What Are The Signs Of Serious Sewer Problems And When Do You Need To Call For A Sewer Repair Service? | Coral Springs, FL

The sewer is responsible for carrying wastewater from your house to the public sewer main. The city is responsible for the main sewer lines starting at the leading underground sewer pipe, and you’re responsible for the line that carries the wastewater from your ground to the main underground pipe.

It’s essential to recognize signs of a sewer problem early before the issue can wreak havoc in your Coral Springs, FL home.

If any of the following issues occur in your home, scheduling an appointment for sewer repair immediately is best.

#1 A Sudden Pest Influx

If you notice more bugs, mice, or rats on your property, your sewer could be to blame. A broken or malfunctioning sewer line can attract these pests, and if you don’t do something, they will invade your home. In a case like this, you won’t need to hire an exterminator, and you should call a plumber specializing in sewer repair instead. A plumber can resolve the problem quickly, which should drive the pests away.

#2 High Water Bills

Have your monthly water bills increased even though you haven’t used more water than usual? If so, you may need to hire a plumber specializing in sewer repair. A damaged or leaking sewer pipe will waste a significant amount of water, causing your energy bills to increase.

The plumber will determine if the problem can be resolved or if it’s best to replace your sewer system. When the issue is resolved, your water bills will return to what you’re used to.

#3 Wet Spots or Puddles

Are there wet spots or puddles on your property even though it didn’t rain? If so, there’s a good chance there’s an issue with your sewer system. If the sewer system isn’t working correctly or there’s a leak in the sewer line, water will leak onto your property, resulting in wet spots and puddles.

A plumber specializing in sewer repair can inspect the sewer system to determine why water leaks in the yard and make the necessary repair. The longer you wait, the more water will leak, and your yard will resemble a swamp.

#4 Foul Odors Around Your Home

You should never be able to smell the raw sewage going from your home to the sewer main lines. If you smell sewage in your yard or other areas of the house, it’s best to schedule an appointment for repair immediately.

A broken sewer line can cause raw sewage and waste to spill into the yard, creating a horrible smell. Fortunately, when the plumber finishes the repair, the smell will dissipate.

#5 Multiple Drain Clogs

It’s not uncommon for a drain to clog occasionally; however, if multiple drains are clogged, it isn’t a coincidence, and the problem is with your sewer system. You should call a professional in sewer repair immediately.

When there’s a problem with the sewer line, or it’s clogged, multiple drains in your home will also clog. Most sewer line clogs are in areas you can’t reach, and you’ll need to hire a plumber. The plumber may inspect the drains to rule out clogs. If the problem isn’t due to a drain clog, they will check the sewer system and remove the clog, allowing the water to flow freely down the drain in your sinks and tubs.

#6 Gurgling Sounds Coming from the Drain

If you hear a gurgling sound when the water drains down one sink or tub, there’s likely a significant clog. The water will need to change directions to get past the clog, and the change in direction creates air pockets in the pipes, causing the gurgling sound.

If multiple drains in your Coral Springs, FL home make gurgling sounds, the problem is likely with the sewer system and indicates a blockage or another problem. You’ll need to hire a professional in sewer repair immediately to prevent further damage. You won’t hear anything when the water drains when the problem is resolved.

#7 The Toilet Water Level Changes

When you flush the toilet, it will fill with fresh water, and the water level should remain the same after every flush. If the water level is lower or higher than usual, there’s likely an issue with the sewer system, primarily if the water level increases or decreases when it hasn’t been used.

A plumber specializing in sewer repair can make the necessary repair, and the toilet water level will always be consistent.

#8 Tree Root Intrusion

Tree root intrusion is one of the most common septic system issues. Unfortunately, you cannot control where the tree roots grow, and they can grow into the underground sewer lines on your Coral Springs, FL property, wreaking havoc on the sewer system.

If you think the tree roots have grown into the sewer line, you should call a plumber specializing in sewer repair to determine if your suspicions are correct. If the plumber determines that tree roots are growing into the sewer line, you’ll also need to hire a tree service to remove the tree and prevent further damage.

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