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Above-ground plumbing problems are bad enough, but when they occur underground, it’s definitely time to contact a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL. Your home’s plumbing system, as you may know, is extensive, and much of it is located behind walls, under your flooring, and under the ground. Sometimes you might not notice an underground plumbing problem until it manifests in a clear sign: a cracked foundation. At other times, an underground issue can completely stop your plumbing system. Fortunately, you can rely on MainLine Plumbing when you need to contact plumbers in Pompano Beach for any time of plumbing repair.

What Pipes Are Underground?

There are two pipes that travel underground: the water main line and the sewer line. The water main line delivers clean, fresh water to your home. The sewer line removes used water (and waste) from your home. You depend on both of these pipes to function optimally each and every day. Unfortunately, because they’re well out of sight, you might not realize when one or the other has developed a problem until there are very clear signs. At the first sign of trouble, you’ll need a plumber near me in Pompano Beach to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

What Types of Plumbing Problems Can Occur Underground?

Underground plumbing problems often involve a number of signs that point to trouble. Generally, these problems point to either your main water line or your sewer line.

Main Water Line Problems

The pipe that carries fresh water to your home can become cracked or damaged in some other way. Severe damage will usually result in some very clear signs. For instance, you may experience a drop in water pressure that doesn’t improve. That indicates that your pipe likely has a crack. Another sign of a cracked pipe is that your water might appear rusty or dirty. Although rust can indicate pipe corrosion as well, rusty water that doesn’t seem to improve while the water is running is usually indicative of a cracked water main pipe.

Sometimes the sign of a water line break is more subtle. For instance, you might get a surprisingly high water bill. If your water usage hasn’t changed, that should be cause for concern. You might have a hidden leak somewhere. By contacting a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, you can find out where the leak is–if it’s your water main or underground irrigation system, for instance. You might also have a leak somewhere else in your plumbing system that’s causing your water bill to skyrocket.

Check your yard. You may find other signs of an underground water leak. Does your lawn feel spongy in areas? If you have wet spots and puddles but it hasn’t rained and you haven’t watered your lawn, you could have a water line leak. MainLine Plumbing features experienced plumbing technicians who can determine if there’s a leak and then provide the ideal fix.

Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line problems tend to be more common than water line issues because of the greater potential for clogs. Neither water line nor sewer line problems are pleasant, but sewer problems can cause even bigger messes, especially if raw sewage backs up into your home. A common underground sewer line problem is when your line becomes clogged. This can happen for many reasons. Even though main sewer lines that connect a house to the city sewer are designed to be larger in diameter than other drain pipes, they can still get clogged.

Over time, hard water can cause drain pipes and sewer pipes to become more narrow. A narrow pipe or one that has become heavily corroded is more vulnerable to clogs. Items that make it through your drains and into the sewer can still get lodged in the sewer line if part of it is damaged, there are tree roots, or if there is other debris caught in the line like biofilm, hair, or grease residue.

A plumber near me in Pompano Beach can usually clear a typical sewer line clog easily, but it’s not always a breeze. Tree roots, as mentioned, can be another cause of underground plumbing problems. Tree roots can enter the line through tiny cracks that are often found near the seams of the pipes. As the sewer line ages, these seams lose some of their integrity, allowing tree roots to invade the plumbing system. Once inside the line, they’ll continue to grow, usually rapidly thanks to the nutrients and water found in your sewer pipe.

It will require a plumber near me in Pompano Beach to clear the line of tree roots using specialized routing equipment and cutters. MainLine Plumbing specializes in sewer line cleaning. We can remove the tree roots so that your sewer line drains optimally again. It’s better to call a plumber near me in Pompano Beach than to attempt a DIY fix. You don’t want to damage your pipe while trying to remove the roots.

Finally, your sewer line can crack or become damaged because it has aged or because of tree roots. A severe clog can cause your sewer line to become damaged too. A collapsed sewer pipe will stop your plumbing system and may cause backup each time you attempt to use a sink or toilet. In these cases, you need a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Don’t wait to call a plumber near me in Pompano Beach if you suspect that you have an underground plumbing problem. Underground leaks can cause problems for your home’s foundation. They can damage your landscape, stop your plumbing system, and require extensive repairs. The sooner you contact a plumber near me in Pompano Beach with MainLine Plumbing the sooner you can minimize the damage. Call to learn more or to schedule a service appointment.

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*90-day clog-free guarantee! If your main line sewer clogs again within 90 days, we will provide one additional visit from a drain expert to attempt to unclog it at no additional cost. Drain must be accessible from an exterior cleanout. Homeowner must be present at time of service and agree to a camera inspection of the line in order to qualify. Does not apply to branch lines (Tub/ shower drains, sink drains, laundry drains etc). This offer is not open to landlords, apartments, condos or commercial spaces (single family residential homes only). This offer only applies to the first 75 feet of the main sewer line or less; clogs beyond the 75-foot mark cannot be cleared by the standard methods at this special price. Reminder: Not all main sewer lines can be cleared using the standard methods offered with this deal. It is possible that unusual factors will make it unlikely to clear your main sewer line in this way. Unusual factors can include tree roots grown into the pipes; drain lines compromised through various defects and damage; drain lines shifted due to terrain changes; pipework comprised of the wrong materials; and more. We reserve the right to decide not to service a main sewer line hindered by recurring or extreme issues such as unsanitary, or unsafe conditions. This special cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons or offers. Cannot be applied on prior service or existing balances. This offer applies to main sewer line drain clearing service conducted during regular business hours; emergency service is not applicable. Additional restrictions may apply. Ask our plumbing technicians about all the details.