When Do Weird Noises Coming From Your Plumbing Mean That You Need Water Heater Repair? | Lighthouse Point, FL

Your home’s water heater isn’t something you probably find yourself thinking about very often. Most of the time, like most of these appliances, it likely works silently and well, supplying your household with the hot water it needs. If there comes a point where you begin to hear strange or unusual sounds coming from your unit, you might need water heater repair. MainLine Plumbing features a full lineup of plumbing services, including hot water heater repair services and water heater replacement. We serve customers in and near Lighthouse Point, FL. It’s always important to investigate any time your water heater begins to act unusually. Weird noises are certainly something that needs checking out.

Popping Noises

If you hear a popping sound coming from your hot water heater, it’s likely caused by popping steam bubbles. As the water heats up inside the tank, steam bubbles can become trapped beneath the sediment that may have formed in the tank. You might hear the popping sound as these bubbles burst. However, that might not be the cause. Sometimes the anode rod can make a popping noise if it’s made from aluminum and exposed to elevated levels of alkalinity.

In either case, MainLine Plumbing can take care of the issue. For instance, replacing the aluminum anode rod with one made of magnesium is a common water heater repair. As for the steam bubbles and sediment issue, the fix is often as simple as performing some tank maintenance. Flushing out and draining the tank to remove the sediment is the ideal way to eliminate this problem.

Rumbling Noises

Sediment buildup in the water heater tank can also cause a rumbling noise. If your home is plagued by hard water, this problem might arise. Hard water leads to sediment buildup. As the water heats and expands, it can push sediment around and up against the sides of the tank. This causes a rumbling sound. While some do-it-yourselfers might attempt to use a limescale solution to descale the tank, it’s better to call for water heater repair and maintenance to have your tank professionally drained and cleaned. Flushing out and cleaning your tank annually can support its efficient operation and longevity.

Ticking Sounds

A ticking sound might be disconcerting, but often this type of noise may not require water heater repair. Sometimes ticking occurs because there’s a change in water pressure. On the other hand, the ticking could be caused by loosened pipe straps. These should be tightened to stop your pipes from shifting. Once you tighten the straps, the ticking should stop. If the ticking continues however, and the water pressure issue appears to be frequent, it’s best to have a professional plumber from MainLine Plumbing check it out. If you do need water heater repair, we’ll let you know the issue upfront. If your unit is old and the repair is extensive or requires an expensive part, you might opt for a water heater replacement instead.

Hissing Noise

A hissing or even a sizzling sound tends to be associated with electric hot water heaters, but gas models can also make them for a different reason. Electric water heaters might make a sizzling sound or hissing noise when their heating element becomes caked or buried by sediment. By annually draining and flushing out the sediment from your tank, you can avoid this problem.

If you have a gas water heater that’s making a hissing or crackling noise, it’s likely caused by tank condensation, which is usually caused by a leak. In these cases, you should call for water heater repair. Our skilled plumbing professionals can visit your Lighthouse Point, FL, home to determine what is causing the noise and how to best stop it.

Banging Noises

If you hear your water heater making a banging sound, it’s a definite cause for concern and you should call for water heater repair. This type of sound, also described as a water hammer, is associated with water pressure surges that can actually cause pipes to rupture. The pressure shift can cause other problems for the water heater as well. A plumber from our team can troubleshoot this issue and provide the right fix.

Choose a Plumbing Professional

When it comes to repair and maintenance, it’s best to let a trained plumber deal with the appliance. Sometimes “doing it yourself” can lead to more damage than the original issue. It’s imperative that your water heater is able to function safely. You don’t want to risk a serious problem, especially if you have a gas-powered unit. The risk of fire or explosion may be rare, but it does occur. A trained plumber will inspect your water heater to make sure it’s not at risk for serious problems.

Also, make a point to schedule an inspection if you hear any of these sounds–even just occasionally. It’s better to be safe and have an accurate picture of your water heater’s condition. If possible, schedule annual maintenance for your water heater. By having it flushed and cleaned, you can support the long life of the unit. Sediment buildup, as you can see, can cause weird noises to occur and lead to other problems for the water heater.

MainLine Plumbing can tackle all of your water heater repair and routine maintenance needs. We’ll bring all the tools and equipment needed to your Lighthouse Point, FL, home to maintain your unit or troubleshoot any issues it may be having. If your unit has reached the end of its lifespan, you can rely on us for water heater replacement service as well. We can help you select the right type of tank for your household and then see that it’s safely installed. Call us to learn more about our full range of professional plumbing services.

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