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Food service establishments like restaurants and hotels require a constant flow of water to run operations without interruptions hygienically. Cooking, cleaning dishes, and keeping the place clean rely heavily on water distributed by the plumbing systems in the facility.

The units distribute water to plumbing faucets and dispose of wastewater through the drains to septic systems.

They require frequent maintenance for the smooth running of the restaurant, which can guarantee profits. Sometimes, the restaurant can experience numerous plumbing issues that interrupt operations. Indoor floods and leaking sewer lines are some problems that can make restaurant owners or managers close their establishments.

Regular maintenance by a plumbing company helps address the issues and keeps the establishment running without interference. Your plumbing provider can prevent adverse mishaps that can increase the risk of health hazards. This blog will discuss the common plumbing emergencies in food service establishments.

Backup in Sinks and Drains

One of the most severe plumbing emergencies that can keep restaurant owners on their toes and compel them to call for immediate help is backups in sinks and drains. Restaurant businesses have sinks, dining areas, and restrooms that require the highest level of hygiene to attract and keep customers.

When customers notice wastewater backups in sinks when washing their hands, the disgusting scenario can chase them away from your establishment. The gross wastewater that has traces of grease, grime, oil, and sewage can also permeate the entire restaurant, making it a no-go zone.

Backup of wastewater in sinks and drains is an emergency that requires urgent services from a reliable plumbing company. The experts check and detect the root cause of the backing up wastewater and fix it to restore the peak performance of the sinks.

They remove clogs, root intrusions, and accumulated dirt from pipes to make wastewater flow freely to the sewer systems. The pro can also decide to clean the entire plumbing system using the hydro jet method if the drainpipes are in pathetic and filthy conditions.

Failure to call for emergency services from a nearby plumbing company in Lighthouse Point, FL can lead to other adverse plumbing issues.

Overflowing Sinks

If you fail to call a professional to fix the backup issue because of relying on plunging the sink, the process might backfire, leaving you with overflowing sinks. Overflowing sinks in the establishment since the restaurants have numerous sinks for different purposes, including washing foods and dishes, an overflow can halt the restaurant’s operations.

Water flowing from your restaurant can welcome you to work if you have clogged sinks or drains and the faucets or plumbing fixtures in the building are leaking.

Overflows in the kitchen and dining hall sinks can lead to indoor floods, increasing the risk of mold growth. Before the situation gets worse by causing water damage, it is wise to call a plumbing company to fix the issue once and for all.

They might have to replace bent pipes due to corrosion, burst pipelines with intruded roots, or remove stubborn clogs hindering water from passing through to the intended sewer lines or septic systems.

The technicians can restore your kitchen, restroom, or dining sinks after the water damage due to overflows. They can replace the rotting parts of the cabinets and affected pieces of furniture and treat segments in the restaurant that have molds.

You can also call a mold removal specialist to disinfect mold-infested sections of the food service establishments after the plumbers fix the sinks, unclog the disposal lines, or clean the drain pipes.

Water Leaks

Leakages in the restaurant are another emergency plumbing issue that requires prompt fixing to save water, prevent injuries, and lower the chances of water damage and mold growth. Technicians from a nearby plumbing company can find the reason behind leaks in restaurants and make the necessary repairs or replacement of pipes.

Some causes of leaks in food service establishments like hotels and restaurants include corroded and frozen pipes that lead to ruptured pipelines that ooze out large amounts of water. Root intrusion in the water lines can also lead to massive water leakage outdoors, affecting the supply of clean water indoors.

Plumbers from a reputable plumbing company in Lighthouse Point, FL can remove broken and damaged pipelines and replace them with new plastic types that are resistant to rust and low or cold temperatures and are more durable. They can opt for PEX, PVC, or copper water lines.

After fixing the water leaks in your restaurant, it is best to deal with water damage issues as soon as possible to prevent mold growth and adverse effects on the walls, floor, and kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Clogged Toilets

Apart from keeping the dining area and kitchen of the restaurant clean and tidy to attract clients to eat, it is crucial to ensure that the toilets are also well-maintained. Having clogged toilets can make people shy away from your food establishment, leading to losses because of fewer customers.

Luckily, most plumbers from a reputable plumbing company can solve toilet problems affecting restaurants. Blocked toilets hinder poop, pee, and puke from passing through due to an accumulation of numerous foreign and inorganic substances in the drains.

They are an emergency because of the potential aftermath of the issue, including backup and overflowing toilets. If your restaurant has blocked toilets, you should make it a priority to call a plumbing company in the neighborhood for repairs.

The technicians examine the drainage pipes using high-tech waterproof cameras to identify the obstructed section before they unclog the toilets. They also use either manual drain snake, hydro-jet, drain auger, or motorized drain snake to remove the build-up of dirt and other particles inside the toilet drain pipes.

Do You Need Quality Plumbing Services?

Plumbing emergencies are issues that are mostly beyond your control and need professionals to handle.

There are problems with pipes and other plumbing fixtures or faucets that you cannot afford to postpone because of the looming adverse effects, including water damage, sewer gas poisoning, and overflowing fixtures. If you have any plumbing issues, regardless of the magnitude, call MainLine Plumbing.

We are a plumbing company that serves the plumbing needs of commercial and residential customers throughout Lighthouse Point, FL. At MainLine Plumbing, our trained and qualified technicians are available 24/7 to address all plumbing emergencies.

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