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The most common plumbing issue homeowners face in households is water leaks, leading to almost 900 billion gallons of water wastage a year in the country. Plumbing contractors can identify water leakages in open pipelines connecting to fixtures faster and fix them than those in water lines installed underground.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact part of leaking water lines in slabs, foundations, yards, walls, and underground. A leak in hidden pipes can lead to costly damages, hence the need for leak detectors that simplify the entire process by narrowing down the search to the precise leaking point.

Leak detectors help a plumber determine the exact point to excavate and repair a leak before it causes extensive water damage that’s costly to repair. Hiring well-equipped plumbing professionals with advanced technological tools and devices that can accurately track and identify a leak in water lines is essential.

Below are some leak detection methods for detecting and fixing leaking pipelines.

Visual Inspection

Before using high-end technological devices to track and pinpoint a leak, a plumber inspects the entire premise for signs of water leaks on walls, grounds, floors, and plumbing fixtures.

The professionals use their knowledge and experience to check for visible signs of water leakages that an average homeowner can miss recognizing, including:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Water stains on foundations, walls, and ceilings
  • Damp areas in floors and yards
  • Foul moldy or musty odors
  • Strange sounds of running water
  • Damaging flooring
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper

Pros of Visual Inspection

Getting a plumber in Deerfield Beach, FL to visually inspect your house for water leaks after noticing a spike in water bills has the following advantages.

  • The process is inexpensive
  • Requires knowledge of the signs other than equipment

Limitations of Visual Inspection as a Leak Detector

  • Very time consuming
  • Can only detect large signs of water leaks
  • A plumbing contractor in Deerfield Beach, FL can miss other signs of water leakages that are in hidden parts of the house.
  • Can be disruptive

Water Pipe Video Inspection

The video camera is most efficient in places where visual inspections are ineffective, such as walls, underground, and slabs. It helps plumbing professionals to have a full view of the water distribution systems.

Using a plumbing waterproof camera attached to a long rod, the technician identifies clogged, burst, frozen, and leaking pipes within minutes, saving time and money. Video camera Inspection also simplifies the leak detection process that could need extensive excavation of digging a large part to uncover buried water distribution systems.

Apart from making the procedure cumbersome, a plumbing expert can only dig out pipes the camera identifies as broken, burst, worn out, or frozen.

Advantages of Inspection Cameras in Leak Detection

  • It prevents catastrophic damage in your home.
  • The video cameras make the water leak detection process easy and fast.
  • Eliminates guesswork in the leak-detecting process

Drawbacks of Video Camera Inspection to Detect Leaks

  • The camera can be costly.
  • If the inspection camera breaks down in the middle of the leak detection process, it can delay the entire process as the plumber might have to postpone the work.
  • It can only efficiently work with a monitor image that shows the exact part of the leaking water lines.

Acoustic Listening Devices

Another leak detector for plumbing professionals to track leaks in walls, foundations, slabs, and floors is an acoustic listening gadget. The devices include listening discs, disc plates, and microphones to pinpoint leaking pipes installed in hidden areas of the house.

They amplify the sound of dripping water, voids, or anomalies in water pipes a plumber installed in concrete or brick walls, slabs, or foundations.

Pros of Acoustic Leak Detectors

  • Acoustic water leakage detection helps plumbers to identify leaks faster, reducing water wastage.
  • The technique is an effective way of detecting leaks.

Cons of the Acoustic Leak Detection Method

  • If the technician does not know how to differentiate between water flowing seamlessly and water leaks.

Smart Water-Leak Detectors

Innovative technology has more advanced leak detection techniques that a plumbing technician uses to detect water leakages in water lines. The Smart water-leak sensors installed in water pipes are essential in identifying leaks on time to prevent higher water bills and water wastage. They have an alarm that sounds loud whenever it notices a leakage in the pipe.

If a plumber correctly installs the leak detection device in a location where leaking water can pool, you can receive leak alerts on your Smartphone to help stop the leakage before it exacerbates.

Advantages of Smart Leak Detectors

  • Provides real-time alerts to homeowners
  • They can switch off the water supply immediately after they detect a leak, conserving water.
  • You can get vital data about your water pipes, including water pressure levels.

Drawbacks of Smart Leak Detection Method

  • It depends on internet connectivity. Without Wi-Fi, the gadget cannot send alerts about water leaks in pipes.
  • Complex installation process
  • Requires regular checks to ensure efficiency.

Ground Penetrating Radar Leak Detection Method

Another water leakage detector in the plumbing industry is the Ground penetrating radar (GPR). It is a non-destructive leak detection method that effectively, efficiently, and correctly finds water leak locations.

GPR uses electromagnetic waves and Reflex 2D software to identify leakages in water distribution systems, especially in underground pipelines. A plumber analyzes three test types, including outdoor field tests, laboratory experiments, and numerical simulations, to pinpoint the precise leaking location.

Pros of GPR

  • Non-invasive and non-destructive.
  • With correct analysis, technicians can find the precise location of a leak fast.

Cons of GPR

  • Requires a highly trained plumber to interpret the findings.
  • Ground moisture content can affect the results leading to incorrect analysis.

Here to Address Your Water Leak Needs!

Detecting and fixing water leakages in time is one way of conserving water and preventing water-related issues in your home.

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