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In the past, excavation was a tedious, slow, and labor-intensive process. Plumbing companies had to use large machines to dig holes and move dirt. Over the years, excavation tools and equipment have evolved due to technology, making the process of drilling holes simple and less stressful. One of the most preferred techniques is the use of vacuum trucks.

Vacuum excavation uses suction technology to handle sludge and muddy liquid. A plumber utilizes a suction pipe to remove soil covering plumbing pipes and to vacuum the dirt in large tanks, leaving your yard clean and tidy after pipeline installation and maintenance.

Using the vacuum truck simplifies excavation work more than traditional methods. Below are some reasons why vacuum truck techniques are popular in plumbing excavations.


Vacuum trucks are relatively less expensive than traditional excavation techniques. Conventional methods require hiring several contractors, tools, and equipment for manual digging and clearing.

Since the work can take days, you might have to pay wages for each worker per day, which is costly after a while. Getting a vacuum truck with a qualified plumber to complete the excavation work within hours is less expensive and leaves your property tidy after the job.

Noise Reduction

Unlike conventional excavation methods, vacuum excavation is less noisy. Digging using traditional methods such as machinery produces rackety sounds, leading to noise pollution in the neighborhood, while vacuum trucks hardly make any sound.

An emergency plumbing professional can use the vacuum suction pipe any time of the day or night to excavate soil-covering pipes and perform a repair or replacements.

Reduced Damage

Recent research shows that excavation-related damages to pipes and other underground utilities rose from 509,000 in 2018 to about 532,000 in 2019. Using vacuum trucks can significantly reduce the destruction of underground electrical cables as well as gas, water, and telecommunications lines. The hired plumber operating the suction vacuum pipes removes soil and muddy sludge using highly compressed air without causing damage.

A plumber using a digging machine will slow down near the tolerance zone to prevent damaging the water ground utilities. Therefore, when excavating tolerance zones, vacuum trucks are a safe and time-saving option for homeowners in Lighthouse Point, FL.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are an environmentalist, a vacuum truck will be the perfect option because it produces less dust and emissions during excavation. Unlike other forms of digging, the truck is equipped with a tank and pump that uses pressurized water and air for earth or soil excavation.

The earth excavation technique does not use toxic materials or other harmful substances to suck dry soil and muddy water to the tank, protecting water reservoirs from contamination. Amazingly, it can remove contaminated wastewater and clear clogs, which eventually could harm the environment.


Another reason people prefer the truck vacuum system is its ability to move from one place to another. The tank and vacuum are on a truck, allowing a plumber to maneuver with powerful working suction pipes to any working site.

These trucks are ideal for excavation projects in remote areas. Compared to other excavators, they are smaller and easier to move around.


A vacuum truck is a game changer when digging up large amounts of dirt. It has large tanks and efficient vacuums that can handle a lot of wet soil and sludge without going on several trips to empty them. The excavation method saves you time as you can continue excavating the ground to empty a bucket.

It can also save the plumber fuel costs by making one trip at the end of the excavation and cleaning up after installation or maintenance. Using the vacuum track, you do way more work than you could have done with the traditional techniques.


Vacuum trucks have long pipes that remove your home’s dug-out soil and muddy water. The long hoses enable contractors to park the vacuum truck away from the working site, which would have occupied a lot of space if packed on the site.

Packing it outside your compound or a fair distance from the working space substantially reduces overcrowding in the clearing area, creating more space for working.

Safer Excavation

Manually digging out soil exposes workers to dangerous hazards such as dust allergies or toxic sewer gasses if the excavation is on sewer lines. From 2011 to 2016, about 130 deaths were reported from trenching and excavation operations. Since vacuum trucks use suction pipes and vacuums instead of mechanical forces, they require minimal effort.

Most plumbers prefer to use the truck vacuum in excavation because it prevents fatigue and injuries. Also, it only requires one operator who is well conversant with the truck’s operation.

Homeowners in Lighthouse Point, FL do not have to worry about many contractors flooding their compound or site, minimizing the risk of injuries and theft cases. In addition, they ensure the safety of underlying utilities and pipes.


Vacuum trucks are also practical excavators when dealing with frozen soils or grounds. They can work during winter when the temperatures are low and the land is full of ice. The operating plumber can use hot water in the vacuum truck to uncover frozen grounds quickly.

Additionally, the technician can adjust water temperatures to fit the weather for the safety of plumbing pipes and other materials. You can hire vacuum truck excavation services any time of the year.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The vacuum truck excavation method is also popular because of its low maintenance requirements. It is also easy to use as the plumbing expert has to know how to use the vacuum and the hose in the digging process.

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