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You may need to hire a plumber for a variety of tasks, such as fixing busted pipes or setting up new plumbing fixtures. But we frequently forget to use a drain cleaning service, which enables us to maintain clear water, sewage, and drain lines.

A blocked or damaged sewer line can pose a serious health risk, and the people of Boca Raton, FL need to have somebody dependable to quickly restore things to normal. The plumbing company that they can depend on is MainLine Plumbing for any issue including a drain cleaning service.

When Is It Time to Clean Your Drain?

There can be many instances when you could need a professional drain cleaning service and there are some signs that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Your sink’s water is draining more slowly than it used to, or you see water covering your feet while taking a shower, there is a blockage in your drain line. Water is slowly draining from your sink, bathtub, or shower tray. The issue will get worse until it is carefully removed through a drain cleaning service. It will first begin to gradually stop the flow of fluid before completely blocking its passage.
  • You hear gurgling sounds as the water drains; the gurgling sounds are caused by tiny air bubbles that are formed as wastewater travels over the blockage. The obstructions may only be cleared out by a drain cleaning service if you want to stop the noise.
  • You may tell that limescale is building, if you observe a hard, crusty white substance accumulating on the heating element of your water heater or around the lips of your faucets. If you reside in a region with hard water, this issue will get worse. Minerals dissolve in water to produce a solid called lime scale, which is tough and unbreakable. These deposits will be present on any surface that water contacts, and lime scale will clog any pipes or obstruct the operation of any water-related devices.


The first time a clog occurs, it may be feasible to clear it by pouring solvents into the drain line. But if they continue to happen, contacting an experienced drain cleaning service is your only secure course of action.

Overusing chemicals can sometimes result in corrosion in the drain line and joints, particularly if your pipe-work is older. These chemicals might not even get to the clog or obstruction if it were too far away from the drain, in which case they would have little to no impact.

Dirty and Smelly Water

Sewage flowing back into your sink or toilet is a sure sign that you have a blockage or damage somewhere in your sewer line. This means that all the wastewater (including that flushed down the toilet) will back up into your home, as it has no way to reach the main sewer network.

That dirty water contains dangerous germs and bacteria and poses a serious health hazard for you and your family. You need to call us straight away. Our technicians carry specialist equipment, such as video cameras placed on the end of specialized tubing, which allows them to quickly find the location and the extent of any problem. Frequently, a drain cleaning service will remove all of that rank water.

What’s That Smell?

The worst drain odors are caused by food that has become stuck in the U-bend or drain line. Gentle chemicals can be used to get rid of them, although it’s not always successful. The U-bend may need to be undone, or you may try using a drain snake. Everyone’s plumbing is unique when it comes to repairs.

U-bends are simpler to disassemble than to reassemble correctly without leaking, therefore you might wish to delegate this drain cleaning service to MainLine Plumbing of Boca Raton, FL.

Blocked Toilets

Everyone’s worst nightmare is a toilet that won’t flush. If a second flush doesn’t work to remove any obstruction, you should be cautious about repeating the process. No degree of flushing will clear a clogged or damaged sewage line. Additionally, we warn you against flushing too many chemicals because they won’t be able to repair damage to a sewage line. In the case of an overflow, whatever chemicals you do flush into the toilet are likely to end up on the floor.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The easiest way to ensure the health of your plumbing is to faithfully schedule an annual drain cleaning service for your Boca Raton, FL home. Here are a few more precautions you should consider:

Your sink is not a trash can; remember this before you pour anything down it. Many of us still carelessly use our sinks to dispose of heated grease, food scraps, and coffee grounds. Warm grease sticks to the interior of the drain pipe as it cools. More food and grease will adhere, causing a blockage. Eventually, the clog will block the drain and reduce water flow as it grows.

Everything, including children’s toys and cat litter, has been discovered in toilets by our plumbers: Only human waste, toilet paper, water, and a mild cleanser need to be flushed down toilets. Anything else should not be flushed if it was not designed to disintegrate fast in water.

Stopping limescale formation: You might wish to consider having a water softener installed to lessen the chance of limescale developing. By doing this, the incoming water supply will be treated before it reaches your house.

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