When Is It Appropriate To Consider A Whole House Repipe? | Deerfield Beach, FL

Modern residential plumbing systems are extremely durable and reliable. Indeed, the lifespan of a residential plumbing system can range from 20 years to 100 years, depending on its quality, water quality, and how well it is maintained. The bottom line is that plumbing systems are not designed to last forever. Therefore, there will come a time when you will need to consider a whole house repipe. For instance, due to years of corrosion, expansion, and contraction, your pipes might develop cracks and holes that might leak a significant amount of water. If the leaks are many, a simple repair will not fix the issue, and in such a situation, you will need to get your house repiped.

But given the cost and inconveniences that come with a whole house repipe, many homeowners in and around Deerfield Beach, FL, are hesitant to consider it even when it is obvious they need it. However, if your plumbing contractor has advised you to consider repiping your house, you need to know that failure to act quickly on time can have dire consequences. In any case, you, as a homeowner, can benefit immensely by upgrading your plumbing system without any delays. Below is a rundown of the benefits you can expect by repiping your Deerfield Beach, FL, house.

Improve Your Home’s Water Pressure

When you turn on a faucet or another water outlet in your house, you definitely expect the water to come gushing out under high pressure. However, if your plumbing system is too old, this might not happen. As such, water might stickle out instead. This can happen due to several reasons. For instance, if your water line has a lot of leaks, you may experience the issue of low water pressure in your house. The problem can also occur if the buildup of minerals along your plumbing system has significantly reduced the spaces through which water passes. Unfortunately, there are no simple fixes for such plumbing issues. The only way to resolve the problem would be to consider a whole house repipe. A new plumbing system will operate at its optimal level and consequently restore high water pressure in your home. With property water pressure, your water-using appliances will operate more effectively and efficiently.

Solve the Problem of Discolored and Metallic-tasting Waiting

If you live in an old house whose plumbing was done with galvanized pipes, you might be having the issue of discolored water already. This is because the galvanized pipes could be rusting away. Unfortunately, if rust is leaking into your water, the water will come out with a brown or orange color. The rusty water may also have a metallic taste. Although rusty water does not have any know health consequences, you do not want to drink or cook with discolored water. Besides, if you wash your clothes with rusty water, it might leave them with stubborn stains. Last but not least, rusty water has the potential to harm your water-using appliances, including the dishwasher and the washing machine. Therefore, if you don’t act quickly, the cost of maintaining these appliances might go up significantly. The good news is that these are issues you can decisively resolve by simply investing in a whole house repipe.

Protect the Structural Integrity of Your Home

A decaying plumbing system can pose a serious risk to the structural soundness of your house. For instance, if the plumbing system is leaking extensively, it can lead to serious water damage. For example, if there are leaking pipes passing through or under your home’s slab foundation, the leaking water might significantly weaken the foundation of your house. Besides, the excessive wetness created by the slab leaks might affect the structure of the soil on which your house stands, causing the slab foundation to shift and crack. If the foundation slab shifts significantly, it can crack and even cause the walls of your home to crack and crumble. The good news is that such a tragic sequence of events can be avoided through a timely whole house repipe. By installing a new plumbing system to replace the old, dilapidated one on time, you can prevent leaks that might put your home at risk of collapsing and consequently save the money you would need to spend on structural repairs.

Improve the Value of Your House

If you are planning to sell your home in the future, you will definitely want to maintain it in the best way possible for you to fetch a good price for it. If your home’s plumbing system is old and dilapidated, the person buying it may not be willing to pay the amount you deserve since the inspection report might indicate that they will need to consider a whole house repipe immediately after moving in. This will consequently make it very difficult for you to sell your home. Unfortunately, this implies that you might eventually be forced to sell it at an extremely low price.

On the other hand, if you get a timely whole house repipe, you will be in a better position to bargain for a better price. Since the value of the average residential plumbing system accounts for up to 15% of the total value of a home, people will be convinced that your house is worth more if you recently gave it a whole house repipe.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if your plumbing system is old and dilapidated, continuing to use it in that condition can have costly, devastating impacts. On the other hand, a timely whole house repipe can come with many amazing benefits. If you are looking for a dependable plumbing contractor licensed to install residential plumbing systems in and around Deerfield Beach, FL, MainLine Plumbing is the answer. We have been repiping home for many years, and you can trust us to do a good job. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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