When Neglecting Your Drainage System Leads To Needing Drain Cleaning Service | Boca Raton, FL

The drainage system is a primary part of your home’s plumbing system. Its job involves discharging wastewater to a septic tank or a public sewer line. Therefore, when your drainage system fails, it will become ritually impossible for you to manage wastewater and keep your home clean and hygienic. However, it is important to note that the performance of your drainage system significantly depends on how well it is maintained. Indeed, if you want to keep your drainage system working as expected, you, as a homeowner, have the responsibility to hire a professional drain cleaning services provider you can trust to clean your drains regularly and keep them in good shape. But have you ever thought of what would go wrong if you failed to schedule routine drain cleaning services? Below is a rundown of the dangers that dirty, neglected drains can pose in your house in Boca Raton, FL.

Damage to Your Plumbing System

Your plumbing system is quite valuable. Indeed, it can account for up to 15% of the total market value of your house in Boca Raton, FL. Therefore, you do not want to be forced to replace it sooner than the manufacturer intended for issues that can be avoided. However, although your plumbing system is highly durable, you need to remember that its longevity largely depends on how well it is maintained. If you neglect your drainage system and fail to see the need to get it regularly cleaned by a professional drain cleaning service, your plumbing will sustain some damage that might force you to replace it entirely. For instance, the pipes will become more exposed to corrosive elements that will cause them to wear out more rapidly. Besides, frequent clogging associated with neglected drains will put your drains under pressure and eventually cause them to burst. On the other hand, by hiring a professional drain cleaning service, you will keep your plumbing system working optimally, which should add more years to its life.

Structural Damage

This is perhaps the most devastating impact of neglecting your drains and failing to hire regular drain cleaning services. Neglected drains are more likely to leak due to corrosion and other forms of damage. Unfortunately, if the leaking pipes are buried under your home’s slab foundation, they can affect the structure of the ground on which your home stands, and this might cause the foundation to shift and crack. If nothing is done promptly, the shifting foundation might cause the walls of our home to crack and crumble. The good news is that you can protect your home from such devastating issues by hiring a professional drain cleaning expert to keep your drains in good shape. In other words, a well-maintained drainage system will significantly reduce the risk of plumbing leaks and water damage.

Frequent Drain Clogs

Soap scum, hair, greases, fats, and food particles are some of the materials that end up in your drainage system. With time, these materials might combine to create a substance that might stick to the walls of your drainage system and effectively block the flow of wastewater from your house. Unfortunately, this means that wastewater will back up towards your home instead of flowing out. As such, a drain clog can render your plumbing system entirely unusable. The good news is that clogs do not develop abruptly; they start as slow drains, and therefore, it is not hard for you to know the right time to seek professional help. By seeking timely drain cleaning services, you will ensure that clogs are removed in their earliest stages of development. This way they cannot cause more severe disruptions.

Foul Odors

Although every home has a unique odor, no homeowner would fancy living in a foul-smelling house. Unfortunately, keeping your house smelling nice and fresh is not easy; it calls for you to identify the various sources of foul odors in your home and address them before it is too late. The drainage system is one of the most common sources of foul odors in homes. This is because dirty drains tend to host bacteria that can produce an unpleasant smell as they break down the food particles in the wastewater. On the other hand, by hiring a professional drain cleaning service to take care of your drainage system, you can minimize bacterial activity in the drains and consequently keep your home smelling nice and fresh.

Poor Health

The condition of your drains can have a major impact on your home’s hygiene and your family’s health. For instance, dirty drains can host several microorganisms and drain pests that can expose your family to serious illnesses. For instance, if your drains are not cleaned regularly by a professional drain cleaning expert, bacteria such as salmonella might spread quickly and put your family at the risk of getting salmonella, which is associated with symptoms such as headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, nausea, and vomiting, among others. On the other hand, by getting your drains cleaned on time, you can eliminate the conditions that favor the growth of and spread of disease-causing pathogens, meaning that you will significantly improve your family’s health.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that the importance of keeping your drains clean with the help of a professional drain cleaning service cannot be overstated. Cleaning your drains will enhance the performance of your air plumbing system and add a few more years to its life. Besides, keeping your drains clean will eliminate or prevent foul odors, prevent drain clogs, and protect your house from water damage caused by leaky drains. If you are looking for a professional plumbing contractor providing professional drain cleaning services in or around Boca Raton, FL, MainLine Plumbing is an excellent plumbing company to consider. We have been taking care of drains for many years, and you can trust us to do a perfect job. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our company and services.

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*90-day clog-free guarantee! If your main line sewer clogs again within 90 days, we will provide one additional visit from a drain expert to attempt to unclog it at no additional cost. Drain must be accessible from an exterior cleanout. Homeowner must be present at time of service and agree to a camera inspection of the line in order to qualify. Does not apply to branch lines (Tub/ shower drains, sink drains, laundry drains etc). This offer is not open to landlords, apartments, condos or commercial spaces (single family residential homes only). This offer only applies to the first 75 feet of the main sewer line or less; clogs beyond the 75-foot mark cannot be cleared by the standard methods at this special price. Reminder: Not all main sewer lines can be cleared using the standard methods offered with this deal. It is possible that unusual factors will make it unlikely to clear your main sewer line in this way. Unusual factors can include tree roots grown into the pipes; drain lines compromised through various defects and damage; drain lines shifted due to terrain changes; pipework comprised of the wrong materials; and more. We reserve the right to decide not to service a main sewer line hindered by recurring or extreme issues such as unsanitary, or unsafe conditions. This special cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons or offers. Cannot be applied on prior service or existing balances. This offer applies to main sewer line drain clearing service conducted during regular business hours; emergency service is not applicable. Additional restrictions may apply. Ask our plumbing technicians about all the details.