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Sometimes, you only need several plunger pumps to fix an underlying plumbing issue like a clogged toilet or kitchen drain. However, when the problem arises in the underground pipes, that is a different issue altogether. After all, no plunger can fit the diameter of the underground pipes. In this case, some specialized tools and processes, including hydro excavation, are ideally suited to address these issues. This is a relatively new form of excavation and is increasing in popularity. Hence, you might hear your plumber near you in Coral Springs, FL recommend it for a tunneling job at your home. This is because hydro excavation has a lot of benefits when it comes to tunneling, as you shall learn later.

What’s Hydro Excavation?

This is a method of digging or breaking out soils using highly pressurized water and removing it using industrial vacuums. It is a safe and eco-friendly method that eliminates the dangers of traditional digging. Using this method, the plumber near you can easily tunnel your property by digging around the tree roots and underground utilities. Besides tunneling, hydro excavation can also be used for contamination spills, potholing, and trenching.

How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

As mentioned above, hydro excavation uses high-pressure water wands to soften the ground or cut through the soil. Then, a plumber uses a vacuum to suction the mud slurry. Hence, it doesn’t impact the existing underground utility networks. After completing the repair or tunneling work, the slurry is released from the holding tank into the grounder, covering the exposed underground facilities.

Hydro excavations come in several different forms. This equipment can be used for full excavations or daylighting — uncovering the small patches of subsurface areas to locate utilities. In addition to positive displacement blowers, crews can use fan systems or positive displacement blowers. It is easier to operate, lighter, less expensive, excavates quickly, and is ideal for most applications requiring lightweight, less cost, and ease of operation. Generally speaking, positive displacement blowers work at greater depths than negative displacement blowers, so they are suitable for heavy-duty excavation.

Traditional Excavation vs Hydro-Excavation

What are the differences between hydro excavation and going the traditional way? The main difference between these two tunneling methods is safety. By vacuuming the dirt, the plumber can” reveal” what is under the surface, unlike using a giant metal claw or excavation machine. If there are utility lines or anything essential underground, the traditional excavation will almost certainly damage it. Removing or damaging the fiber optic or electrical lines means a disaster looming in the surrounding areas. Hydro excavation eliminates this.

Why Do Tunneling Experts Prefer Hydro Excavation?

It Is Less Destructive and Invasive

Unlike traditional excavation methods, hydro excavation is non-intrusive and gentle. It minimizes the risk of breaking, tearing, or damaging your pipes and underground utility lines. The process only requires a little heavy and large equipment, which keeps your landscaping and lawn safe. If you need your sewer or water lines replaced, the plumber near you in Coral Springs, FL doesn’t have to dig up your entire yard. They will use hydro excavation to reach the pipe and perform a trenchless pipe repair, effectively replacing your sewer or water lines.

It Is Convenient and Speedy

Traditional tunneling methods can disrupt your project timelines as there are many uncertainties. For instance, they risk damaging your pipe systems and utility lines. This could halt your repair or building project, resulting in significant delays. Hydro excavation removes debris, soil, and rubble efficiently and quickly. Since it is reliable and gentle, it guarantees no disruptions or delays. As mentioned above, the plumber uses a vacuum during hydro excavation, resulting in a pain-free and quick cleanup.

Increased Safety

Traditional excavation involves using heavy backhoes or even sharp metal equipment. Both these methods increase the risk of injury to you or the tunneling expert. On the other hand, tunneling by hydro excavation only uses water. It cuts through soil and grass easily while at the same time posing a risk to you, the technician, the passerby, or even utility lines. Since it uses water rather than harsh chemicals, hydro excavation is also environmentally safer than traditional tunneling methods.

Increased Precision

When a plumber decides to use hydro excavation to complete your tunneling project, they use a small handheld pressurized wand to direct the water flow. Since they want to be flexible and small, the operator can easily work in tight spaces, around different obstacles, and around difficult corners. This increased precision protects your lawn or yard by eliminating invasive digging. Hence, the landscaping costs that will result will be lower.

Hydro Excavation Is Cost-Effective

To complete a hydro excavation project, you don’t need many technicians. Thus, you’ll pay less as minimal labor is involved. Hydro excavation’s easy and quick nature makes it such that the plumber can use less time to complete the tunneling project or reach the issue. Thus, the tunneling expert can start the repair process quickly, meaning less billable hours. Additionally, you won’t have to use more money to repair the damage caused by large equipment like those used in traditional excavations.

When repairing your subsurface plumbing, professional tunneling experts aim to do a thorough job without destroying property. Tunneling underground to reach your plumbing or the main sewer line is less damaging and invasive with hydro excavation than destroying your scenic lawn or ripping up your floorboards. Hydro excavation can be used to reach the problem directly. With a powerful vacuum and highly-pressurized water, a plumber near you in Coral Springs, FL can safely and quickly access the hard-to-reach piping and effect the required repairs.

Do you need subsurface plumbing repairs and are ready to see hydro excavation involved in tunneling? Our plumbing experts at MainLine Plumbing will fix any issues you might have swiftly. Do you have an upcoming tunneling project? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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