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Crucial for vital activities within a home, the water heater is undeniably at the core of the fluidity of a home. Whether in the shower, kitchen sink, clothes washer, or dishwasher, hot water is more than just comfort; it’s a necessity. When the water heater starts making noise, it is difficult to diagnose the issue and deal with it, especially if it is inconsistent. In the face of such an annoying problem, it is essential to get in touch with a qualified Lighthouse Point, FL, water heater repair expert.

In this piece, we discuss in depth the reasons why your water heater is making noise.

  • Sediment build-up

The water storage tank may come with debris and hold the water where the burner is located. When the unit heats up, it will produce noise as water bubbles make their way through the sediment layer. Even though the water heater may not cause an explosion due to build-up, the debris will make the tank overheat and weaken over time. To avoid dirt build-up in your tank, you need to consult a water heater repair expert who can flush the water heater.

  • Mineral deposits

Mineral deposits often result in areas that have hard water. As water flows into your home, materials such as calcium carbonate and magnesium get trapped in it and flow into the water heater, causing a build-up. Although these materials aren’t harmful to your health, they react to the water heating up, causing some noise to be produced.

  • Poor water flow

A sizzling sound often indicates water isn’t flowing into the tank with ease. The issue can be traced back to the valves. A temperature and pressure relief valve allow water to flow from the storage tank when it has excess pressure. If you hear a persistent sizzling sound, switch off the water and power supply, then contact a water heater repair technician.

  • Frequent changes in water pressure

A plumbing system with different pressure levels can also result in a noisy heater. A constant change in pressure will produce a ticking sound. A water repair technician can change the parts known as nipples that connect the water heater to the pipes. The new devices need to be from a model that doesn’t trap heat.

  • Leaks and condensation

Water heater leaks can also cause noises. The sound often sounds like sizzling and is particularly clear when you switch off the burner. It is advisable to avoid trying to fix a water heater by yourself as even a newly trained water heater technician is more capable of finding a solution than you can. Condensation is also a viable culprit when considering water heater noises. As the water heats up, water droplets form within the tank and can easily land on the unit’s burner. If the burner is hot, it will produce a sizzling sound as soon as the water touches it.

  • Faulty heating element

Does your water heater make a humming sound? Some water heaters have a heating element both at the top and bottom. When cold water enters the unit, the top part, which is warmer, will shake and produce some noise. Even though this cannot affect the functioning of the eater or its components, it can be very frustrating. A water heater repair technician can resolve this issue by ensuring the heating element is fixed tightly.

  • Source of the water supply

Sometimes, the sounds produced relate to the condition of the water. Water heaters with aluminum anode rods tend to react with water that has a high pH level. This is likely to occur in homes that use chlorinated water. Once the chemicals combine, a gel is formed, which covers the rod and the bottom of the tank. A water repair technician will need to get rid of this residue and swap the anode for a magnesium model.

Do Tankless Water Heaters Make Noise?

Other than regular water heaters, other models also make annoying noises. Both a tankless gas water heater and an electric tankless water heater make a unique sound. A great way to deal with this would be by softening the water using a dedicated device. Your water heater repair technician can also check for dirty fans, burners, and leaks that may be the cause of the ruckus. These water heater models, however, do not make as much noise as a storage type of unit.

5 Common Noises and their Sources

  • Popping

Popping sounds often result from sediment build-up in the heater’s tank and is the reason why consulting a water heater repair technician for maintenance is important. Popping sounds may also affect the quantity of hot water in your home.

  • Screeching sounds

Screeching signs are an indicator that there is an issue with water flow. The inlet valve is often the culprit. When the valve isn’t fully opened, water is restricted from flowing in, resulting in a screeching noise.

  • Sizzling

A sizzling noise results from a water leak. As the water drips onto the burner, it makes a sizzling noise, which indicates that you should quickly get in touch with a water heater repair technician.

  • Crackling sounds

These sounds are caused by excess condensation on the burner. Even though it may sound quite alarming, you have nothing to worry about as the problem takes care of itself quickly.

  • Humming sounds

A loose heating element is often the cause of a humming noise in your heater. If the component isn’t adequately secured, it will vibrate and produce a detectable noise.

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