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Stylish showerheads articulate luxury in your bathroom better than any other plumbing fixture. Stepping into that exquisitely curated bathroom evokes awe and gives you a great experience daily. Interestingly, bathrooms have become more of a hangout place for some homeowners. As a bathroom habits survey performed by MaP points out, on average, a homeowner spends about 30 minutes inside their bathroom every day. This is about 180 hours every year for a single person, with some spending much more time in a bathroom.

The showerhead makes your showers a memorable experience. These plumbing fixtures come in various shapes, styles, and colors to help homeowners create an ideal shower experience and elevate the bathroom design entirely. You should consult your plumber before purchasing a showerhead with these many options available. To help you learn more about showerheads and choose the right one for your Lighthouse Point, FL home, below are some of the types of showerheads available.

Low-flow Showerheads

Low-flow showerheads are the most ideal for homeowners seeking to have an economic spa-like shower head. It is also perfect for those that live in areas that experience low water pressure. In such a case, low-flow showerheads provide the perfect shower since it is designed for efficient function even with low water pressure. These showerheads are ideal for families, especially kids who might be frightened by the high water pressure. Though a plumber might charge a higher installation cost, low-flow showerheads are beneficial in the long run because they are water-saving. Hence, you will get to save money on water utility bills while also enjoying a spa-like shower experience.

Filtered Showerheads

Although they aren’t exciting or trendy, the filtered showerheads are the best option if you are a resident of an area where the water supply is contaminated by chlorine, sulfur, and other chemicals. This showerhead removes the impurities from the water, ensuring that they don’t touch your skin or hair using some effective filtration methods. You can have a plumber install filtered showerheads in your home to prevent allergic reactions if you have reactive skin. However, these showerheads have one drawback, they aren’t shipped with fancy styles or multiple functions. Additionally, you might have to change filters every few months when they get clogged.

Ceiling-mounted Showerheads

DO you long for a spa-like shower experience within your bathroom? Then consider having a plumber install a ceiling showerhead. As you might have guessed from their name, these showerheads are fitted on the ceiling. Hence, you will get to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable shower experience. Installing this showerhead can be cheap if the pipes are already fitted above your ceiling. Additionally, they are water-conserving, only allowing less than 2.5 gallons/minute to flow compared to other traditional models that allow well about 5.5 gallons/minute. Hence they are preferred by some homeowners.

Shower Panel Systems

These are fitted with various luxury details and features, giving them a modern and futuristic look. If you have a contemporary bathroom in your Lighthouse Point, FL home, a shower panel system will be an excellent addition. The shower panels have distinct features, unlike the conventional showers. These features include water filters with different angles, hand-held showers, LED screens, body spray jets, temperature control, and lights. Although installing them is costly and might require you to hire your trusted plumber for the installation, if you can afford it, a shower panel system is well worth every dime. These showerheads also have hand-held features, making them practical, not just any other expensive showerhead.

Aerated Showerheads

Are you an energy-conscious homeowner? Then you should have a plumber come over and install this showerhead. It is water-conserving and ideal for your home. Though it might appear like an ordinary shower head, it is highly efficient at saving water and money. Unlike the other showerheads, which use a lot of water, an aerated showerhead provides an enjoyable shower experience by mixing water and air for a great shower performance. They also go easy on your monthly water utility bills and save energy.

Fixed Wall-mounted Showerheads

Because of their simplicity, accessibility, and affordability, fixed wall-mounted showerheads are common in various homes in Lighthouse Point, FL. Additionally, they don’t require constant inspection by a plumber since maintaining them is easy. If you want to give your bathroom an elegant and luxurious touch, sorry for disappointing you. These showerheads aren’t stylish, and it can be really hard to get a trendy one.

However, these showerheads are perfect for any bathroom interior despite their plain appearance. Homeowners who want some fanciness can enlist a plumbing service to install a multi-function fixed showerhead. This option can change the showerhead’s spray patterns from a wide gentle spray to a pressured massage.

Hand-held Showerheads

You get to experience something more than just a shower with these showerheads. Hand-held showers are a fashionable and modern option for many homeowners. Though they are simply looking, these showerheads allow one to massage their sore muscles and body aches. Using these showerheads, you only have to alter the spray modes to a more powerful message spray-setting and position your hand-held shower over that area that requires treatment.

The hand-held showerheads are highly popular in family bathrooms since they can be removed easily and inserted back into the wall mount. Hence, a family member can use this showerhead even when in the bathtub. Hand-held showerheads have three main flow settings. Therefore, one can adjust the water flow and the flexibility, making them perfect for washing kids and pets and also bathtub cleaning.

You can find hand-held showerheads in most plumbing fixture stores, homeware, and online shops. Contact your reliable plumber for installation service if you have a family bathroom and haven’t installed a hand-held showerhead. These showerheads are easy to clean and maintain too. Installing them at your home will only make the showering experience more surreal because of their flexibility.

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A bathroom is one of the most used plumbing areas of your home. It is where you enter when you wake up and later in the evening after a long day at work for a shower. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the plumbing fixtures installed are of the highest quality, starting with the showerhead. Do you want any of the above showerheads installed in your bathroom? Contact our reliable and trustworthy plumbers at MainLine Plumbing today.

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