping are more extensive jobs, but these can help property owners maintain or improve home value.

If you’re thinking about buying an older home in Boca Raton, FL, consult with a plumber at MainLine Plumbing to set up an inspection. Knowing the condition of the plumbing system will help you make an informed purchase decision. Our plumbing company features a full lineup of plumbing inspection and repair services. Contact us to learn more.

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