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Every homeowner wants access to clean, safe water. After all, it’s a necessity, and a water filtration system can help you achieve that objective. Clean and safe water is needed for virtually all household activities and, more so, for drinking and cooking. Today, there are many different water filtration systems on the market. This makes it challenging for the homeowners to choose or decide the filtration system that best serves their needs.

However, every water filtration system has its own merits. But which one best suits your needs? If you plan to have water filtration installed in your Coral Springs, FL home, you’ll find the information below helpful. Additionally, ensure that you enlist a professional plumber for installation or even advise on the best unit.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Water Filtration System

As discussed above, all water filtration systems aren’t the same. Below are the two main ways that these plumbing fixtures may differ from one another:

  • Every filter removes some different type of contaminant
  • Some water filtration systems use various technologies to purify the water, while others are reliant on just one.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are different water filtration systems that you can install in your home. As mentioned above, these systems could use one or more purifying methods. They include:

Carbon block filters

The carbon block filters usually are used for domestic water purification. They are block-shaped water filters that contain elements of crushed carbon particles. These filters do a better job purifying your water than the other carbon-based water purifiers, providing a better quality due to their large surface area. However, the water flow rate through the carbon block filter directly affects the filtration system’s effectiveness. Of all the carbon block filters, the system with the highest sediment holding capacity is a Fiberdyne system. The Fiberdyne filters are also called charcoal water filters because they use activated carbon.

Ozone Filters

The ozone water filtration systems are used alongside other water filtration systems and techniques at your home. They are popular for their capacity to kill large amounts of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that thrive in water. Having a plumber install them at your home ensures that you have a clean, safe water supply. However, ozone filters cannot remove the chemical impurities dissolved in water. However, if your main worry is germ contamination, this is an excellent and convenient option.

Mechanical Process

Although mechanical water filtration isn’t capable of filtering the chemical impurities dissolved in the water, it is still widely used in Coral Springs, FL, because it can kill the viruses in water. The mechanical water purification system is equipped with small, microscopic holes that remove the water’s contaminants. Further, the system is then used alongside other technologies to achieve the best results. Does your water supply contain lots of dirt? Then consult your plumbing service provider on getting a water filtration system equipped with mechanical filtration technology.

Reverse osmosis

Consult your plumber about installing a reverse osmosis water filtration unit if you want super clean drinking water. Water is passed through a semipermeable membrane that filters out the dissolved contaminants in these systems. Unfortunately, reverse osmosis systems or their membranes only stop the particles. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are usually used domestically because they have low maintenance and the quality of the water they provide. The reverse osmosis filtration systems purify the water through 4-5 stages, making them certified water filtration systems that are EPA approved.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Are you looking for the best way of killing the bacteria and other germs dissolved in water? Then you should go with the ultraviolet disinfection method. The ultraviolet system purifies the water by combatting the bacteria’s DNA and ultimately killing them. UV disinfection is a natural process that does not compromise the water taste and is also a cost-effective option for water purification. Though installing them is costly because of the complex installation, you can still call a plumber to discuss your options. UV disinfection systems are usually used for industrial water purification.

Activated Carbon

An activated carbon water purification system is the other water purification system that a plumber can install at your Coral Springs, FL, home. These systems purify the water by chemically bonding the water molecules into the system. Some filters are excellent at eliminating chlorine to improve the water taste. The others are used for removing impurities such as mercury and lead. However, you should note that Activated carbon purifiers cannot remove inorganic water contaminants such as fluorides and nitrates.

Granulated Carbon

As you might have rightly guessed based on the name, small carbon granules are used in this water purification system. Because of their low surface area and shape aren’t as effective as the block-shaped carbon filters. However, the effectiveness of the granulated carbon water purification process has a direct proportionality with the rate of water flow, just like for carbon block water purification systems. To ensure that the water flows at an ideal rate, enlist a plumbing professional near you to install this purification system.

Ion Exchange

This is a technology that uses resin beads to replace harmful ones in water with those that are harmless. The process is common in water softening units. It replaces the hard water’s calcium and magnesium ions with soluble sodium ions. However, for the unit to function efficiently, the resin beads should be regularly cleaned and recharged to ensure a constant supply of sodium ions. Has your home been receiving hard water from the water utility provider? Do you have difficulty cleaning your utensils and clothing because soap won’t lather with the water? It is time to enlist a plumber to install a water softening solution that uses the ion exchange system.


This is among the most traditional and natural water purification methods. Distillation works by heating water until it changes to steam (vaporizes) and then condenses the water into a liquid state. It removes impurities, minerals, and microorganisms, with its high boiling point. Unfortunately, you cannot filter chlorine from your water using this method. The distillation filtration system meets the water purification standards for drinking water set by the EPA and is popular in many households. You can have a plumber install one alongside other systems at your home to ensure you have clean drinking water.

Your Reputable Plumbers In Coral Springs

Water is essential for any home. However, you still need to ensure that it is purified before drinking or cooking. Installing water filtration and purification can help you achieve that goal. Consult your plumber on the right water filtration system to install or purchase. Call us at MainLine Plumbing today for the installation and repair of water filtration systems.

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