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The stats are alarming! Trillion gallons of water, worth $6 billion, are wasted annually nationwide. This is contributed by four out of five households with leaking faucets, running toilets, and other plumbing issues. Fortunately, a competent and reliable emergency plumber can save you from these excessive utility bills.

Emergency plumbing issues happen when you least expect them, unlike other plumbing projects such as installing a new appliance, cleaning drains, or running an additional pipe or two that you can schedule at any time. In an event where you require an emergency technician, a serious crisis falls in your hands that can’t wait for long.

Imagine waking up to a clogged toilet or running out of hot water on a chilly winter morning. The hassles of hiring someone on short notice result in bad decision-making.

Some folks end up hiring an inexperienced handyman they got on the internet, making the situation messier than it was. If you need an emergency plumber at short notice, don’t sweat it; this blog outlines the tips to guide you when choosing an emergency provider in Boca Raton, FL.

Response Time

You cannot foretell when you’ll experience an emergency. Plumbing issues are difficult to control, especially when they happen at crazy hours. If a solution is not reached on time, it can lead to the destruction of property, not to mention putting lives at risk.

For this reason, contract with an emergency plumber who offers round-the-clock plumbing services. You can rest assured that they can show up even at odd hours.

Services Offered

One key way to determine the expertise of the emergency plumber is the type of services s/he offers. In addition to round-the-clock availability, the handy person should be able to handle every plumbing concern ranging from simple to complex, while maintaining quality.

Professionalism and Experience

The level of professionalism and experience an emergency plumbing contractor has should be the most important factor. It determines the quality of service you’ll receive.

Unqualified handypersons in Boca Raton, FL, tend to make mistakes worsening the situation. On the other hand, a professional and experienced emergency plumber has gathered skills during their years of service to handle any plumbing emergency you might have. The pro can offer quick solutions to the particular problem in your pipes.


Emergency plumbers work in very dangerous conditions. A plumber operating in your home ought to have workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Otherwise, without insurance, a homeowner is responsible for medical expenses and other damages.

In the event of an accident, liability insurance covers the damages caused by the emergency provider. Most uninsured handypersons are often cheap because they don’t pay costly premiums. The rule of thumb here is to check whether the technician operating in your home is insured.

Licensing and Certification

This is another key factor to consider when hiring an emergency plumber. A few unscrupulous individuals may take advantage of the 24/7 plumbing services.

Knowing that most homeowners will make a quick decision in case of an emergency, these unlicensed technicians advertise weekend, overnight and holiday services. Be sure to check whether the technician working on your home is licensed.

This way, there is a guarantee that the expert is trained to deal with your plumbing issues. Otherwise, the plumber will worsen the situation if s/he is inadequately trained. Also, being licensed means they can operate in your area.

Availability of Follow-up Services

Some plumbers are restricted to doing only emergency services. You should hire an emergency plumber who can come back in the future if needed. When there is an underlying issue, a remedy will be necessary, meaning additional work.

Professional plumbers often offer an extensive inspection to detect any problem in your home. In addition, they can help you with these issues in the future. When hiring an emergency technician, make sure to check their follow-up services.

Reviews and References

Any personnel can praise their services, but there are a few ways to discover their authenticity. Ask friends, family, and colleagues for referrals or check the customer reviews on online platforms, including the company’s website and other dedicated reviews sites, because often, word of mouth doesn’t lie.

Ask any trusted friend for a referral to be on the safer side. Inquire about their experience working with the said technician. It will be wise to work with a plumber who has a proven track record in their name.


Professional emergency plumbing contractors usually offer quotes after inspecting your plumbing issue. This includes detailed estimated labor and material costs for the repair needed.

However, some reputable technicians can offer an estimate and other necessary information if a homeowner can describe the problem. Keep off inexperienced handypersons who are shady about their pricing models. Also, be sure to check the forms of payments they accept.


If possible, limit your research locally. As mentioned earlier, plumbing emergencies tend to happen most inopportunely. Contracting local emergency plumbers facilitate timely response to the issue when services are available at every hour of the day. Plus, technicians based far away may charge excessive fees to compensate for transport.

Partner with Experts at MainLine Plumbing!

You now know that getting an experienced licensed technician is necessary to protect your home during a plumbing crisis. Even with the mushrooming plumbing companies in Boca Raton, FL, finding a professional and reliable emergency plumbing expert doesn’t have to be a stressful task.

The above factors should guide you in choosing the best technicians to contract with on emergency plumbing issues. If you want to take up any plumbing service, do not hesitate to reach for MainLine Plumbing. Our technicians can come to your doorstep whatever the time of the day. Buzz us today!

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