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Dishwashers need maintenance and upkeep to stay efficient and give you sparkling dishes every time. You may not appreciate having a dishwasher’s convenience until something goes wrong. If your dishwasher is leaking, there could be a few causes. The following are some of the most common causes, their identifications, and solutions. You can check a few things to see whether you can fix the dishwasher yourself. However, it is best to seek help from a professional plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, to ensure the root of the issue is resolved.

Before working on your dishwasher, ensure the power is turned off at the mains. What are the most common causes of a leaking dishwasher?

Clogged Dishwasher Filter

Checking the dishwasher filter should be your first step. If the filter is not regularly cleaned, a buildup of food or foreign objects may prevent your dishes from being appropriately cleaned and cause a leak. If you notice that the cleaning performance has dropped significantly, the dishwasher filter needs cleaning. The filter is responsible for trapping food, debris, and dust left behind from cleaning. To allow your dishwasher to run at maximum efficiency, the dishwasher filter should be cleaned by a reliable plumber near me in Florida once a month.

Door Seal Leaking

A leaking door seal may be causing water to leak onto your kitchen floor. Open the dishwasher door and inspect the seal to see if it is damaged or worn. Make sure the door closes properly and that it is clean. Upper seals can be easily replaced. However, if it’s the lower door seal, you must remove the door, which a professional plumber should do.

When the vinyl or rubber dishwasher seals age, it can become brittle, which means the dishwasher can’t close properly and is no longer watertight. Sometimes the rubber seal can also get pushed out of alignment. Reposition it if this occurs. However, if it is damaged, it will need replacing by a reliable plumber.

Unlevel Dishwasher

If the dishwashing machine is not level, it might be bumping and improperly closing. Water could pool up and make the dishwasher leak. However, you could avoid this problem by having a plumber near me in Pompano Beach come for regular maintenance and inspection of the dishwashing unit. 

During the inspection visit, the professional will check the vertical and horizontal levels and adjust them accordingly to ensure that your dishwasher is not leaking at its door.

Leaking Water Valve

If the dishwashing machine has sprung a leakage because you have added more water than necessary, that might be caused by the water inlet valve. Water is fed into the dishwasher from your water line via an inlet valve. If the valve is damaged or defective, water might start leaking out of the dishwasher. In addition to leaks, your dishes will not be correctly cleaned. Hence, your dishwasher must be working efficiently.

Whenever you face this problem, have a plumber near me in your vicinity come over for an inspection. They will remove the bottom plate at the front of your dishwasher and inspect the water valve. The leak will usually be a slow drip from the top of the inlet valve. While at it, the professional can inspect the valve for corrosion or hard water materials such as limescale and remove them to ensure that the valve is entirely open. If the inlet valve is the source of the leak, the professional will shut the water off and replace the valve to avert any water damage.

A Defective Or Malfunctioning Pump

The other reason why your dishwasher might be leaking is because of a defective pump. A damaged pump seal could also cause it. The pump is critical in circulating the water in your dishwashing machine and drains it. It is installed at the bottom of the dishwashing machine. The pump has two parts, one for water circulation and the other drains off the used water. 

When was the last time you had a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL come over for an inspection and maintenance of your dishwasher? If you cannot remember such a moment or it is in the distant past, it might be the right time to have a visit from a plumber. If the plumber near me in FL, determines that there are visible signs of damage in your drain pump, or you have noticed that the unit is continuously failing, it is time to have a replacement.

Wrong Dishwasher Detergent

Which detergent do you use in your dishwasher? Never use regular soap. This is because regular soap foams too much, which might lead to leaking. Therefore, only use dishwasher-specific detergents. Using regular soaps to rinse your dishes before running them through the dishwasher might make them eventually leak.

To prevent soap bubbling and to exert pressure against the door seal, never mix regular detergents with other dishwasher detergents. Use liquid or powder capsule dishwasher detergents. These detergents work gently with your dishwasher and keep water and soap within the unit rather than pool beneath and on the flooring. Not all leaks require a call to a plumber near me in Florida. Some can be resolved with a lifestyle change.

Damaged Hose Clamps

Another reason why your dishwasher might be leaking is damaged hose clamps. They secure the circulating hose and drain hose to your dishwasher’s pump. The clamps and hoses can be reached by removing or opening the dishwasher’s kick plate. If the clamps are loose or crack on the hose, they might spring a leak. 

This problem can be fixed after an inspection visit from your professional or reliable plumber. When you notice that the hose clamp is damaged, ensure that you call a plumber near me in Florida for a further inspection. They’ll determine the cause and properly fix it.

Your Reliable Plumbers

The importance of your dishwasher cannot be overstated. Hence, you should leave nothing to chance regarding its maintenance. Otherwise, it will become prone to various issues like leaks and clogging. Have you noticed that the dishwasher is leaking? Any of the issues discussed above might cause that. For professional dishwasher maintenance, repair, and inspections, call MainLine Plumbing, your trusted plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL.

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