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The plumbing in your homework is like the veins and arteries in your body, but instead of carrying blood and Oxygen around, the pipes carry fresh water and remove wastewater. We take for granted that we turn the tap on and get clean running water until something goes wrong. Just like our veins and arteries can get clogged up, so can the pipework in your home. To unclog our arteries we call a doctor, if you live in Boca Raton, FL, you call MainLine Plumbing to unclog your pipes.

When Do You Need a Drain Cleaning Service?

There can be many signs that you need a drain cleaning service, and this is a service that we pride ourselves on. The sooner you act upon these signs the easier it will be to resolve.

Slowly Draining Water from Your Sink or Shower Tray

Have you noticed that the water in your sink is slow to empty away? Is water overlapping your feet and ankles when you have a shower? These are signs that you have clogs growing in your drain lines. As the clog grows it will slowly restrict the flow of water through the drain line.

If no action is taken, the drain lines will be completely blocked, and no wastewater can exit. The only safe way to remove these clogs is to have a professional drain cleaning service from MainLine Plumbing serving Boca Raton, FL.

Recurring Clogs

A common solution to a clog problem is to pour some chemicals down the sink or shower tray. These chemicals can remove smaller clogs but not always well-established ones. Overuse of chemicals can cause corrosion in older pipework and joints, causing a leak to occur.

In fact, the clogs may reappear later, particularly if you live in a hard water area. In such areas, minerals that are dissolved in the water will deposit themselves on the inside of pipes in the form of insoluble limescale. If you notice limescale deposits on the heating element of your kettle or around the lips of your taps, you likely live in a hard water area. The safest way to remove these clogs without damaging the pipework is to have a professional drain cleaning service. To deal with the limescale problem you may want to think about having a water softener installed.

You Hear Gurgling Noises

As water passes over a clog in the drain line, tiny air bubbles are created, and this is the source of the gurgling sounds that you hear. To stop the sound, you need to remove the clogs safely with a drain cleaning service.

Dirty Water Backing Up into Your Home

If your sewer line is blocked or damaged, then the wastewater from your home can no longer enter the main sewer network. It backs up into your home and you will see dirty brown water backing up into your sink or toilet. This water will contain dangerous germs and bacteria and represents a serious health hazard for you and your family. You need an expert drain cleaning service to sort this mess out for you.

We at MainLine Plumbing have specialist equipment to help locate and remove the blockage. Then our high-pressure Hydro jets can remove the debris, clogs, and buildup from your plumbing system. If we discover that the sewer line is damaged, we have the skills and equipment to repair the line.

Unpleasant Smells

Along with the dirty water backing up into your sink, you may smell sewer gases. These can be hazardous to breathe as they contain ammonia, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous gases.

First, open the windows in your home, and then call MainLine Plumbing. The sooner you have that drain cleaning service the safer you and your family will be.

Other bad smells could be due to food being trapped in the drain line or U-bend and this could be removed by pouring some gentle chemicals down the sink by local residents.

Blocked Toilets

All toilets will block occasionally and usually, a second flush will clear a small blockage. But repeated flushing is only going to cause an overflow and a nasty mess to clean up. This is a job best left to one of our technicians, who are equipped with protective clothing to keep them safe from those nasty germs. Later the blockage can be removed following a drain cleaning service.

How to Prevent These Issues from Happening

Do not pour warm grease and food down a sink. These materials will stick to the inside of the drain lines and attract other materials to them allowing the clog to grow. Place grease and food in the compost bin.

Be careful what you flush down the toilet! No matter what the packaging of a product says do not flush anything other than water, human waste, toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners down the toilet. Cleaning wipes and the like are not designed to dissolve quickly in water, and if not flushed away correctly there are the cause of many blockages. We have found children’s toys, cigarette ends, cat litter, and many others that are the cause of a blockage.

Do not use harsh chemicals. Strong chemicals corrode older pipes and joints. Most likely they may not even reach the source of the blockage, which may be located far from the drain.

The best way to avoid these plumbing problems happening in the first place is to have your plumbing system looked at regularly by a technician from MainLine Plumbing.

A regular inspection will spot any underlying problems, allowing you the chance to take remedial action to prevent an emergency callout. It will be better to have drains cleaned now before they bask up endangering your home.

Let MainLine Plumbing Deal with Your Drain Cleaning Service

MainLine Plumbing has been serving the people of Boca Raton, FL for many years. Our team has decades of collective experience that allows us to quickly diagnose and repair any plumbing problem so that you do not wait for your drains to block, call us today.

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