Water Heater Repair Problems That Require A Plumber | Lighthouse Point, FL

Water heating systems, which account for nearly 20 percent of a household’s energy use, are a great addition to homes. They operate behind the scenes to ensure you have adequate hot water for washing dishes, showering, cooking, washing hands, or cleaning.

This invaluable appliance operates at its peak with proper installation and routine tune-ups. A sudden breakdown of the water heater compromises its ability to provide hot water and can be inconvenient, especially in winter. Issues in the water heating system are better left to water heater repair technicians. Read on to learn more about water heater problems.

Water Leakages

Water leaking out of a water heating system is perhaps the most frequent problem plumbing professionals address in households. Water leaks are the primary cause of water wastage, which accounts for 9,400 gallons of water lost annually per household.

Storage water heating units spout water either from the top or bottom of the tank, which can lead to additional plumbing issues. Fortunately, water heater repair contractors can fix the leakage once they receive your emergency call, hiring their services.

The best way to solve a problem is to check its underlying causes, and leaks in water heating tanks can be due to

  • High water pressure inside your hot water tank makes the temperature and pressure valve react by draining some out.
  • Corrosion of the anode rod in the tank can lead to microscopic pin holes that allow water to escape. If the crack increases, a lot of water will pour out, leading to water damage and higher water bills.
  • Faulty temperature and pressure valves
  • Too hot water in the tank can affect the valves and spill out water.
  • Loose connections of hot and cold water inlet pipes
  • Overheating leads to high water pressure.
  • The accumulation of sediments at the bottom of the tank creates pinholes.
  • Loose bolts of the heating element
  • Loose drain valves due to wear and tears

Water heater repair contractors in Lighthouse Point, FL, use their skills, knowledge, and experience to make the necessary repairs, replace corroded or worn-out parts, and tighten all loose connections in the hot water tank.

Lack of Hot Water

You might get shocked when you open your faucets and cold water streams out instead of hot water. Something that will leave you wondering what the issue might be with your water heating appliance.

Fear of using cold water compels people to check the water heating equipment and tank, hoping they might notice an abnormal occurrence and call for fast and reliable water heater repair services. The experts can identify and diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Some of the reasons behind the lack of hot water from your water heating unit might be:

  • A faulty heating element
  • Electrical connections
  • Limited gas flows to the burner, affecting the burner’s ability to heat water.
  • Faulty thermostat

Low Hot Water Pressure

An additional issue fixed by most water heater repair experts in Florida’s old homes is low hot water pressure. Imagine rushing to shower in the morning or after hitting the gym in the evening to find out that hot water is not coming out of the showerhead due to low pressure. Frustrating, right? You might curse your water distribution system and opt for a quick cold bath while waiting for a plumber to fix the issue.

The low water pressure in hot water faucets might not be frequent in modern houses because of the multiple water heating options that do not use storage tanks. Homeowners might choose smart, tankless, or heat pump water heaters for their new homes, which have options for regulating water pressure and temperatures.

Water heater repair professionals can trace the cause of the low water pressure malfunctioned temperature and pressure valves. They might recommend upgrading to the latest and more energy-efficient water heating systems, such as the Smart water heater.

Variable Water Temperatures

Sometimes the water oozing from your water heating appliance can be too hot or too cold. The inconsistent water temperatures are a concern that indicates issues with the thermostat, especially if you are unable to adjust to meet your preferred hot water temperatures.

A thermostat can fail to work if it breaks, is too dirty, or its fuse blows, compromising its optimal efficiency. Water that is excessively hot from storage water heaters increases the risk of burns in Lighthouse Point, FL, households, thus the need for prompt repairs.

Water running from your kitchen and bathroom faucets can also be warm and not hot as expected because of an undersized water heating unit, poor installation of the hot and cold connections, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a failing heating system.

A water heater repair expert can replace the thermostat with a more advanced type, like a programmable option that can sense the changing water temperatures.

Awful Smelling Water

Another water heating problem that water heater repair technicians handle in most homes is nasty-smelling hot water from the faucets. It is a problem that can halt all the chores that require hot water use because you cannot wash dishes, cook, shower, or clean with smelling water. The cause of sulfurous or sewage-like odor in hot water can stem from bacteria buildup in the storage tank.

Luckily, killing the bacteria is not an expensive issue to fix, as the hired plumber can increase the water temperatures to make the water too hot, killing all the bacteria. Sometimes the plumbing contractor can recommend draining the tank for thorough cleaning with a chlorine bleach solution and performing other maintenance tasks for clean hot water provision.

Do You Have a Water Heater Issue?

If you have a tanked water heating appliance, you might face the above problems that can lead to uncomfortable situations of using cold water to shower. Do not hesitate to call MainLine Plumbing in Lighthouse Point, FL, for urgent water heater repairs or replacement of worn-out parts to restore the peak performance of your system.

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